Prepositions after "cleanse"

"cleanse of" or "cleanse from"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 42% of cases cleanse of is used
    Rewards will be written for you until you are cleansed of junub.
    This post will offer some weight loss cleanse of that information to you.
    Cage the area with a gold net and it will stay cleansed of other's energy.
    Truth is that there is another place that lovers of God can inhabit once this earth is cleansed of all badness.
    It demands that the area be cleansed of previous energy left by others who historically have passed through, or lived on the spot.
    With it, idolatry was purged from the greater part of Arabia once and for all, and Allah's Sacred House the Ka'ba was cleansed of the filth of man-made objects.
    At the time of salvation a person becomes spiritually clean and never needs to be saved again but he does need to confess daily sin so he can be cleansed of its defilement.

    In 21% of cases cleanse from is used
    Palestinians and their descendants who were ethnically cleansed from Israel and Palestine in 1948 have been languishing since that time in refugee camps.
    In her third book, Gyn-Ecology: The metaethics of Radical Feminism (Boston, 1978 ), she rejected the term? God? altogether, as it can never be cleansed from male/masculine imagery.

    In 9% of cases cleanse by is used
    Some need the landscape to be cleansed by fire.
    Because your word is truth, I confess with my mouth that I am born again and am cleansed by the blood of Jesus! In Jesus ' name, Amen.

    In 9% of cases cleanse with is used
    You now feel that your mass has been cleansed with love and sent as particles of light out into the infinite universe.

    In 5% of cases cleanse within is used
    They need to strive for cleansing within themselves and to assist in the cleansing of the Earth.
    When you do ego cleansing within an anima-based personality or ego-less being you literally kill them.

    In 2% of cases cleanse at is used
    Holistic colon cleansing attempts would make sure that all the waste material are expelled, but without causing any damage to the body or weakening its functions.

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