Prepositions after "converse"

"converse with" or "converse in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 67% of cases converse with is used
    Step 5; conversing with the locals.
    My method is too flawed to even converse with me about it.
    Look at how bright they seem conversing with the Prime Minister.
    I jumped onto Skype and started using it for training and conversing with clients.
    But I'd going to enjoy my hike and hopefully find some amiable people to converse with.
    Mr Delors is known for his austerity, but the man I converse with is not stiff or pompous.
    When conversing with the French, the Mi'kmaq perhaps employed the name Praesentis to facilitate communication.
    He knew that I was going from him to the CNT and was very interested in how the FAI-ists would converse with me.
    The lounge has a nice atmosphere which is a great setting for hotel guests to gather and converse with one another.
    It is all keeping her busy and yet she converses with Bollygraph before her film FSWL comes out on 31 st Aug, 2012.

    In 22% of cases converse in is used
    The ethnic groups also converse in the various languages and dialects.
    Their inability to converse in English fluently, their way of dressing.
    We would then spend several hours together playing music and conversing in my broken Arabic.
    My two are also mixed and they are now as comfortable conversing in Cantonese as they are in English.
    If you had ever been forced to converse in a language you weren't comfortable in, you would be sensitive to that.
    Make it a point to converse in English during every discussion you have, whether with friends, or your batch mates.
    It was necessary to make the Sinhalese public servants able to converse in Tamil while recording their minutes in Sinhala.
    I fail to see how my ablity to converse in Japanese, German, French etc can help me weather through the economic downturn.
    There's no one single answer and it is crucial that oakley discount sunglasses you converse in cheap sunglasses which from the beginning.
    However, due to the ' uninvites ' and avoidance of certain ideas which might embarrass the establishment, the ' uninvited ' has been conversing in the internet.

    In 4% of cases converse about is used
    We will converse about improving our community.
    Two thirds are also willing to converse about pleasure -- a decidedly higher proportion than the American counterparts.

    In 3% of cases converse on is used
    We perceive this at once when we converse on an important subject with any person whose face is concealed.
    In the space before the temple a lively throng were assembled - some seated on benches and discussing the politics of the empire, some conversing on the approaching spectacle of the amphitheatre.

    In 1% of cases converse for is used
    I may be able to converse for just a few seconds.

    In 1% of cases converse to is used
    I regularly talk to myself in Cantonese with these new words and phrases to ensure when I need to converse to a native speaker, my words come off the tip off my tongue like in English.

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