Prepositions after "concede"

"concede to" or "concede in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 32% of cases concede to is used
    I also concede to your critical comments.
    Yet I concede to the fact, that it is within his right.
    They all blend together, conceding to the sky instead of piercing through it.
    Other than conceding to a list of unreasonable demands, the groom just stands there.
    Far more water was being conceded to Bangladesh, Banerjee feels, than she had agreed to.
    I've only been targetted once like this in Dark-Wind and the player who was trying to grief let me go when I conceded to him.
    By conceding to them on this issue he handed them the keys through which they could undermine it (by talking of compulsion and taxation).
    conceding to this decision, educationists said the review would not be complete if some areas of the education sector weren't restructured.
    I wanted to earn my spot on this team and not have it conceded to me so I share in everyone's disappointment that this run-off will not happen.
    Obama, however, until now at least, refuses to concede to Israeli demands of agreeing on ' redlines ' on Iran's supposed quest for a nuclear bomb.

    In 21% of cases concede in is used
    Only 3 goals conceded in positional attacks.
    Chelsea have both scored and conceded in their last seven Premier League games.
    West has refused to concede in the race, while Murphy declared victory in the early hours of Nov.
    That goal in ways was reminiscent of the corner kick goal Barca conceded in the Clasico at Camp Nou last season.
    The IOC conceded in the first two cases, but refused to ban New Zealand on the grounds that rugby was not an Olympic sport.
    The USA have scored almost exactly the same number of points as they have conceded in the last five games under Mike Tolkin.
    Petr Cech: Despite conceding in the second half for the first time this season, Cech captained the side well and made some very good saves.
    Last Friday, as Vicente del Bosque's men beat Belarus 4-0, the Real Madrid glovesman smashed his own mark for minutes without conceding in a Spain shirt, now 727.
    However, this was pretty much it for the visitors as two goals conceded in quick succession turned the tide again with the hosts flooding HJK's defensive third with constant pressure.

    In 11% of cases concede by is used
    I am of the settled view that the application for revision and as conceded by Mr.
    This point is conceded by Julian Baggini, who is a generous-minded secularist, as well as an atheist.

    In 7% of cases concede from is used
    They had a few chances and in the end deserved to score, but we're never happy when we concede from a set-piece.
    The lack of believe to score late in a game as we did a few times last season or the fear to concede from the same set pieces again and again.

    In 6% of cases concede at is used
    Although newcastle are likely to concede at Stoke i think.
    Astonishingly, Aberdeen are still yet to both score and concede at Pittodrie this season with all three of their home Premier League matches having ended in 0-0 draws.

    In 6% of cases concede on is used
    The team has simply become so small that they are going to concede on set pieces.
    His posts after a time read as nothing more than mental masturbation, and he's unwilling to concede on anything even when he's called out on speaking absolute nonsense.

    In 1% of cases concede after is used
    The 32-year-old Finn conceded after the race that the E20 just wasn't up to the team's liking on Sunday.

    In 1% of cases concede against is used
    They came back to win their next two Super Eights games but could not recover the ground conceded against Watson and Warner.

    In 1% of cases concede because is used
    Roma, on the other hand, started exactly as they did against Juventus a few weeks ago, conceding because of their lack of defensive discipline.

    In 1% of cases concede during is used
    Defensively there was a marked improvement; the previous three seasons had seen an average of 53 goals conceded during the 42 games.

    In 1% of cases concede for is used
    Blancos keeper Josh Cohen hasn't conceded for more than 180 minutes, but I can see SPEC FC asking some questions on Sunday.

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