Prepositions after "cling"

cling to, onto, on, during or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 89% of cases cling to is used
    My eyes seemingly clung to him.
    We all needed something to cling to.
    She wants to cling to the old myths.
    However, when your boss is clung to you through all the possible ways like cell phones.
    Imagine Gordon Brown still clinging to power or even worse the dittherer Ed Miliband.
    Then, clinging to a steel handle on the door, I kick up my feet and haul myself on board.
    Sun Coast News reports crewmembers from a pilot vessel rescued a 46 year old man clinging to a buoy at about 6:50 a.
    Still clinging to your anti-muslim beliefs? Call your God whatever you like, you are ignorant whatever you call Him.
    This man has entered the stage of political idiocy that is manifested by clinging to power and hoping for longevity.
    Cycling today *without* a helmet is a benefit both to the individual and society - and the experts don't disagree on this.

    In 5% of cases cling onto is used
    I was barely clinging onto a little bit of hope.
    Back then, like most Brits I was a Henman fan, clinging onto the belief he could still win Wimbledon.
    clinging onto your cell phone won't make him call you any faster! Put it down and go and have some fun.
    It is driving us towards a cliff and yet we cling onto it because we have been indocrinated to never question its existence.
    Next next day, finally bumped into other two flatmates, who both seem to have clung onto each other for dear life, and have also made their own group of mates.

    In 2% of cases cling on is used
    However, Shri Deshmukh has clung on to his post.
    Paul indeed bitterly regretted ever having challenged this teacher as he desperately clung on to await the final blow.
    The Stoat kills the Rabbit by repeated bites to the back of the neck, inflicted while it clings on to its victim's back.

    In 1% of cases cling during is used
    In these 4 teachings, Pastor Jon shares with us about the faithful God to whom we can cling during storms.
    Just as a favorite garment becomes softer and more comfortable over time, a spouse becomes the single, solid, supporting rock to which one clings during life's intermittent upheavals and ' storms '.

    In 1% of cases cling in is used
    They clambered up the tottering walls, they clung in wreaths and groups about the high-standing pillars.
    And so we clung in trepidation to the flat wooden seat, hypnotized by the panoramic views of the passing Bangladeshi countryside.
    These false views lead one to grasp and cling in a way that causes anxiety and mental illness, and ultimately physical illness also.

    In 1% of cases cling like is used
    Faded blue jeans cling like a relief map.

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