Prepositions after "clamor"

clamor for, at, by or over?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 84% of cases clamor for is used
    The people, especially the merchant class, clamored for a say in the government.
    I hear people clamoring for width every week, but as usual, the vast majority of Chelsea's attack was beginning out wide.
    Still, protests have emerged against King Abdullah II's rule, as some Jordanians clamor for a more representative political system.
    Yet here in Washington, the concept of the user fee is consistently weakened by special interest groups clamoring for more diversion.
    For years, as others clamored for scalps after the global financial crisis, Preet resisted the temptation of a sloppy kill and instead waited for the facts.
    You often see the same argument in regard to the Third World, where populations are supposedly clamoring for the exact model of development favored by the U.
    It is probably nothing more than this: Big, powerful industrial stakeholders clamored for NASA's dollars and won out over a nerdy group of planetary scientists.
    If those rumors turn out to be groundless, it likely won't be long before China is producing carriers on its own as Chinese shipbuilders are already clamoring for the chance.
    Fortunately for Leo, his adventure in Congo happened to coincide with the advent of the automobile, which meant that manufacturers were clamoring for Congo's plentiful supply of rubber.

    In 8% of cases clamor at is used
    When walkers clamor at the stairwell door, he snaps out of his daze and resumes his task: Using his belt to try to reel in a hacksaw lying just out of reach.

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