Prepositions after "concur"

concur with, in, to, on or regarding?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 83% of cases concur with is used
    concur with your comments totally, Ben.
    Evans! Must concur with Leonidas and John.
    I, of course, concur with all of your points.
    Related Capitals head coach Dale Hunter would concur with Ovechkin that the Gr8 would be a game-time decision.
    His speech forms a parallel to that of Palamon and concurs with the overall symmetry in the narrative method.
    I concur with Charles Buki (above) that the whole system of allocation needs to be redesigned from the ground up.
    Of course I concur with you on the benefits of cycling for individual benefits and societal progress on health and cleaner air.
    TNA concurred with LTTE terrorism, SLMC are high priests of political juggling and UNP does not even have internal democracy.
    Dear Matt This important conference concurred with significant political changes in Somalia and northern regions in particular.
    I concur with NealB1 (July 16, 2009 6:59 PM) that all this cr** needs to get us to single-payer in an expeditious and orderly fashion.

    In 11% of cases concur in is used
    I concur in reversing this half-million-dollar judgment against the New York Times Company and the four individual defendants.
    The enemy, it would seem, concurred in the views of those who questioned the depth of the turning movement and the hydrography of Inchon.

    In 2% of cases concur to is used
    Finally, it should also be considered that the relation between mercy understood in the latter, and mercy understood in the former sense is such that both can not concur to the salvation of a man.

    In 1% of cases concur regarding is used
    The legal scholars of all the Sunni schools of law concur regarding the validity of prostration on earth and that which grows on it.

    In 1% of cases concur through is used
    Eisenhower's campaigners had listened, queried, argued, consoled, demanded and concurred through months of intense campaigning now it was up to the voters.

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