Prepositions after "broken"

broken down, in, up, of or into?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 54% of cases broken down is used

A LOT of broken down motorbikes.

Who spoke of broken down angels.

All the machinery was broken down.

A clinging soul to a broken down vine, About fit to drop, like a swan that is dying.

It was a pipe leak, now it is a broken down water dam and we all watch the city flood.

About 5km out of town we saw an ominous sign - the back end of a broken down Mitsubishi.

He takes buys a broken down business, sells off the parts, and crushes whatever is left (including the employees).

After negotiation, a budget is then arrived at broken down line by line in a similar fashion to the above listing.

But they should stay on paper, before we're left with nothing but a broken down yard filled with desperate children.

They could find no buildings that were safe to sleep in, and so they had to settle in an abandoned, broken down bus.

In 7% of cases broken in is used

Wear comfortable broken in shoes.

Then I? ll bend them where I want them to broken in.

In fact, Jesus Christ remains broken in the Eucharist.

Her heart ws broken in so many ways pain, loss, regret, ddnt know which piece to pick up.

Don't take new walking shoes! Who need blisters, a nice broken in pair works much better.

But after one week of wear and tear, the silicone becomes softer as its broken in from frequent use.

He is not more full of skill than sympathy, ' He healed the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds ' (Psalm 147:3).

There have been a fair few broken in the intervening 30 years and many of the records and averages are now unrecognizable.

And so there's something very broken in the justice system now, you know, when it comes to protecting cyclists and pedestrians.

But the system is very, very broken in the humanities and so-called soft areas because society simply is not getting value for money.

In 7% of cases broken up is used

For some reason, the words are broken up.

Stuffing is made out of fresh broken up bread.

Shortly after, I found out Finch had broken up.

I am much more interested in the Aunt/friend, the husband and wife and the broken up lovers.

Like some broken up Maltesers, or chocolate, or the juice and rind of a lemon, or a shot of Bailey's.

So far Argentina prefers to drive one way only! 64 Simon68 (# )? The Sao Paolo is a sister ship of the broken up 25 de Mayo.

If you prefer, you can use your broken up soapnut shells to make soapnut powder or liquid, have a look at our ' Soapnut Recipe.

Do not hesitate to break up the soap nuts into smaller pieces if desired, or be concerned if they are broken up while handling.

Covered in moss, the broken up blocks that made up the steps were only held in place by the tufts of grass growing around them.

In 5% of cases broken of is used

You see that God takes the most broken of us and restores us.

We had nothing damaged or broken of which we are very grateful.

Thankfully the Broken of Britain have put together a cohesive response.

Add blueberries or corn kernels to cornbread, or jams and sprinkles to cookies for the broken of taste.

It is when we are humbled and broken of our own power that God can then show Himself strong on our behalf.

Include blueberries or corn kernels to cornbread, or jams and sprinkles to desserts for any broken of flavoring.

I met Karen in October 2010, during the founding of The Broken of Britain, a social media based disability rights campaign.

A tireless campaigner for disability rights who has been a pioneer in online campaigning via her blog, The Broken of Britain.

The Broken of Britain evolved on social media, primarily Twitter in those first shocked days after the Comprehensive Spending Review.

I understand and accept that there is beauty in the breakdown and sometimes the most electrifying art comes from the most broken of souls.

In 4% of cases broken for is used

We are never too broken for God to fix.

But, I know I'd too broken for such things.

When, my heart got broken for the last time, I was just so afraid to cry.

Pro perks were way too broken for their own good, and made the game stale.

They had a sign and said let us know if there was a problem but the 2 toilets remained broken for out entire visit.

They could never become broken for you, nay they could never allow themselves to be spit upon whilst they lay dying.

Today it emerged that Holmes is claiming her marriage to Cruise was ' irretrievably ' broken for at least six months.

We put our faith in this illusion and yet by doing so we denied our own humanity, one that allows us to become broken for each other if only we had faith.

The remaining 79 percent of unwanted cables, motherboards, and TVs are too ancient or too broken for anything beyond tossing individual parts into scrap bins.

Check your site for broken links, not having links that work will have a negative effect on your sites ranking if the lcheap nfl jerseysinks stay broken for a period of time.

In 4% of cases broken into is used

Makes getting broken into seem like a much bigger problem.

So when your car gets broken into you stop even calling it in.

Our door looked as if it had been broken into several times before.

It is most likely broken into bite-size pieces, encouraging us to eat more.

The Diner gets broken into and trashed, Liam suspects Jamie could have something to do with it.

While they are play- acting the theater manager comes in and discovers that they have ' broken into his theater again.

The sprint is China remains independent with a semi-gold backed yuan, or its broken into pieces a la - Warring States.

This film in broken into three parts, before Kevin's birth, while Kevin is growing up and of course the aftermath of his actions.

Despite all his musical talents however, Frank hadn't quite broken into the mainstream consciousness in the months leading up to Channel Orange ' s release.

In 3% of cases broken by is used

Then what IF Bruce gets broken by Bane.

This sentence may be corrupt, as its syntax appears to broken by the second clause.

I swear things jut throw themselves on the floor out of sheer dread of getting broken by me.

If you really are well-meaning and are genuinely trying to stop atheism from getting broken by huge fights.

The reason is either because the row gets broken by the pillars or because it was the area where the shoes were placed.

I work my way aft to have a look at the stern and gun, then forward along the port side until it becomes broken by torpedo damage.

The rush defense when wrongly applied is very risky though, especially when the line gets broken by somebody running up to quickly.

In 3% of cases broken off is used

Sea urchins: If you step on one, pull out broken off spines.

Ed also comically clangs Ling in the face with his broken off automail arm.

The root is holy, the branches are holy, some of the branches are broken off.

I only had a scope at that time to take out some broken off cartilage, but nothing else.

The orange ball had 2 smaller fainter metorites following it, assuming broken off pieces.

The upper block appears to be broken off from above and is marked with a sunrise or a rainbow symbol.

Adding an extra arc of trees that explicitly represents a broken off part of the circle leaves the unbroken part unchanged.

These congealed masses may have broken off from the heart and gotten to the blood supply of the heart, resulting in the condition.

Hence the reference is not to some of the broken off branches in whose place the Gentiles were grafted, but to????????????????) Lit.

There are several types on the market and they can of course be used to remove bolts or screws with broken off heads privided you can get on the shaft of the fixing.

In 2% of cases broken at is used

It was very broken at the time I entered.

But that belief, that theory, now lies broken at our feet.

The ceiling will go from broken at 8000? to broken at 700?

His heart was very broken at the moment, considering that he was a stammerer and also the difficulties he had gone through.

Another strong burst knocked the 6-foot-5 Berdych off-balance as he was about to serve to begin the third, and he wound up getting broken at love.

In 2% of cases broken to is used

And the idea that we have mandatory re-education for copyright just seems broken to me.

I prefer the previous one, with your imaginary switch mode from broken to proper English.

The word ' dalit ' is derived from the Sanskrit word for ' ground, ' ' suppressed, ' ' crushed, ' or ' broken to pieces.

In 1% of cases broken after is used

Turns out they were never quite broken after all.

One feels broken after making so much effort and find that nothing was of any use.

In 1% of cases broken during is used

Tape breakage: Your backup tape gets broken during the backup and you send it offsite without noticing.

And while it's generally been true that this conversation has been all kinds of broken during much of the web's history, the truth is, it needn't be that way.

If you want to broken during adult phone sex because this is the best way through which you can be aroused, the site named afore is the best source you can trust for this.

In 1% of cases broken from is used

Natasha with her powerful and deepest vocals cries her heart out and tells every one how she feels broken from inside.

But (and this is very big but) the matching making system in its current form seems to be mildy broken from my experience of it.

In 1% of cases broken on is used

Shockingly, the Ravens Coaches have acknowledged that the offense is flat out broken on the road.

Because although Glenn did not die that day, lying broken on the road while his killer drove away in her SUV, he very well could have.

Some links so I don't have to do the whole copy-paste thing, especially if a long URL ends up broken on two lines and I have to deal with multi-line paste problem.

The largest obelisk, which was 35 metres long and weighed 500 tons, is the biggest piece of stone ever cut by humanity anywhere in the world but today it lies broken on the ground.

In 1% of cases broken over is used

He MUCH prefers broken over proud.

But he could not bear to see the long, military body lying broken over the tree-base, the fine fingers crisped.

We had all together 33,000 glasses, our breakage has been minimum we have 50 glasses of broken over the three days of work.

In 1% of cases broken with is used

Now everything seems broken with 0.

You want her broken with her mouth wide open ' cause she's this year's girl.

Christians should not be beating up the broken with threats; that IS bullying.

It was this kind of symmetry that the faithful Northenders hoped to see broken with a much desired victory.

His family is all sorts of broken with step-this and step-that and every little division has their own Christmas.

My heart was quite broken with grief, and my thoughts went back continually to those from whom I had been so suddenly parted.

I am not a stranger to kindness; We're the broken with Your life inside us You have brought Your gospel to me, And I breathe it every day.

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