Prepositions after "congregate"

"congregate in" or "congregate at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 36% of cases congregate in is used
    Flagging down cars, congregating in front of play grounds, drinking.
    From December- March the Wildebeest migration congregates in the far south of the Serengeti.
    And they can be turned off by the extreme conservatives that tend to congregate in that bracket.
    Meanwhile, inebriated girls congregate in the bathroom riddled with grime, vomit and the unflushed excreta.
    Many Lamar students have no place to go after school and congregate in nearby neighborhoods and businesses.
    So driven by fear many are congregating in huge makeshift camps on the edge of the Rahkine town of Sittwe.
    Many ethnic groups congregate in Gansu, which makes it a unique tourist destination with a variety of folk customs.
    Instead, young knowledge workers congregate in already-crowded coastal cities where the bars and restaurants are better.
    There is a core crew of 20 volunteers, who congregate in a tree-lined, gated 170 acre estate just outside of Dublin, Knockan-Stockan HQ.
    In Stone Town the entrepreneurial poor of this Eastern African archipelago congregate in the hope of reaping financial gains, especially from tourists.

    In 17% of cases congregate at is used
    People were requested to congregate at Mukhiya's place in ward no 01 on the 5th visit.
    As they congregated at the start line several attempts were made to cover Wikki Quantum Racing down at the pin end of the line.
    For eg, visibility about date, time and place of arrival of medical assistance would help needy people to congregate at one place, thereby, making it easier for relief operations as well.

    In 13% of cases congregate for is used
    I get a phone call to meet up in the usual spot where people have congregated for over a decade at certain times to chat about cars and perform a spot of mental cleansing.
    The recent full day's investigation has yielded that the building where the militants had congregated for training was owned by Jamiatul Mujaheedin leader Montajurul Islam.

    In 8% of cases congregate around is used
    It's all about maintaining law &; order, we have the same there here, albeit to a lesser extent, for example when gangs are prevented from congregating around shopping centres &; train stations.

    In 8% of cases congregate on is used
    Here the bright young things of the city congregate on Friday and Saturday nights.
    However, the rainy season is a very exciting time of year as this is when animals congregate on the Short Grass Plains to have their young.

    In 4% of cases congregate near is used
    The protesters are to congregate near the Clock Tower and march to the Kachcheri, Jaffna to hand over their memorandum expressing their concerns to Minister Douglas Devananda.

    In 2% of cases congregate by is used
    People tend to congregate by the entrance, so head to another part of the fair where it will probably be quieter Avoid walking round the fair with a group of friends.

    In 2% of cases congregate during is used
    These were all strategically situated locations, mostly at the mouths of big rivers where large seasonal parties of Natives would congregate during the summer.

    In 2% of cases congregate from is used
    It's the time when sourcers and recruiters congregate from all parts of the globe to gain knowledge from industry leading experts and to rub elbows with peers they haven't seen in months.

    In 2% of cases congregate towards is used
    He started congregating towards his friends and walked towards me.

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