Prepositions after "busy"

"busy with" or "busy in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases busy with is used

SING MUCH, Get BUSY with things.

He got too busy with the girl too.

Bill also got busy with the camera.

Not to dream over the sunlight on the lake any more; I was busy with cloudy realities.

But I also don't think it makes me a better friend because I'd also busy with my kids.

Then I got busy with the airbrush spraying the arm, the column, and the leaves silver.

Hello and welcome to our adventure! We are a young couple busy with the renovation and decoration of our first home.

Loose touch with the new prospects Giving up the marketing activities when the attorneys get busy with the practice.

Well, I basically love baking, so these kind of stuff are what we'd usually keep ourselves busy with in the kitchen.

During these days, we were kept busy with the prime task of looking for a suitable place to establish our Monastery.

In 19% of cases busy in is used

Keeping public busy in non-issues.

It's always busy in some way here.

He is always busy in his business.

It's mid-morning and most of the workers are out in the fields or busy in the packhouse.

GDP is only a measure of the degree to which we keep ourselves busy in a measurable way.

A race has been started among the designers who are now all the time busy in introducing great business cards designs.

Because Singapore's business operations rely on its maritime industry, its port is one of the busiest in the world.

Alan Quatermain doesn't get much to do in this book, a fact he will live to regret, but he is busy in the backgrounds.

I've been a bit lazy getting this post sorted out, but its been partly due to being really busy in real life recently.

In 8% of cases busy at is used

It was still busy at noon time.

I am busy at work at the moment.

And really, really busy at that.

Even when you are less busy at work, you can do your business, Weekend is there as well.

I'd taking a break from college right now -- things are a little too busy at the moment.

Marpa walked down the road a ways and kept busy at the plowing until he spied Milarepa coming up the road towards him.

He must have been real busy at the bar because when he went to start the show and introduce me he did not go on stage.

It's been a hell lot busy at work the past weeks, I rarely go home on time so the four-day off work is such a blessing.

I am one of four boys, and come from a huge family; it was always busy at dinner- time with uncles, aunties and cousins.

In 8% of cases busy for is used

It said: I'd too busy for this.

That kept him busy for a while.

A little too busy for my liking.

She had enough to keep her busy for a week but she just couldn't muster any enthusiasm.

They're too expensive, too crowded, and I was too cool and busy for such things anyway.

All up, if I include everything mentioned on my list, should be busy for about 2 weeks.

No knock to them personally, but hiding in the busy forest as a way to shun real work is, quite truthfully, pathetic.

Off-tanking is when a champion (or another class) takes the attention of another enemy and keeps it busy for a while.

I have been busy for my studies and assignments and part time job too! What to do, poor student have to be like this.

This is great for keeping the kids busy for a few days as there are plenty of activities you can do to prepare for it.

In 6% of cases busy on is used

I'd busy on your date she says.

It is truly busy on our frontier.

Mheshimiwa was busy on the beach.

Dr Gonjo is busy on his phone, talking to a girl sitting in her concrete castle in Dhaka.

For those who are too busy on their electronics to notice what is happening to our skies.

We are always busy on the phone taking reservations and answering any queries people have.

However as you would expect it can get extremely busy on matchdays, with drinkers spilling outside onto the pavements.

Happy Braunsapis busy on the flowers A number of tiny Stingless Bees were also active -- collecting pollen and nectar.

Then at the very moment of the sacrifice, great bands of Mexicans suddenly fell upon us and kept us busy on all sides.

While busy on weekends, during the week the runs are relatively open and lines for the eight lifts move quite quickly.

In 2% of cases busy during is used

Keep yourself busy during the day.

I was very busy during that period.

Well, I usually busy during weekday.

I?? m so busy during this time; I just need some time to go over all of the options.

Traffic is especially busy during the early morning and late afternoon/early evening.

Moi Avenue is a major road which would have been busy during the lunch hour, AP says.

I try not to wait for last minute because tech support gets quite busy during that time and it's just frustrating.

Though there are people visiting the Grand Canyon all the year round but it is very busy during the summer season.

The camera will be busy during this period of data transmission (though it does seem to take photos in this period).

I mean they're probably all busy during the day but they probably see each other at night and maybe in the mornings.

In 1% of cases busy around is used

I suppose life has gotten a little busy around the house.

Do your shopping early The shops are busy around Christmas.

A brace likely, if not will definitely be busy around the box.

What's the point of being really busy around the wrong things? Leadership is a game of focus.

These get very busy around midnight, and include Radio City, Twilo, Funky Dojos and Lucifers.

Clubs will only start to get busy around that time with doors closing between 06:00 and 08:00.

Yet here we are again, the Republicans all busy around those machines, and everyone else suddenly concerned again.

The market was busy around the clock with all kinds of business being carried inside the market and within its environs.

The task kept a dozen subprofessionals busy around the year; the annual appearance of KLEINE PLANETEN memorialized their efforts.

Gladiator sandals One thing to shy away from is gladiator sandals with ankle leggings -- no need to get too busy around your ankle.

In 1% of cases busy as is used

Even now I am busy as an actor.

Sesilia has been rather busy as of late.

I am busyish as a Detective but busier as a Fed Rep.

And I apologize for lack of update during the past few weeks, I am quite busy as of late.

In contrast, 28% of non-voters with a university degree cited being too busy as the main reason.

Currently she is busy as a mother of 2 children, running the label, composing music and doing music.

In between races he keeps himself busy as the host of the Driven motoring TV programme and as our version of the Joker.

We went to the Jade cutting area of town, which is three big square blocks and busy as a county fair on the 4th of July.

In the years following his ordination, Jose Maria was busy as a curate in Chinchn and then as parish priest in Estremera.

The EMA systems are likely to get busier and busier as the deadline gets closer and the sooner you can submit the better.

In 1% of cases busy by is used

Don't wear anything too busy by your face (e.

Don't make it too busy by bombarding their senses.

It is important to keep busy by doing other things.

Upon coming on against Chelsea he had Petra Chec busy by either him or other Gooner boys.

In the short term, he's kept himself busy by starting a Twitter account; he already has 2.

Instead, she kept herself busy by putting away some high chair and cleaning off some table.

So it means you constantly keep yourself busy by working at your trade and your craft, so that's basically what I did.

After his retirement he kept busy by tinkering about the house and doing little jobs that he could do at his own pace.

It's hard to accept but that's really what you need to work towards - keeping busy by doing things you enjoy will help.

Life is getting busier by the moment -- my exams are due in less than 5 weeks, and I still have got reports to submit.

In 1% of cases busy from is used

He'd be busy from morning until 6 pm.

My life was still busy from morning to night.

The gallery is very busy from April to September.

He noticed that the Galleria Mall in White Plains, New York, was busy from midnight to 3 a.

When is the best time to visit? The Museum is busiest from April through the end of July.

And still: i see people surviving, the streets in Dar are busy from early morning until late.

The same thing happened in Manchester in 2002 for the commonwealth games! It doesn't look that busy from the picture.

What did we do that week? In some ways it would be simpler to tell you what we didn't do, given that we were busy from 8.

Caceres was seemingly unbothered though, as he stayed busy from his back with strikes while looking for a submission attempt.

There are even some locations that are literally across the street from each other and all of them are busy from opening to close.

In 1% of cases busy of is used

They've been very busy of late.

I've been a little busy of late.

Both groups have been busy of late.

There hasn't been too much time for posting recently as we have been quite busy of late.

Well, we have been rather busy of late so have got rather behind with updating the blog.

I have been busy of late but I guided my Mum in law's helper in cooking a version of this.

The 407 is one of the busiest of highways in Canada and they were struck by a pick-up truck driven by a 20-year old.

Once the order is confirmed, print job is usually started within 48 hours depends on how busy of our machines at that time.

My father (Amitabh Bachchan) is the busiest of the lot, but he still manages to BBM me every day and ask what I'd up to.

This is the most consistently busy of the bar sois and even on a weeknight in low season there are plenty of punters around.

In 1% of cases busy over is used

He will be busy over the next few years.

CIOs and IT have been busy over the past ten years.

But I have been busy over the last week making wills.

I have been too busy over the last few month to keep up the posts and stats gathering.

I will still be relatively busy over these comings weeks, possibly a couple of months.

Things have been very busy over the last month and lots of new activities are happening.

At WE in Ghana, we're going to be very busy over the next six months turning this concept into a commercial reality.

His agent will be busy over the next couple of weeks, with the main priority of getting his client back in the pro game.

Reader Comments (1) I think America has invented atomic cell and they are busy over Mars in calculating their invention.

Posted by Logan Crowell Things have been very busy over the past week preparing for the exercise, now in its second day.

In 1% of cases busy throughout is used

They kept the players involved busy throughout June.

And the ambulances were kept busy throughout the night.

Baumgartner developed was to stay busy throughout the ascent.

Doubtless you have been very busy throughout this year so far doing all kinds of.

The building also housed one of the city's best restaurants, busy throughout the year.

However this advantage means that the Seronera remains busy throughout most of the migration.

And so many of my songs are probably lost in the wind like that, because you know, I'd busy throughout my day.

The Stallions kept the Braves ' goalie busy throughout the game, and Cody Karpinski made 28 saves on 32 shots.

My reasoning behind this approach was that she was a busy executive and was very, very busy throughout the day.

If you get so busy throughout your day that you forget, just set an alarm on your phone as a reminder, Madsen said.

In 1% of cases busy to is used

Too busy to fresh-as-a-daisy blog.

Actually, I was busy to setup new office for www.

But these days she is busy to writing on iPhone and Android apps.

It appears that you have time to post but are then always too busy to answers questions.

Internal doors should open inwards from circulation paths and from busy to less busy areas.

Her husband has an affair, let the trivial family work made him too busy to romantic themes.

Monday, January 2, 2012 I've had some great working opportunities lately, which keeps me too busy to post on the blog.

The marketplace seemed busy to the point of thronging; surely, then, the rumours of people leaving Teloum had to be unfounded.

When other countries go straight into wiring the entire city with copper and fibre optics, we are busy to into real estate show.

Imagine the plight of the average CEO or manager who is too busy to ingest all of the literature that has been written about quality.

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