Prepositions after "bustling"

bustling with, in, at, of or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 78% of cases bustling with is used

The rooms are bustling with activity.

The school is bustling with activity.

Bustling with high-tech infrastructure.

They will be bustling with energy to defend and will be ready for the counter attack.

Georgetown is the capital's historic waterfront that today is bustling with activity.

With a famine of green areas in Cairo, Al-Azhar is persistently bustling with activity.

Patong is by far the main tourist area of Phuket and the place is bustling with activity all day and night long.

Puliyankulam and Mankulam towns are being rapidly re-built and were once again bustling with people and vehicles.

But once they started flying, she got scared and ran away! Downtown Boston is always bustling with city trolleys.

Bustling with tech startups and successful IT conglomerates, this garden city is India's answer to Silicon Valley.

In 4% of cases bustling in is used

Relaxation, peacefulness after escaping the bustling in town, we were well fed.

The company's growth in Asia attests, then, to just how much business is bustling in the region.

Those Africans who think that England is a place of leisure and pleasure would be surprised to see people hustling and bustling in the London streets.

This is one signpost that must be missing on Nigerian highways at the moment but then, one does not need a billboard to feel the pulse of a market that is bustling in emptiness.

In 3% of cases bustling at is used

It is busy and bustling at night.

Because the executive staff had a late function at the hotel, which was still bustling at 11 p.

Bustling at lunchtime, the Scarlet Room seems to be a hot favourite amongst Colombo's business community.

Times Square is bustling at all hours, but it is also a great spot to find sales and to get theatre tickets.

A surprising oasis of serenity lies in the middle of a major roads that are perpetually bustling at any given time of the day.

Hustling and bustling at ferry arrival and departure times, full of fruit &; vegetable sellers, coconut vendors and banana stealing goats.

In 3% of cases bustling of is used

The over-eccentric noise and bustling of the over populated city life will greet you while the continuous blabbering of the touts may get on your nerves.

The Appaloosa Villa is set in a pristine location just hidden away from the bustling of local shops, bars &; restaurants yet is near enough to enjoy those facilities with just a short walk.

In 1% of cases bustling about is used

And they don't restrict themselves to these regions, hence their bustling about and mediations, their separate and conflicting policies, because they each defend their own interests.

In 1% of cases bustling along is used

They came bustling along the passage.

This is where many of the people bustling along the Walworth Road actually live.

In 1% of cases bustling around is used

Then is then difficult to retrieve your cases as there are so many people bustling around the luggage belts crammed in to the space and then you shuffle through a very slow customs line.

In 1% of cases bustling by is used

The historic district is bustling by day but nearly deserted at night.

In 1% of cases bustling during is used

The whole place is bustling during the weekend.

Atmosphere: The hotel was not bustling during our September stay.

The news irrigated if poured into a pan of ice, just bustling during the dinner also never abuse the heat, we do not drum up emotions can no longer.

The key city streets which usually remain bustling during office hours wears an empty look as most passenger buses and private cars stay off roads fearing vandalism.

In 1% of cases bustling for is used

The UN is it's basis and Obama is already bustling for position.

With a husband, dual sons and a full-time job, she was too bustling for breast cancer, she said.

I hadn't fully appreciated that the religion was bustling for many years before anything was actually written down, and herein lies our clue.

In 1% of cases bustling from is used

Mary came bustling from behind, trying to peer around him.

In 1% of cases bustling like is used

The provincial market is bustling like the proverbial anthill.

Various vendor booths are very simple, but the audience while not bustling like a exhibition looks like.

In 1% of cases bustling on is used

And he drew deeply on his second wind, bouncing and bustling on the baseline to receive del Potro's serve.

We visited a marketplace in the older part of town, normally bustling on a Thursday afternoon but today most of the shops were shuttered.

It is always bustling on weekends because of the many interesting shops, market, galleries and restaurants as well as the working fishing harbour.

In 1% of cases bustling out is used

Lee (Lee Harvey Oswald) came bustling out of the door to his room, zipping up a light jacket.

However, the CNE is a great urban endeavor to bring people together and create something so bustling out of something that is barren for the rest of the year.

In 1% of cases bustling to is used

This is a medium to large pubs, which covered about twenty bustling to tables, most of which are filled above the table mercenary, only one of them yet.

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