Prepositions after "cluster"

cluster in, around, round, according or along?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 48% of cases cluster in is used
    Faceoffs clustered in the Reign's zone.
    Cataclysmic events often come clustered in history.
    Those that are here are largely clustered in Cardiff, Newport and Swansea.
    When those cells cluster in a certain pattern they form an organ called the eye.
    Jaffna is a broken and silent place of refugees clustered in churches and temples among empty roads.
    People working for the rail companies also tended to cluster in certain areas (see return for Courtney of Phibsboro Road).
    This may be particularly true for Democrats, many of whom are geographically clustered in urban areas, according to Green.

    In 10% of cases cluster around is used
    The latest census reveals a collection of neighbourhoods clustered around King Street, Newtown, with an unusually high proportion of couples where women earn more than their men.

    In 8% of cases cluster round is used
    Arthur and Trillian clustered round.
    They clustered round me eagerly to see the pictures.
    A small group of people had clustered round the Captain and one of them was clearly beginning to speak.

    In 5% of cases cluster according is used
    You can trivially show how words cluster according to individual proclivities by data mining Twitter.
    You could hypothesise a similar scenario taking place in the lexicon: specialist words will cluster according to the users and topics, whereas generalists will not.

    In 5% of cases cluster along is used
    Some seven small Margaree-themed communities are clustered along this valley floor, a world apart from the rugged drama of the surf-battered coast -- it's more reminiscent of Vermont than Maine.

    In 5% of cases cluster during is used
    They'd be flagged by # of test clustered during a GC.

    In 5% of cases cluster into is used
    Patients also completed SF-36, an extensively used generic questionnaire containing 36 items clustered into eight dimensions.

    In 3% of cases cluster about is used
    From the moon it rolled, clustered about the spires and towers, and then settled below them, so that the dreaming peaks were still in lofty aspiration toward the sky.

    In 3% of cases cluster for is used
    Kafka nodes can be clustered for availability and extra capacity, which we've done.

    In 3% of cases cluster to is used
    Because of that, the marshes and wetlands that birds clustered to before was paved to make room for the developing city.

    In 3% of cases cluster with is used
    You can follow this point throughout the night, as it will remain one fist to the right of the V-shaped Hyades cluster with its bright star Aldebaran (pronounced Al-deb ' -a-ran).

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