Prepositions after "correlate"

"correlate with" or "correlate to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 76% of cases correlate with is used
    Global Co2 rise correlates with global temperature rise.
    All variables are significantly correlated with each other.
    Stretched length Closely most correlated with Erect length.
    His latest revision still shows cool spells correlating with low solar activity.
    The degree of bowel wall thickening typically correlates with the severity of disease 8.
    Social support from classmates was also significantly correlated with academic problems.
    The transformed reconstruction was then correlated with the 60 rate-scale components of the original stimulus.
    The presence of faculae is highly correlated with the presence of sunspots, and hence with Sunspot Number (SSN).
    This is still correlated with the same clinical findings of intense pleasure and particularly of a sexual nature.
    In psychometric studies, three-dimensional spatial visualization is correlated with mathematical problem-solving.

    In 19% of cases correlate to is used
    Risk taking propensity is also significantly and positively correlated to positive workplace deviance.
    The density of liquid during wine production directly correlates to how much sugar is actually in the juice.
    It was also found that Self Efficacy is also significantly and positively correlated to positive workplace deviance.
    This began to correlate to what I had experienced with the hundreds of secondary students in my classroom years back.
    At a subconscious level, many of us believe that wealth should be closely correlated to the number of hours we work.
    WATER/KIDNEYS/BATHROOM - In Chinese medicine, the element water is the kidneys, and therefore correlates to the bathroom.
    The Profit Wizard's Guide to Incentives Step 1: Determine your key metrics that correlate to profitability for your business.
    The subscripts n and m (0 and 0 in this case) in the TEM nm are correlated to the number of nodes in the x and y directions.
    Autonomy in goal attainment is also significantly and positively correlated to self efficacy and positive workplace deviance.
    In honor of our anniversary, let me tell you a little about how my husband loves and how this correlates to a glass of ice water.

    In 1% of cases correlate across is used
    If there is such a bias, furthermore, it is likely to be correlated across different states, especially if they are demographically similar.

    In 1% of cases correlate for is used
    The oscillations can be correlated for an optimization.

    In 1% of cases correlate in is used
    Location and word content must correlate in depicting the real picture of what is being displayed and talked about.

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