Prepositions after "chime"

chime in, with, into or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 76% of cases chime in is used
    I am amazed that most all involved long ago chimed in.
    I'd glad that you guys chimed in here with this perspective.
    I'd a freelance editor, so I thought I'd chime in here and give my two cents.
    Infocom crew: it's brilliant that you all chimed in here, for good or for bad.
    Anyway, I'd going to chime in here and say that there is a Dark Side and a Light Side.
    Feel free to chime in the comments on your best strategies for avoiding procrastination.
    By the way, can anyone chime in an explain why the didn't get the same actor who played young adama in the original webisode.
    We have now reached a stage where you can't talk about women's rights or sexism without men chiming in to try to make things ' equal '.

    In 12% of cases chime with is used
    This result does seem to chime with the view that countries which take on debt quickly are more likely to take on unsustainable levels of debt which subsequently act as a drag upon GDP.
    We were particularly puzzled by reported weakness in construction sector employment: that doesn't chime with all the signs of a turnaround in the construction industry that we've seen this year.

    In 8% of cases chime into is used
    Great comments, everyone, and I'd glad to see so many new faces chiming into the discussion! I'd like to point out one comment from Stacy: This is a hard one if you're just starting up.

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