Prepositions after "clutch"

clutch at, for, in, onto or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 63% of cases clutch at is used
    Dear oh dear Thomas, talk about clutching at straws.
    One still can't let go of this world, one still clings and clutches at it.
    He clutched at Elladan with a strong grip until he made sense of his surroundings and relaxed.
    In contrast, your hapless author clutches at straws to claim it will be tropical paradise everywhere.
    The government itself is clutching at straws in the wind to reinforce Pakistans image in the world and more particularly among its people.
    Have your say 78 comments on this story luapa of btown says November 15, 2012 at 8:54 AM A polished nine? Now we are really clutching at straws.
    I'll confess, when Davis went down early clutching at his knee my heart was in my throat-- but TD proved what we know about him, he's a warrior.
    Footnote: I couldn't help thinking that some of the welcome for Greening's reiteration of DFID's commitment to women from development NGOs was clutching at straws.
    If there's a straw to be clutched at from that defeat, the Ernesiders may be heartened by their conqueror's comprehensive defeat of Armagh in last weekend's Ulster semi-final.
    He was sure now that Mrs Jarvis's paddle was at least as bad as, and probably worse than, the cane as he slowly rose from the chair desperately clutching at the lowest portions of his bottom.

    In 9% of cases clutch for is used
    Leather or vinyl clutches for less formal events when a smaller purse is still desirable.

    In 9% of cases clutch in is used
    Or the paper clutched in Fireflight's white-knuckled hand.

    In 9% of cases clutch onto is used
    I have come to the conclusion that, the Kenyan woman seems to be clutching onto the straws of recognition and will just but do anything to be heard.

    In 6% of cases clutch to is used
    The day after, Jono went the way of the unknown soldier, drifting away under the stars, clutched to Ruby's amazing bosom, a victim of undiagnosed internal soap injuries.
    In one hand people want prosperity, wealth, holidays, homes, cars and all that goes with it but in the other hand they are clutching to an idea that their actions carry no responsibility.

    In 3% of cases clutch under is used
    There was severe gearbox judder in reverse so Peugeot fitted a new gearbox and clutch under warranty - no quibbles.

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