Prepositions after "coexist"

"coexist with" or "coexist in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 52% of cases coexist with is used
    It may coexist with AMS or HACE.
    Smaller press agencies coexist with AFP.
    Your decision to co-exist with the deer sounds like a wise one.
    Yet this intricate, localised aesthetic coexists with a sense of staggering worldliness.
    In business there can be many successes defined in different ways, a Walmart can co-exist with a Holt Renfrew.
    Perhaps, therefore, the SA could co-exist with SAlt in a united organisation in regard to its policy toward Cuba.
    Under Burma's monarchy, Buddhists, Muslims and followers of other religions coexisted with little or no tension.
    Thanks to the extraordinary scale of global inequality, widespread poverty coexists with dangerous planetary stress.
    Greenhouse gas emissions, notably carbon dioxide have warmed the earth, threatening humanity and the plants and animals we coexist with.
    I have talked about words in niches before to explain how the a word can coexist with earlier instances while it gradually gains a new meaning.

    In 22% of cases coexist in is used
    Power and impotence co-exist in men's lives.
    Basically, he thinks that many minds coexist in a confederation.
    This means that they have coexisted in the same place at some time.
    IMHO The possibilities are not just co-existing in the environment.
    All of these images with their different meanings coexist in our societies today.
    The City offers a wealth of sights, which represents the crossroads of three cultures coexisting in peace and harmony.
    Invariably, human behavior depends on the relative magnitudes of these pairs of opposites that may coexist in a given situation.

    In 6% of cases coexist on is used
    Bicycles and motorized vehicles would co-exist on our roadways without car doors being opened.
    For the vast majority of our lives, these skin bacteria have been peacefully co-existing on us.
    We can either start loving and continue to coexist on this planet with all other life forms or keep hating till death and become an extinct form of life.

    In 5% of cases coexist alongside is used
    Those virtues coexist alongside Prince Alexander 6 fighting giant, terribly rendered CGI dogs, but they're virtues nonetheless.

    In 5% of cases coexist for is used
    But I see PCs and smart mobile devices co-existing for a long time.
    What's important to note is that BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry 7 will actually co-exist for quite sometime to come.

    In 1% of cases coexist by is used
    The word hoped from social enviroment to social enviroment until its change in semantics allowed it to coexist by inhabiting a different semantic niche.

    In 1% of cases coexist like is used
    Cows and humans coexist like domestic dogs and cats.

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