Prepositions after "categorize"

categorize into, by, as, in or under?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 31% of cases categorize into is used
    Most of them can be categorized into two groups.
    The CJD is further categorized into three types: 1.
    Waste is basically categorized into two categories: incinerable and non-incinerable.
    As an activity, scuba diving has been generally categorized into skin diving and free diving.
    Stakeholders can be categorized into primary, secondary and key stakeholders (Savage, 2005, p.
    Next time I will try to give detail explanation on various tax which are categorized into these.
    Firms were categorized into Supply Chain Leaders, Supply Chain Challengers, and Supply Chain Laggards.
    The results were categorized into three weight groups, namely underweight, normal weight and overweight.
    The undergraduate work is categorized into two orientations of Chinese Culture and International Business and Trade.
    However, for practical reasons, all negotiation methods could be broadly categorized into Positional Bargaining and Interest Based Bargaining.

    In 23% of cases categorize by is used
    They do not want to be categorised by others as failures.
    Vehicle categories Vehicles are categorised by their manufacturer, i.
    Passive income is one of three types of income, as categorized by the IRS.
    OT, ReWolf, I do have some designs categorized by price at Halloween where I need some sense of order.
    This allows you to learn about your prospects directly, without having the information filtered and categorized by someone else.
    The country of 180 million people languishes near the bottom of the world literacy list, 159th out of 184 countries categorised by the UN Development Programme.
    Our rainforest villa, one of 54 in the resort The Rainforest Villa Resort features 54 tropical-style villas categorised by Sea View or Rainforest View, each having their private balconies.
    In these instances the base vehicle is categorised by the original manufacturer and the finished vehicle is categorised by the approval authority certifying subsequent stages of the build.

    In 20% of cases categorize as is used
    Arson, however, has long been categorized as a violent offense.
    Also the film couldn't be categorized as a single screen film or multiplex cinema.
    Human Rights Committee to advocate that the use of nuclear weapons be categorized as a crime against humanity.
    However, not more than three per cent of all schools can be categorised as the ' efficient ' private sector ' public ' schools.
    Although The Woodsman and the Rain is categorized as a comedy, it is not a laugh out loud romp in the woods, but it does have laugh out loud moments.
    With recent global economic upheavals and its impact on people's overall personal wealth, estate planning is now categorised as a critical life skill.
    While redenomination of currencies in their own currencies will legally not be a default, it will be categorised as a default by ratings agencies and international bodies.

    In 10% of cases categorize in is used
    The residential buildings for the officers are not categorised in the way that they were planned.
    Out of my reading experience, I have understood that the Siththars could be categorized in two ways.
    All similar to Danny Welbeck, high profile football players that the media endeavor to categorize in convenient boxes that suits their agenda.
    When you shop for baby boy clothes, you must realize that though these clothes are categorized in terms of ages, you need to pick the one which needs to fit your baby.
    Which approach is best? There are many ways to sell a site, but they can generally be categorized in two ways: selling on an open marketplace or pitching private buyers.
    The entire highlighted web hosting plans and terminologies can be categorized in terms of cost, programming languages, operation systems, Web servers, and functionality.

    In 7% of cases categorize under is used
    And this is categorized under Melodrama, please people.
    The feed is categorized under ' Everyone ', ' People I follow ', ' My interests ', ' Conversations ' and ' My posts '.
    The same applies to SPAs for properties categorised under commercial/industrial, bungalow lots and some other categories that are exempted from the Housing Development Act.

    In 2% of cases categorize according is used
    Businesses can be categorised according to the industry they belong to, by industry-focused ads with captions and engaging headline.
    Patients who come to the Emergency Department are categorized according to the Canadian Triage and Acuity Scale (CTAS ), which helps the staff prioritize patient care requirements.

    In 2% of cases categorize on is used
    They're obviously writing something liminal/marginal and don't want to be categorised on either side in isolation.

    In 2% of cases categorize with is used
    Many Latino respondents refused to be categorised with recent Latino immigrants.
    The virtuous Lu Yi changes the body Shu strictly categorized with system, fighting the virtuous Lu Yi could change into fierce beasts, Lu Ka is this type.

    In 1% of cases categorize at is used
    Student performance is categorised at three levels: mastery, near mastery, and non-mastery.

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