Prepositions after "burning"

burning of, in, at, by or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 90% of cases burning of is used

The burning of the missing limb.

On the back of the burning of the U.

The burning of the efuse with the 2.

The lower leaves (volado) are small and serve primarily for the burning of the cigar.

If contact is made with unclothed skin, searing or burning of the wound edges occurs.

There's a fierceness fo the power of the Light, he says, like the burning of the sun.

This has resulted in almost any instance of a warming planet being the direct consequence of burning of fossil fuel.

Burning of Dhupa denotes that the Lord is all-pervading and that He fills the whole universe by His living presence.

But the plea fell on deaf ears and the UNP adventure ended in disaster with the burning of the Jaffna Public Library.

In fact most historians think that the text originated around 200 BC after the burning of the books by Shih Huang Ti.

In 3% of cases burning in is used

We got word of the burning in Aniston.

Have fun burning in Hell for eternity.

He inhaled and ignored the burning in his lungs.

It was smooth and clean that did not leave an oily burning in the back of your throat.

They also note that land managers have tried to recreate Indian burning in modern days.

Another grand feature is the burning in the rectum, which almost amounts to a tenesmus.

This was very spicy because of the pepper, I had to take a break in between for the burning in my mouth to subside.

III mentions Indian burning in the Blue Mountains of NE Oregon Umatilla or Nez Perce in the early 1850s on page 227.

And I will gladly take that given the burning in my shoulder and lack of swim training (this was my 4th swim all year).

In 1% of cases burning at is used

The first burning at the stake took place on February 4 th 1555.

John's Castle in Limerick City ahead of his Burning at the Stake escape on 15 September next.

Prescribed burning at historical or twice historical levels had no effect on fire or carbon dynamics.

I was picturing an old-school tar-and-feather, unless you'd prefer a ritualistic burning at the stake.

The bloodletting, a maggoty skull, the burning at the stake: all are detailed with an unflinching eye.

Such kiln conditions are likely to be a slow rate of heating of the clinker in the kiln or prolonged burning at high temperature.

The drawing and quartering was discontinued for men but for some reason nobody thought to remove the burning at the stake bit for women.

I know some people think calling Warren Buffet's material irrelevant is blasphemy, and should be followed by a burning at the stake of the offender.

After the execution they complained to King Philip, not about the burning at the stake of the Grand Master of a religious order, but for trespassing.

More favored and reputedly engineered the burning at the stake of Protestant heretics, including William Tyndale, whose most significant act of heresy was translating the Bible into English.

In 1% of cases burning by is used

Also mentions burning by settlers on pages 80-85.

Notes grass burning by the Cahuilla Tribe to kill game animals (Pp.

Notes burning by Rogue River Indians of southwestern Oregon on page 192.

He said that he is a witness in this case, this was a burning by someone else and he believed it to 95%.

When they say Ryan etal (who Benson etal criticise) use the term ' annual burning by aborigines ' what does it mean.

The smog or haze hanging over the city is caused by open burning by citizens, coastal industry and vehicular emissions.

A plain old gun type fission nuclear bomb can be clean burning by comparison due to the higher temperatures and more complete use of the fuel.

Numerous mentions about burning by the Northern Utes in the Great Basin, Hupas of NW California, and the Tohono O'odham of SW Arizona and NW Mexico.

Mentions Indian burning by the Kalapuya Tribe on pages 33, 52, and 69, and give a good description of the burned terrain along the Willamette River and the foothills.

In 1% of cases burning for is used

Caffeine can help with fat burning for energy and fat oxidation.

And his people made no burning for him, like the burning of his fathers.

These gangs keep the separatist ' light ' burning for their own survival.

And that strike that ignites her burning for you is nothing else but your own burning for her.

If a build-up of creosote occurs on the glass it may be due to draft conditions, poor quality fuel or very low burning for a long time.

Some say that milk consumption can increase calorie burning for 30-50%, and some say that if we include 3-4 cups of milk per day in our diet, we can get up to 70% higher level of fat burning.

In 1% of cases burning off is used

On the burning off day, they set fire to the grass.

Whenever your Forex gets on a burning off trend, go out.

Trampolines Trampolining is a fun, modern way to exercise and is especially effective a burning off calories.

It's a burning off thinking, and it also came up with the strangest regarding occasions: Each time a win was on the way.

It'll increase the over-all and also soothe the make-up and all of these so is this: trusted all around the burning off excess fat.

So by burning off these extra 200 calories a day, you are going to be losing approximately 1 pound every two weeks just by eating this way.

This diet is recommended because it stimulates the vital metabolic and hormonal processes which lead to the burning off of the excess fats.

So if you end up a burning off 2000 calories every day you ought to only be consuming 1800 calories every day in order to achieve Weight-loss.

Stay careful, specifically in early stages and never continue to pour cash into a merchant account if all you're discovering can be a burning off game.

Joe Friel describes it as burning matches each time you find yourself pushing to hard its like burning off another match until soon the box will be empty.

In 1% of cases burning on is used

Briefly notes Indian burning on p.

Mentions the Kalapuya Tribe burning on pages 89-92.

Mentions Indian burning on pages 4-6 by citing Lewis and others.

We went along and I started to feel the burning on my shoulders, my lips and throat dried.

The symptoms persisted, especially the sometimes extreme burning on the scalp and in the 3rd eye area.

Prescribed burning on cutovers and even of standing forest is carried out to provide suitable habitats for fire-dependent species.

Some burning on the top of the mouth, but i think that is because my tongue is resting on the top of the mouth because it is swollen.

It also goes in to the consequences of the burning on public heath and the well-being of the jungle, as well as the effects of Amazon fires on climate change.

Mentions Kalapuya Tribe Indian burning on pages 314, 316-323, and 338 in the Willamette Valley and the Coast Range of Oregon by citing sources listed in this compilation.

In 1% of cases burning to is used

He decided not to post the burning to YouTube.

So far there were some 224 garments factories blazed within 1990 to 2012 burning to death about 1000 workers.

I found that the therapy time was significantly longer with the narrow band but far less burning to the rest of my skin.

After a full day shooting, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your photos are safe with our daily backup of digital photos &; complimentary burning to DVD.

Two of the greatest Protestant heroes, Martin Luther and John Calvin were, respectively, virulently anti-Semetic and, at least in part, responsible for the burning to death of a heretic.

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