Prepositions after "complicate"

complicate by, for, in, with or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 70% of cases complicate by is used
    All estimates are complicated by powerful variables.
    Lethal yellowing symptomatology may be complicated by other factors.
    The situation has been complicated by China's recent acts in South China Sea.
    The matter was complicated by the growing economic ties between the two countries.
    Naturally, this is complicated by the use of definite and indefinite conjugations.
    The situation is complicated by the difficult economic situation in the United States.
    The position is complicated by the wide variety of mortgage products offered - some 250 by one estimate, see www.
    This is complicated by the fact that acronyms can stand for more than one thing, and are often used interchangeably.

    In 10% of cases complicate for is used
    In addition, until now, it's been complicated for users to incorporate their personal collection of MP3s or ripped CDs and have access to all of that music on any device, anywhere they go.

    In 6% of cases complicate in is used
    Man is not complicated in feelings but woman are very complicated.
    Why is your relationship complicated in the first place? Learning to see the problem in clear light is the first step to solving any relationship issue.

    In 3% of cases complicate with is used
    I went from simple to a little bit complicated with green screens.
    Our weekend away was wonderful, but was complicated with the birthday boy swimming into the side of the pool, splitting his head open in a minor, yet gross sort of way.

    In 2% of cases complicate about is used
    What is complicated about running such a system.

    In 1% of cases complicate between is used
    The development came shortly after she realized that she might be in love with her step-brother, so things are just a little complicated between the show's two main characters right now.

    In 1% of cases complicate concerning is used
    This substantial world has numerous strategies, tools, and methods, that it could seem somewhat complicated concerning exactly where you should get started.

    In 1% of cases complicate due is used
    I spent a few weeks trying to cook from home, and quickly gave up on making anything complicated due to the lack of ingredients that I'd used to.

    In 1% of cases complicate rather is used
    Given the biased nature of our press, regardless whose press, Nebula invites a forum that complicates rather than simplifies the aetiologies of political and military conflicts throughout the world.

    In 1% of cases complicate regarding is used
    The legal situation in Ireland, however, is complicated regarding surrogacy.

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