Prepositions after "bully"

"bully by" or "bully in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 30% of cases bully by is used
    It's simply bullying by the lucky privileged.
    I was bullied by blacks and latinos my childhood.
    EllRay Jakes is tired of being bullied by fellow classmate Jared Matthews.
    Subordinate animals must have an opportunity to escape bullying by dominant animals.
    I went to school and was bullied by such, and rejected their way of life when I grew up.
    Book Description EllRay Jakes is tired of being bullied by fellow classmate Jared Matthews.
    It was like a kid being bullied by a small gang and then having his four older brothers rock up to kick their asses.
    At the same time, as with the shooting down of the Turkish jet, it has to show that it will not be bullied by Turkey.
    She is first bullied by and then forms an unlikely friendship with Donna, loud and uncouth but fundamentally good-hearted.
    And worse still, they were bullied by the Ryanair staff who acted as if they were on some kind of bonus to penalise passengers.

    In 20% of cases bully in is used
    Physical bullying in the workplace may breach the HSE.
    I struggled to believe that I could be bullied in this way.
    I recall being bullied in grade school and it was a horrible time for me.
    Here's a bit from my interview with Ryan about autobiography and bullying in his comics.
    Well, with all due respect, genocide can begin with bullying in a high school court yard.
    I was badly bullied in primary school, and I always thought I'd gotten over it pretty well.
    The Trades Union Congress (TUC) worksmart website also has useful information on bullying in the workplace at www.
    Sadly, children can be witness to bullying in their home lives, through media and around the world (war is the result).
    Her name is Kotani Nobuko, a girl who has no self confidence at all and is content at being made fun of and bullied in school.
    This was not a case of bullying in the workplace, but rather an example of a failed and dysfunctional workplace relationship.

    In 14% of cases bully at is used
    Janet says: ' I was bullied at school.
    He is either bullied at school or completely stupid.
    bullying Your employer should protect you from being bullied at work.
    A research finds 54 percent of Asian-American students have been bullied at schools, 38.
    Mikel obi -------very though this afternoon and never bullied at all by the strong stoke side.
    All of us have encountered a bully or victim of bullying at some point in our lives, maybe even first hand.
    Ethnic minorities are denied equal education opportunities, and ethnic minority kids are discriminated against and bullied at schools.
    Girls -- 31 per cent of them -- were also more likely to report being victims of bullying at school, as opposed to 26 per cent of boys.
    To cleanse the floor of venomous slurs and remedy bullying at the root, start with a careful reassessment of your own at-work behaviour.
    bullying at the work place is not tolerated (do nt get me wrong it still happens) and if it does happen there are avenues for a worker to go and get help.

    In 13% of cases bully into is used
    Ross: You got bullied into that courtroom, Danny, by everyone.
    They laugh when gay children and killed or bullied into suicide.
    You got bullied into that courtroom by the memory of a dead lawyer.
    The public would be bullied into doing what the great and good wanted.
    Now our home is being sold and I'd panicking as I know I'll be bullied into a move I don't want.
    I understand the anger many people feel at being duped, ignored, or (worst) bullied into silence.
    China does not want to appear it is being bullied into changing its policies, economic or otherwise.
    Posted by Lisa Kaiser on Thursday, Nov 8, 2012 1:40 PM (EDT ): Savvy, No one is being bullied into anything.
    I no longer have to make excuses not to see her, or feel cross that I've been bullied into yet another night out I don't want to have.
    If Britain had been bullied into providing funds for yet another bailout, the PM would have faced a revolt from the Eurosceptic wings of his backbenches.

    In 6% of cases bully for is used
    He was severely bullied for it.
    She points to Steven, a teen who'd been bullied for years.
    It does appear that he is being bullied for that prime real estate.
    When we blame bullying for these suicides we make the bullies our victims.
    The young Greenidge found it hard in England often being bullied for his skin colour and strong accent.
    I was a fairly cute looking, but overweight child, who was frequently bullied for the way I looked and this led to the insecurities I have today.

    In 5% of cases bully from is used
    And we the people have been subjected to bullying from this group of criminals for more then a decade.
    In addition, they may be subject to harassment and bullying from colleagues because of their low status or because they are new.
    Recognising Workplace bullying Introduction It can be difficult to distinguish workplace bullying from a mere personality clash.

    In 3% of cases bully as is used
    They consistently describe bullying as involving repeated actions which are intimidating and distressing.

    In 2% of cases bully on is used
    What would you do as a middle-aged woman seeing a guy being obviously bullied on TV? Pick up the phone and vote to save him.
    bullying on the Internet Because of technology, almost everything that is normally done in the real world is now possible online.
    But my students are in constant trouble for texting in class or bullying on the internet, then in spirals out of control into school.

    In 1% of cases bully after is used
    Amanda Todd was repeatedly bullied after making a mistake at twelve years old.

    In 1% of cases bully to is used
    The Court found that her complaints clearly and unequivocally brought the issue of bullying to the employer's attention.

    In 1% of cases bully off is used
    He got bullied off the ball too much.

    In 1% of cases bully inside is used
    And c'm on, anyone who denies that there is bullying inside a military camp is outright lying.

    In 1% of cases bully between is used
    Annie Kidder, executive director of the group People for Education, says the report shows the differences in bullying between genders and the need for different.

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