Prepositions after "conspire"

"conspire against" or "conspire with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 42% of cases conspire against is used
    However, the weather conspired against that.
    From this you can imagine that they are conspiring against you.
    Ha! The Mexicans are invading us, the Chinese are out to get us, the Iranians are conspiring against us.
    These remind of the separatist designs of Sheikh Mujeeb who was caught conspiring against Pakistan and was interned.
    This conspires against conciseness, but it's a minor complaint given that Marley is long overdue a feature-length film portrait.
    Former recalled president Thabo Mbeki's Minister for Safety and Security, the late Steve Tshwete, had accused Sexwale of conspiring against the president.
    Shouldn't that be a decent clue that Rich Mommy and Ji Ho are not conspiring against In Ha? Well I guess his mother still betrayed him, but Ji Ho's a bit clueless.
    He had pleaded that the ISI chief had lost the right to remain in the military service for meddling in politics and conspiring against a democratically-elected government.
    Also Too much Dosage about What is Happening in Xinjiang, Kashmir or Afghanistan or Gaza or even Syria nowadays is Injected making them Believe Everyone is conspiring against them.
    The end of the Commonwealth saw the return of town-centre pastimes after their prohibition under Oliver Cromwell, but cultural and economic pressures soon began to conspire against them.

    In 37% of cases conspire with is used
    The British secret service conspired with the U.
    The police, which had conspired with the murderers, were both the investigating and prosecuting agency.
    Gupta was convicted of insider trading for conspiring with Galleon Group LLC co-founder Raj Rajaratnam.
    Muntasir, suddenly left without a throne, conspired with one of the leading Turkish generals, Bugha, to kill his father.
    The former soldier, 57, conspired with Timothy McVeigh to load a truck with explosives and detonate it at a busy workplace.
    Of course, the courts are conspiring with the corrupt businessmen and social activists against the poor innocent congressmen.
    Cancer Research is part of a prohibitionist establishment that conspires with Big Pharma toprevent proper reserach into cananbis as medicine.
    We even had the spectacle of the campaign manager for one of their by-elections conspiring with the anti-wind farm candidate, and undermining their own candidate.
    They made sure the ambassador's security detail had no bullets, and probably conspired with Israel on his death, in ANOTHER BID for HILLARY to start her WWIII against iran.

    In 11% of cases conspire to is used
    They conspired to f*ck us up is an OPINION.
    There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense.

    In 4% of cases conspire for is used
    The universe conspires for retribution.
    However we all have Dainmons so once you submit under their guidance then the whole world can conspire for you in wonderous ways (synchronicity).

    In 4% of cases conspire in is used
    Finally, thanks for clarifying what truly conspired in quashing of the WTC.

    In 2% of cases conspire along is used
    The sky soothed him, conspiring along with the memory of his conversation with Cho to put him in a better mood than he'd been in in quite a while.

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