Prepositions after "contend"

contend with, for, in, on or against?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 81% of cases contend with is used
    No ice on the work site to contend with.
    Two contradictory forces to contend with.
    They too have their demons to contend with.
    Bee says: 12:52pm 09/07/12 Yes, but christianity had the enlightenment to contend with.
    The length is really the only issue to contend with when finding parking and the bigger doors too.
    Avoid any traffic shapping, QOS features -- don't have them as I don't have an real QOS to contend with.
    You don't have to contend with other individuals for transportation services or get up so early to avoid traffic.
    Each age group was hotly contended with children eager to follow in the footsteps of Ireland's triathlon Olympians.
    After Israel's 22 January election, Obama may well have to contend with Netanyahu in an even more rightwing coalition.
    Unless bob works for a Three Letter Agency 1, odds are good that security has far more pressing tasks to contend with.

    In 8% of cases contend for is used
    I'd always amazed that some folks think the Brownies can contend for the division after one season of improvement.
    Under various pretexts - religion, ethnicity, makeshift racist or nationalist ideology - commandos contend for power at the point of AK-47s.
    Around the league, there's a whiff of optimism about their 2012 -- 13 roster, but around Toronto no one expects them to contend for a championship.
    In 2008, big names such as Jonathan Demme, with Rachel's Getting Married, and Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler contended for the Golden Lion award.
    In 1979, he contended for the presidential slot of the National Party of Nigeria and when he could not clinch it, he emerged the Senator representing Kwara Central.
    The Court said that if the effect of Clause 25 was as contended for by Counsel for the Plaintiff, there would be no reason to include Clause 27 in the contract at all.

    In 3% of cases contend in is used
    But people like Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins have contended in their books and public utterances that religion is not harmless or benign.

    In 2% of cases contend on is used
    I mean, they are in a division with 2 powerhouses who will spend money, a team that used to contend on a budget, and soon a 5th team which will have a new owner determined to make a splash ASAP.

    In 1% of cases contend at is used
    Lets start building for the future, a future where we can consistently contend at the big touranments.

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