Prepositions after "combine"

combine with, in, for, into or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 85% of cases combine with is used
    And combined with Brent it is 3.
    May not be combined with any other offers.
    You should combine with a pair of colored shoes.
    Knee and ribbon types may be combined with buttress roots at the base of the tree.
    The protectionism combines with a sex phobia that ensures sex remains in the closet.
    Consuming enough marine might cause our systems combined with piles that would swell.
    Rose hops from club members gardens are being combined with locally grown holly, sumac, curly willow and yarrow.
    Lightroom combined with Photoshop Elements gives you a relatively inexpensive but powerful image editing set-up.
    It is also combined with ground hazelnut, dried apricots and dried cranberries to make the cake more flavourful.
    Only a handful of Dem votes combining with all the Republicans would be needed to give the Pro Tem job to Smith.

    In 5% of cases combine in is used
    All Yogas are combined in this.
    I like it that the chats are now combined in one window.
    But those combined in one training session, it gives you really good kicks.
    India itself was wealthier than Europe and the US combined in the early 19th century.
    Those badges are combined in the Australian Coat of Arms to represent the six states.
    Herr Boot und Feld-Marshall Patreaus aka Saint Patreaus of Basra combining in hushed tones.
    Hnsch, combined in the first of the Letters listed above; a sign of collaboration and shared credit for the research.
    It has been a trying season for McCombs, who entered this week with just 95 yards combined in his previous three games.
    He combined in one person poetic sensitivity and eloquence with the disciplined thinking of a philosopher and theologian.
    Social Media MUST READ BOOKS Inspiration Although every cell has a set of unique functions, these combine in creative ways.

    In 3% of cases combine for is used
    Carlos Hyde and Rod Smith combined for 103 yards and a touchdown.
    Arian Foster and Ben Tate combined for 184 rushing yards and three touchdowns.
    The touchscreen and improved autofocus combine for the biggest step forward though.
    He will exceed all past administrations combined for abysmal failures from the top to bottom.
    Florida, Marquette, Louisville and Michigan State have combined for seven national championships.
    Coupons from the store and others from the manufacturers can often be combined for extra savings.
    Ethan Collins and Erikk Banks have combined for 1,431 rushing yards, 611 receiving yards and are dangerous as return men.
    Wise County Central eked out a victory last October, a contest in which the Warriors and Bears combined for 590 rushing yards.
    He was their best performer but he was horribly exposed and beaten again on the hour, Walcott and Podolski combining for Cazorla to fire home at the far post.
    The teams traded plenty of chances at both ends of the ice, but neither team could take the lead throughout the first half of the game despite combining for 41 shots.

    In 2% of cases combine into is used
    Exercise must be combined into your diet plan.
    Individual indicators can be combined into an index.
    The displaced persons here have been combined into eight camps.
    Cook over low heat until the butter and flour combine into a mixture like wet sand.
    We're both wannabe-minimalists with 2 condos worth of stuff combining into 1 condo.
    If you are eligible for both benefits, they will be combined into a single monthly payment.
    And of course the more elements from this list that you can combine into one story, the more likely you are to get covered.
    Then another quarter, and then the Stage II and Stage III's are combined into Stage IV (so you have Stage I, and then Stage IV).

    In 1% of cases combine to is used
    The defenseman had combined to post a minus-54 rating in the two seasons prior to the trade.
    All of which combined to a very distinct feeling of being trapped and helpless in case something goes wrong with the train.
    In the affluent north-western states, historically strong traditions of female infanticide and the means to pay for ultrasound tests combine to deadly effect.

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