Prepositions after "cooperate"

cooperate with, in, on, along or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 74% of cases cooperate with is used
    Instead, he cooperated with the D.
    Saudi Arabia fully cooperated with us.
    Jordan has said it will not cooperate with U.
    And they agreed to improve working conditions and to cooperate with labor unions.
    The man then generally breaks down and will come out and cooperate with the police.
    This doesn't mean they should not co-operate with a credible international effort.
    Members are recommended to spend their spare time associating with those who co-operate with the organisation.
    Though it is one of RIM's biggest homework, cooperating with carriers to ensure fast and cheap data connection.
    During Israel's direct occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, some informers openly cooperated with Israeli forces.
    But all the other members of the household have to co-operate with you by not cooking your favourite dish at home.

    In 15% of cases cooperate in is used
    You are called to cooperate in this edifying task.
    Chinese and US sailors have also cooperated in training.
    In particular, we would be glad to cooperate in staff to responsible people for climate.
    At a hearing, both attorneys testified that they had cooperated in defending their clients and that Mr.
    Since her assumption into Heaven, Mary co-operates in the application of the grace of Redemption to man.
    Indeed, randomized algorithms and the lookaside buffer have a long history of cooperating in this manner.
    Somali and Somaliland must address their differences, concerns and how they need to co-operate in the future.
    It is time to transcend all cultural and religious boundaries, cooperate in peace and harmony with each other and nature.
    I heard from one of my friend that his earlier company did not cooperated in doing so and he has to travel many time for that.
    States should co-operate in the promotion of economic growth throughout the world, especially that of the developing countries.

    In 4% of cases cooperate on is used
    I'd like to be able to have that dialogue, but we would have to cooperate on some groundwork first.
    Obama, who cooperated on four interviews with Us Weekly in the last four years, recently appeared in the Sept.
    Perhaps mindful of his legacy, he cooperated on his first authorized biography, scheduled to be published by Simon &; Schuster in November.
    In recognition of common cause, the two provinces have signed a memorandum of understanding to cooperate on battling greenhouse gas pollution.
    OECD countries also pledged to cooperate on such fundamental issues as environmental protection, population, poverty, education and technology cooperation.

    In 1% of cases cooperate at is used
    University 1 is cooperating at the highest level.
    The two musicians have in fact cooperated at a distance.
    The satin was incredibly slippery and refused to cooperate at the most critical moments.

    In 1% of cases cooperate for is used
    Yet the DFB with the consent and co-operation of the clubs in the Bundesliga were willing to co-operate for a better national team.
    The Somali communities are in the proverbial prisoner's dilemma and unless we cooperate for the common good, we will perish together.
    My only concern is that citizens do not equally cooperate for security checks; especially ladies are not willing to show their purses and handbags.

    In 1% of cases cooperate over is used
    They have cooperated over anti-worker budgets and reforms both in Catalonia and Madrid, and ultimately will be willing to do so again when it suits their image.

    In 1% of cases cooperate to is used
    We will inform and cooperate to the fullest with the respective authorities should if we learn about any funds invested with us that come from any illegal activities.
    Under this law we understand a person's need to over co-operate to such an extent that one becomes codependent -- the condition which is obsessive focus on other people's lives.
    If, and when, the zipper finally co-operated to the very top, there was a sigh of relief on my part and the usual insinuation from my husband that I must have put on more weight.
    But my position is that if the US Government thinks it is appropriate for me to answer the questions of foreign judges about the conduct of American policy I will cooperate to the fullest extent.

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