Prepositions after "collude"

"collude with" or "collude in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 65% of cases collude with is used
    Thursday, October 18, 2012 PM Seems to be colluding with the Sabah CM, BUT ARE WE.
    He is being tried by the CBI court on charges of colluding with certain companies.
    The notion that researchers collude with optimal technology is entirely significant.
    I suspect that politicians might well be colluding with it for geopolitical reasons.
    The British suspected that he and his brother Albert were colluding with the Germans.
    The programme hinted that this might include those in the police who colluded with the UVF.
    Saito's family said the stable colluded with police and doctors to cover up their son's death.
    The investor-friendly Maharashtra government colluded with industry to help the Sena smash the unions.
    Cost of crime Supervisors and invigilators have been colluding with teachers and candidates to leak exams.
    It has given a free hand to its military-intelligence establishment, which continues to collude with the ISI.

    In 25% of cases collude in is used
    Belhaj says that in doing this the British Intelligence agencies effectively were colluding in kidnapping and torture.
    Thus to support any measure that makes a distinction between different categories of the unborn is to collude in something that is fatally flawed.
    To be clear: None of this means that physicians should collude in the cruel and unnecessary prolongation of dying, as is often seen in hospital settings.
    If the Mi5 and Mi6 too are involved in a cover-up then there own internal personnel are prepared to collude in the biggest criminal case in the history of the UK and the world.
    In perfect concert with one another, these three incestuously interconnected sectors of Indian society -- which feed off and sustain each other -- are colluding in a massive act of amnesia.

    In 5% of cases collude like is used
    I don't believe our media outlets give a rats enough to collude like that.

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