Prepositions after "confiscate"

"confiscate by" or "confiscate from"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 46% of cases confiscate by is used
    Many hearts were broken as meats, cheeses and bread were confiscated by Customs (PDF 650KB) officers.
    If not confiscated by police, weapons are traded for money or provisions, usually to rebel Tanzanians.
    It was also stated that any miscreant would be dealt with by Law, and the Bus would be confiscated by the State.
    Religious sites and buildings like churches, monasteries, seminaries were either destroyed, confiscated by the govt.
    They do not want to feel that they could have their property confiscated by an all powerful party at the drop of a hat.
    Without a license from such an authority any privately issued license was considered void and fees were often confiscated by the state.
    Many newcomers were happy just to be off the ship after a long and harrowing crossing; others were heartbroken as precious homemade food was confiscated by Customs Officers.
    Mobile phones confiscated by police investigating an illegal betting syndicate have revealed dozens of text messages from wrestlers suggesting they sold bouts for thousands of pounds a pop.

    In 16% of cases confiscate from is used
    According to the records that had been confiscated from the missionaries ' home, this had been a thriving business, and nearly 25 of such transactions had already taken place.

    In 11% of cases confiscate at is used
    During this time Miss Okpara's only solace is her diary, which Linda confiscates at one stage.
    I forgot to use the machine on the tram I caught to the railway station and got written up a fine and had my ticket confiscated at Melbourne Central.

    In 8% of cases confiscate in is used
    A similar package was confiscated in a cargo-distribution center at East Midlands Airport in England.
    Experts have assessed that the most recent consignment matches a previous shipment confiscated in the same northwest border region.

    In 5% of cases confiscate for is used
    In practice, your guns will be confiscated for the duration of your stay, and returned immediately prior to your departure.

    In 5% of cases confiscate until is used
    Maldives: Firearms must be declared on arrival and will be confiscated until departure.

    In 3% of cases confiscate after is used
    It also includes many houses, and complete deserted cities like Jaffa, Lydda and Ramleh, where much property was confiscated after the 1948 war.

    In 3% of cases confiscate during is used
    Most of the guns had either been confiscated during police operations over the years or decommissioned.

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