Prepositions after "corroborate"

"corroborate by", "corroborate with" or "corroborate from"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 75% of cases corroborate by is used
    His estimate, it turned out, was corroborated by U.
    Corona's words still need to be corroborated by other witnesses and evidence.
    His account was corroborated by local journalist Ibrahim Hadya, who was at the scene.
    If, however, such a report was corroborated by independent testimony, it was accepted.
    Our source's story was at least partly corroborated by another tipster who came to us independently.
    His death which happened at about 2:15pm at the 37 Military Hospital in Accra was corroborated by Mr.
    These statistics are corroborated by reports put out by the Asian Development Bank and a few other international organisations.
    This hypothesis is corroborated by the recent excavations that discovered a wide spread of huts throughout the main valley along with its lateral ones.
    My assessment was further corroborated by the Ministry of Finance recommending 6 months of supply instead of three (3) as the offer proved to be attractive.
    There has been an admission that the initial allegations made against the State of Pakistan by officials of India's Ministry of Home Affairs have not been corroborated by subsequent evidence.

    In 11% of cases corroborate with is used
    This corroborates with what I have already shown mathematically that zero = i = infinity in my earlier blog of theory of everything.

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