Prepositions after "compound"

compound by, in, with, of or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 74% of cases compound by is used
    This is compounded by the jumping mechanics as well.
    The financial crisis was compounded by military adventures.
    compounded by a PR disaster by the club which is prepetuated by Dalgish.
    These safeguards are compounded by the high quorum of consent required (80 per cent).
    It is possible to understand the bonding in carbon compounds by using Lewi's dot model.
    It has been compounded by our own mistakes in a difficult first two years of ownership.
    This was compounded by him hearing on the radio a few years ago somebody say ' He makes chairs in his spare time.
    The problem has been compounded by growing difficulties in attracting development capital from the industrial world.
    In fact in South Asia, the problem is compounded by the external inputs in conflict generation from the intrusive external powers.
    This confusion is compounded by the sense that hegemony over animals is our heritage and that their exploitation is our birthright.

    In 7% of cases compound in is used
    These mechanics compound in urban environments.
    It does not mean, however, that compounds in other plants will not do so.
    And the crucial difference is -- such individuals have lower levels of fruity smelling compounds in their sweat.
    Helpful when dealing with congestion as compounds in mint aid in opening up the nasal passage as well as those of the lungs and bronchi.
    Other non-antioxidant compounds in green tea make a significant contribution to its cancer preventing properties through anti-inflammatory and other properties.
    Individuals whose genes code for high enzyme activity metabolize EGCG and other compounds in green tea more rapidly than those with genes that code for low enzyme activity.

    In 5% of cases compound with is used
    These challenges are compounded with the increasing effects of climate change.
    All this compounded with the fact that he scores from all angles in front of goal leave me bewildered when Arsene would rather start Gervinho there and deny Walcott his chance.
    I have a sibling with an illness and compounded with that they are also the baby of the family and can get away with just about anything although this sibling is not as out of control as your sister.

    In 3% of cases compound of is used
    After he had spent three days with de chameleon en de weaver bird, He recognised that de weaver bird was a great maker of words compounded of lies en truth.
    We ought to know and remember that things are compounded of at least two important components in order for them to appear as something with any meaning or value.

    In 2% of cases compound for is used
    Aguero went down after tangling with Arbeloa and what seemed a harsh decision was compounded for Real as the former Liverpool man was shown the red card.

    In 1% of cases compound as is used
    The problem is further compounded as from 1964 to the present debt service has grown from 9% to 16.

    In 1% of cases compound at is used
    Radio is a problem, but it's compounded at retail where it's almost impossible to get the product in stores.

    In 1% of cases compound on is used
    Because I knew, I just knew that more misery would be compounded on us.
    The situation is being compounded on a daily by an explosion in population.

    In 1% of cases compound without is used
    This will only be compounded without Barry to mask Johnson's occasional space cadet status.

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