Prepositions after "cite"

cite in, by, as, for or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 31% of cases cite in is used
    Her work has been cited in the 2003 U.
    Figures cited in the book are alarming.
    It was cited in Dalmia's case before Mr.
    Prizes will be awarded to participants as per the mechanism cited in Terms &; Conditions.
    The latter monopoly was quite recently cited in a World Bank report as a cause for concern.
    The incidents from the ADF you've attempted to cite in support of your argument are all incidents of inappropriate behaviour.
    San Francisco is on of the most poetic cites in the United States, the city of bohemia with its special fleur and atmosphere.
    The funding was announced in March and the hotels cited in the CBC report are among those that will be renovated, Crawford said.

    In 23% of cases cite by is used
    cited by Virtual Page as The World.
    Because the first two amendments cited by Sen.
    Consider some of the signs cited by researchers.
    As for the traditions cited by you concerning the lady.
    There are some published K-Ar ages cited by Leeman (Table 2).
    In Garnock v Black (2006) 66 NSWLR 347 cited by Ritchie's at s 112.
    The five points cited by Wagner can certainly apply to Corporate America.
    Legumes are cited by many producers as being favorites of their chickens.
    Nicotine has been cited by numerous studies to help memory and intelligence.
    This article has been cited by 1 ACS Journal articles (1 most recent appear below).

    In 18% of cases cite as is used
    What does he cite as evidence? 1.
    Air and Defense are commonly cited as the two perfect examples of a public good.
    Helping women there is an aside and was never cited as a reason for starting the war.
    One the one hand, value for money is cited as the basis on which contracts will be awarded.
    Street crime, not violent crime, is cited as the public's greatest concern, particularly in Vancouver.
    These Regulations may be cited as the Child Care (Placement of Children in Foster Care) Regulations, 1995.
    A revolution has also taken place with birth control in Bangladesh and it is now cited as an international success story.
    Since the Sahara Desert makes up nearly 10% of the African continent, the Sahara is often cited as the world's largest desert.
    The state of Israel is often cited as an example of a country that has raised significant sums of money through diaspora bonds.
    Kelly Brook was most often cited as the celebrity with the perfect body, followed by singer Beyonce, then actresses Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson.

    In 12% of cases cite for is used
    Examples are cited for each of these.
    Perhaps what they should be cited for is a violation of 2201.
    They are shown below, followed by pros and cons cited for each option.
    Remember that one of the reasons bin Laden cited for attacking the West was the 15th century reconquering of Spain.
    He is most often cited for his photographs in the aftermath of the Wounded Knee Massacre on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.
    One of the main reasons cited for a separate state of Telangana is lack of development in this region due to the negligence of the government.
    Online records with the American agency also show that the Canadian company had been cited for five fatigued driving violations since April 2011.
    The figures she cites for blackouts of all sizes can be matched by those for the really big blackouts, affecting at least 1,000 people for at least one hour.
    Metal hydrides, carbon nanotubes, metal organic frameworks (MOFs ), compressed gas hydrogen and liquid hydrogen can be cited for these technologies that contain hydrogen.
    The officer finished writing her ticket, he told her not to go anywhere because the officer behind him was issuing her another citation! This time Nyoka was cited for going 62 in a 35.

    In 4% of cases cite from is used
    Note: Text are cited from the Application Dossier of Kaiping Diaolou and Villages,.
    Certainly He is other than the world, however, as this and all the other, hadiths cited from the Bihar al-anwar emphasize so strongly.
    Oppenheimer (1904-1967 ), citing from the Bhagavadgita, after witnessing the world's first nuclear explosion It is magnificent, but it is not war.

    In 3% of cases cite on is used
    Then start checking every detail cited on those docs.
    Note that basis functions are cited on those with unique TAGs in the z-matrix i.
    The slowest? Over four months, according to MIT Sloan School MBA candidate Chi-Chu Tschang, as cited on Harvard's Nieman Journalism Lab website.
    Even one of the loudest pro-democracy journalists, Dare Babarinsa, who attacked Obasanjo, as a lackey of the North, before the elections, as cited on page 25 above, joined in this somersault.

    In 2% of cases cite at is used
    To demonstrate links with the TB Policy or the IIA Standards, related references are cited at the beginning of certain sections.
    By the way, just in case you're really interested in a graph showing model predictions WITH error bars, you can refer to the IPCC projections cited at http: **35;10076;TOOLONG.

    In 1% of cases cite among is used
    The opposition party at a press conference in Accra Monday cited among other things a number of ' corrupt ' deals it says were supervised by the President.
    It is based on the idea that pages should be ranked not by their global link citations, but by how they are cited among pages that deal with topics related to the particular query.

    In 1% of cases cite to is used
    Last cycling culture was Perth WA, one of the best cites to cycle in.

    In 1% of cases cite with is used
    Forty-eight research studies were cited with dates ranging from 1978 to 1994.

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