Prepositions after "counsel"

counsel for, on, by, to or against?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 61% of cases counsel for is used
    counsel for the plaintiff? Messrs.
    Paropkari counsel for Respondent No.
    However, counsel for the lawmakers, Mr.
    Zebedee told the police that he was from Nkrumah &; Co Chambers, and counsel for suspect.
    counsel for the accused can open but it should only be to indicate the issues in contention: s 159 and 1-547.
    Further, counsel for the Minister did not point to any evidence which rebutted the taxpayer's prima facie case.
    counsel for Manitoba's Department of Family Services and Consumer Affairs, Gordon McKinnon, speaks to the media Nov.
    counsel for QRA replied that the only relevant intent was in respect of the actual terms of the contract and not the tax motivation.
    The Court also rejected counsel for the Plaintiff's argument that Clause 27 merely granted an option for the parties to arbitrate and no more.

    In 7% of cases counsel on is used
    The reforms the economic advisor counsels on the prime minister then should be based on these economic statements -- plans if you will.
    Women who choose to carry a pregnancy to term should be counseled on the possibility of birth defects and encouraged to seek active follow-up care throughout pregnancy.

    In 5% of cases counsel by is used
    And what about the patience counseled by our President? I've got plenty to say about that too, but no energy to say it tonight.

    In 5% of cases counsel to is used
    Chris provides advice and counsel to fee earners, particularly in relation to conflicts of interest, confidentiality and privilege, management of risk and ethical matters.

    In 4% of cases counsel from is used
    It takes getting advice and counsel from others.

    In 4% of cases counsel toward is used
    The recipient shall ensure that qualified handicapped students are not counseled toward more restrictive career objectives than are nonhandicapped students with similar interests and abilities.

    In 2% of cases counsel before is used
    It is preferable that the written directions be shown to counsel before being given to the jury.
    The accused should not be able to achieve a tactical advantage by dismissing defence counsel before addresses.

    In 2% of cases counsel in is used
    The attorney had contacted a person represented by counsel in a criminal investigation.
    That person was a named defendant in civil litigation, but did not have counsel in the civil case.

    In 2% of cases counsel through is used
    Moreover, Sivanesan had appointed him counsel through a letter.

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