Prepositions after "cherish"

"cherish by" or "cherish for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 40% of cases cherish by is used
    The festival is greatly awaited for and cherished by all.
    China and Africa share a common destiny, and China-Africa friendship is cherished by the Chinese and African peoples.
    His superb images of young girls at play are still cherished by the National Gallery of Ireland: The Dolls School, The House Builders.
    Indians everywhere feel that time has come for the country to stand up confidently and say it stands by a value system cherished by its founding fathers.
    These so called ' christian values ' so cherished by those claiming it might do well to read up some on ancient history - whether its Greek, Roman, Asian or otherwise.

    In 23% of cases cherish for is used
    The Kayuhan Raub experience is something that we would cherish for our.
    Carlos Santana's performance at F1 RocksT with Vladivar will create memories, which will be cherished for a lifetime.
    And when praise comes your way from the renowned actress herself, it's nothing but a moment to cherish for the actresses.
    Make sure it will be an experience that you will recount many times and that creates memories you will cherish for the rest of your life.

    In 9% of cases cherish in is used
    These Moghul-inspired delicacies are cherished in Jamaica, and more particularly in Trinidad and Guyana.
    Every morning for the next year, my grandfather would take out a paper, open it, and see what other people cherished in him.
    There are number of things that I have grown to cherish in this autumn season of life, when age and the limitations of Parkinson's disease seem ready to erode life's joy.

    In 4% of cases cherish after is used
    The fact both mum and baby are healthy is something the 23-year-old can now cherish after working hard to overcome a four-year addiction to smoking.
    The importance of Ms Anandiben Patel in the government can be gauged from the fact that she was awarded the much cherished after revenue department after the recent elections to the assembly.

    In 2% of cases cherish from is used
    Think of the compliments you have cherished from people you love in life.

    In 2% of cases cherish like is used
    Forget Take That, forget the Stone Roses -- ' The Return ' of Girls Aloud as the five-piece we fell in love with all those years ago will be a moment to cherish like no other.

    In 2% of cases cherish over is used
    At these annual gatherings, memories are made and cherished over the years by upcoming and future generations who can look at the photographs taken at these family reunions.

    In 2% of cases cherish throughout is used
    When we remember our childhood and the toys that we played is something that we cherish throughout our life.

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