Prepositions after "bullish"

"bullish on" or "bullish about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 54% of cases bullish on is used

More people are bullish on stocks.

So I am very bullish on the market.

I am mainly bullish on commodities.

Since March of 2009 we have been and continue to be immediate term bullish on stocks.

Since I worry that it will be a Great Disorder, I remain very bullish on safe havens.

But we remain very bullish on the fundamental long term macro economic story in China.

We are bullish on the social gaming market since it doesn't require heavy development costs like traditional games.

Carlson is very bullish on the initiative and over the last couple of years has seen it grow traction and momentum.

Given a similar setup today on Intel or some other stock I was bullish on I'd probably put the same trade on again.

I wish I could be more bullish on it -- I'd love to have the same opportunity to do what we do here back in London.

In 22% of cases bullish about is used

Marino is very bullish about Africa.

And you can be quite bullish about it.

Gratton's job to be bullish about metals.

We feel bullish about the opportunities in the renewable energy front in Sri Lanka.

In an interview in July, CEO Morgan Guenther was bullish about the Windows 8 platform.

There are still enough reasons to remain nervously bullish about current market trends.

Although we're extremely bullish about HTML5, there remain limits on what can be accomplished with it right now.

Keeping in mind that this is the ' year of the ear ' (according to Mary Meeker ), I am also bullish about voice.

We are bullish about the Nigerian stock market in the medium to long term (9-12 months+) premised on facts above.

The island is bullish about its tourism prospects and is encouraging the export of labor to boost forex earnings.

In 10% of cases bullish for is used

Which is bullish for London property.

This is mildly bullish for CPO prices.

This, then, is bullish for Treasuries (i.

A break above 2,240 would probably be medium-term bullish for the Shanghai Composite.

Those bullish for gold ignore the fact that gold does not earn an income or pay a dividend.

SXX ended bullish for the day but jeez the resistance in this range is a tough nut to crack.

When the Chikou Span or lagging line is in undefended territory above the cloud, it is bullish for the currency pair.

That question of re-building stocks is what's likely going to keep a would-be bear market bullish for quite some time.

However, if the trouble flares up again, more supply disruption from South Africa would be bullish for platinum prices.

Much like in 2011, this will have an impact on markets, and should prove bullish for Treasuries, according to Barclays.

In 5% of cases bullish in is used

I'd very bullish in what we're doing.

Sentiment is very bullish in this sector.

Too bullish in risking other peoples money.

Alex Ward is even more bullish in his dismissal of standard racing game progression structures.

SM Investments remains bullish in its outlook for the next three years due to a growing economy.

However, the current administration is very bullish in changing the face of Philippine education.

We remain bullish in gold's outlook, expecting it to reach 2000 by the middle of next year and then higher in 2014.

The stock market was very bullish in early 1992 with the State Bank general index of share prices increasing from 393.

So I suppose one might say that I am slowly becoming more bullish in very specific areas and that this is a matter of price.

The current interpretation of the real POG bodes well for the underlying cyclical or intermediate term trend which turned bullish in May.

In 2% of cases bullish with is used

Furthermore, with foreign investors remaining bullish with inflows being a record Rs.

He is also not shy of hard work, can be quite bullish with the ball in his hand and is willing to bowl at any time at either end.

We understood the severe market decline but could not get bullish with the P/E ratio still above 25 based on the S &P; 500 last 12 months earnings.

One such trade idea would be a ' buy ' in Hindustan Unilever in the range of 528 to 532, place a stop loss at 522 and trade bullish with target of 560 for the next 10 to 12 sessions.

In 1% of cases bullish at is used

People will be most bullish at 52 week highs and most bearish at 52 week lows.

The reality is Hussman, I, and Rosenberg were bullish at the March 2009 bottom.

Sentiment on Friday, as gauged by the put-call ratio, ended overly bullish at 0.

Sentiment on Wednesday, according to the put-call ratio, ended overly bullish at 0.

Certainly the daily chart is still bullish at the moment, though not particularly strong.

Industrial investors continue to be most optimistic, with Christchurch industrial investors the most bullish at 51%.

It is hard to be bullish at this stage in the rally, especially given the sharp corrections and jerky nature of the pullback.

Summing up, the case for the USD Index is now slightly more bearish than not, and the implications for the precious metals are bullish at this time.

Most retail investors get it wrong at both major ends of a cycle -- they are almost all very bullish at the top (late 2010, early 2011) and very bearish at the bottom (May-June-July, 2012).

The Bangladesh opening batsman was bullish at the end of the fourth day's play, confident that his team would emerge comfortable winners because Zimbabwe's bowlers pose no threat to their line-up.

In 1% of cases bullish during is used

The stock of Hexaware Technologies has been bullish during the past few weeks.

Read more THE Philippines ' automotive industry remains bullish during the three quarters of 2012 as the Association of Vehicle Importers and Distributors, Inc.

In 1% of cases bullish from is used

One can of course blame me for not being bullish from 1266 to 1460.

So, I am not that bullish from current levels and that is reflected in the portfolios.

The CME Group cut margins on gold and silver futures contracts in a bid to ignite trading interest which is bullish from a contrarian perspective.

This year, the market has been bullish from the start and the crisis in the Middle East and the North African countries threaten to perpetuate the hardening sentiment.

Readings from the weekly and daily indicators showed that the FBM KLCI is still bullish from the weekly perspective, while from the daily perspective it might continue to consolidate.

In 1% of cases bullish of is used

Most bullish of all, CS First Boston reiterated a strong buy.

This can only be extremely bullish of precious metals and commodities in the long run.

Even footballers, traditionally the most bullish of people, have caught the apology virus.

In 1% of cases bullish over is used

We remain optimistic that gold will either bounce here at the 50 dma of $1720 or at a retest of the 200 dma of $1662, which would still be bullish over all.

In 1% of cases bullish to is used

Accordingly, we turn from bullish to bearish over Intraday basis.

Recently, markets seem to lurch from bullish to bearish in a more exaggerated fashion than ever.

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