Prepositions after "clean"

clean in, with, up, at or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 15% of cases clean in is used
    He was cleaning in one of the elevators.
    Madam Toh has been cleaning in NTU for almost 60 years.
    Jewelry should be cleaned in an ammonia and water solution.
    Windows a few floors up haven't been cleaned in years, paint peels and brickwork rots.
    She started cleaning in NTU in the 1950s, starting off with a scanty daily salary of $2.
    clean in the mouldy areas with your whiten and drinking h2o right up until eventually it really is gone.
    Stainless steel bowls and spoons can be sterilized unlike plastic bowls, which can be cleaned in only warm water.
    Over time, the chemical can leach into food, particularly if the container is used in a microwave oven or cleaned in a dishwasher.
    And so when this junior officer took arms and overthrew the SMC II and claimed that he was doing House cleaning in the military he had the support of Ghanaians.

    In 13% of cases clean with is used
    I want to live in a world whereby I can cook and clean with ease.
    Some ladies insert their fingers inside their VJJ and clean with soap.
    Mouth and Nose Care: The lips should be cleaned with boiled water each time after taking the food.
    Subsequent, always make sure that you are investing in a item to clean with that can be utilized on copper.
    All electrode sites were cleaned with abrasive gel and wiped with a gauze pad prior to electrode placement.
    I do not douche cos I have very bad yeast infections but I do clean with very mild soap and wash as often as I can.
    Enough time saving within the traditional approach to window cleaning with all the squeegee is as much as 50percent faster.
    If a ring is cleaned with chlorine bleach, the ring may turn black and develop small hairline cracks, even a few hours later.
    Using nanotechnology, these cool shark beds will absorb pet odors and bacteria and are easily cleaned with the fabric lining that unzips for a quick wash.

    In 7% of cases clean up is used
    The first thing that needs to happen is they need to come up with a way to clean up the street.
    I cleaned up most everything, only to find that the keyboard had a Code 41 (could no longer be found in hardware) in Device Manager.
    Unlike the bag tax to clean up the river, we are not seeing higher gas or vehicle mileage taxes to cover the maintenance and construction of thousands of miles of roads.

    In 7% of cases clean at is used
    It is cleaned at home and often processed at home, or in a small village mill.
    Sometimes I find myself cleaning at 2:00am before his parents come in to town and I have to work that day.
    The city looks quite modern with some local features (you can see, for example, people offering carpet cleaning at the river).
    There are also air purifiers that can be cleaned at home easily either by washing or by vacuuming which can save you a lot of money.
    Nido Spitalfields and Nido Notting Hill even have their own Pizza machine! You can pay for your laundry on a pay-per-use basis and you can book room cleans at reception for a set fee.

    In 7% of cases clean by is used
    cleaned by Vermeulen, he keeps his hands in the ruck.
    Students and teachers to realize that no one is Holy and we are cleaned by the blood of Jesus everyday.

    In 7% of cases clean from is used
    But if you're not a fan of cleaning, we can offer you a selection of room cleans from 20 up to 80 by a member of our Housekeeping staff.
    Mum will deal with them, licking each puppy to ensure the sac is cleaned from the face so they can breathe easily, and biting through the umbilical cord.
    He was able to donate his own stem cells (which were now clean from chemo) for a stem cell transplant which he was to receive at the end of all his chemo treatments.
    The invitations were issued; the house was cleaned from attic to cellar; an orchestra was engaged for the evening; elaborate floral decorations were planned and the flowers ordered.

    In 6% of cases clean for is used
    I cleaned for days before I settled in.
    I helped my mum by cooking and cleaning for her.
    I guess I assumed he'd understand that I didn't get my hair fixed because I was at home cooking and cleaning for HIM all day.

    In 6% of cases clean to is used
    He worked on ducks from sloughing, cleaning to marinating.
    The rooms were cleaned to a very high standard and pool areas.
    DEEP and EPA want the Q river cleaned to pre-colonial condition.
    Teresa made sure she did every job the others did - from cooking and cleaning to spinning and sewing.

    In 6% of cases clean on is used
    If he had concentrated his house cleaning on the corrupt generals, no one would have raised a voice against AFRC.
    The center is well maintained and cleaned on regular basis by a team of professional cleaning and maintenance staff.
    The Miramar was a great place to stay, the room was very comfortable, has free WiFi and was cleaned on a daily basis, the upgrade was worth it as the sea view was very pleasant.

    In 4% of cases clean of is used
    In essence, the first night should be arranged in such a way that it is within the time period in which the lady is cleaned of menstruation.

    In 4% of cases clean as is used
    Endless explainations are not fruitful, I can only vouch for the veracity of the bowl and spoon cleaning as a tried and tested ' way ', but as a metaphore of course.
    Make me as big and open as the plains As honest as the horse between my knees clean as the wind that blows behind the rains Free as the hawk that circles down the breeze.

    In 4% of cases clean after is used
    The equipment had to be stripped down and cleaned after each day's production run.

    In 2% of cases clean between is used
    Slice up with a sharp knife dipped into hot water and cleaned between each cut.
    Those whiteboards are going to be cleaned between lessons and so taking a photograph is a great way of recording it, which can then of course be shared next lesson as a reminder.

    In 2% of cases clean before is used
    Most condo rentals will be cleaned before your arrival and will once again be clean after you check out.
    There are many different dagaa to be had: Lake Tanganyika produces premium large ones that are sweet-fleshed and easy to clean before cooking and also don't remain impossibly hard when cooked.

    In 2% of cases clean out is used
    We vowed to go back Friday and clean out the house of everything we wanted.

    In 2% of cases clean rather is used
    When you are tidying your home consider using natural products that are effective for cleaning rather than traditional cleansers.

    In 2% of cases clean away is used
    Place toys that are difficult to clean away from where they eat and defecate.
    All those who have seen the vision of rapture know that it is a vision that nobody can clean away from your memory.

    In 1% of cases clean within is used
    In order to have the system existent infections cleaned, it first of all thoroughly scan the entire system &; reports the detected threats which could thereafter be cleaned within few simple clicks.

    In 1% of cases clean throughout is used
    Toaster oven was dirty when I arrived and I pointed this out but it was never cleaned throughout the whole week that I was there.

    In 1% of cases clean along is used
    These should be cleaned along with the entire floor with Bona cleaner.

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