Prepositions after "broad"

broad in, of, for, to or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases broad in is used

He isn't so broad in the flesh.

He replied: The matter is broad in scope.

Graeme's altruism was broad in its scope.

The Milky Way is brightest and broadest in the east toward Scorpius and Sagittarius.

Generally things will start out broad in scope, further refinement of the focus of the.

It certainly needs to be sufficiently broad in the terms of reference to allow an efficient examination of the facts.

In other words, it is an engagement that is broader in scope, participatory in nature and localised in its context.

Anthropological work is broad in scope and includes academic research, teaching, consultancies and public commentary.

While larger and broader in scope than any existing service program, there are many precedents for this kind of aid.

In 13% of cases broad of is used

The audience was the broadest of groupings.

Even the broadest of broad money isn't free.

I hope they fix this soon, too broad of a change.

Saying you want to get organized isn't enough and is probably a bit too broad of a goal.

I don't think any of us expected Red Nose Studio to have this broad of a reach, although.

Frankly speaking, once firstly nominated and elected as one of the broad of directors in FCSE, I was really stressed.

For the last time the fact I quoted was not wrong, whether it's broad of exact the following sub terms are in proportion.

Ethnicity in Congo operates on a number of levels, the broadest of which is the country's four vehicular language zones.

In 10% of cases broad for is used

It seems too complex and very broad for me.

It seems too complex and really broad for me.

With broad for fred if he doesn't pull through.

The history of the hat is much too long and broad for me to discuss in one little guest post.

My shoulders are broad for your nonsense but do not dare to do anything to my child or my staff.

The horizon is broad for Levek, and what has always been a solo project may be welcoming more members.

By brooks too broad for leaping The lightfoot boys are laid; The rose-lipt girls are sleeping In fields where roses fade.

The smile of satisfaction was broad for a man who had tears in his eyes when delivering some motivational words before kick-off.

Joel is smooth but you have the GRUNT that made us all fall for Dane so do me a favor and ditch the broad for a couple of events.

Write a letter to the newspaper (they don't have to print offensive ads -- the First Amendment is not so broad for paid, commercial speech).

In 5% of cases broad at is used

Her arm strokes grew broad at vigorous lines.

I'd sorry my ideas are very broad at the moment, I would be grateful for any suggestions.

The Pyramid Face of the Fire or Sun type is broad at the base and narrow at the forehead.

The river is broad at this point with a brisk flow and has an average depth of approximately one meter.

The inner (western) is 10 feet deep, 9 feet broad at the bottom, and 30 feet at the top, cut into drift and shale rock.

A flat-top setting grows broader at the top so that a faceted stone can be inserted into the ring at the broadest part.

Typical features: triple peacomb or walnut combtype (and anything between ), pearlish eyes, delta-shaped beak (small and broad at base).

Male, green underbody, wings mole, tipped with yellow, broad at base, gradually growing smaller until the head feathers, as close as can be.

In 5% of cases broad to is used

The brushwork is broad to the point of slapdash.

The topic ' illusions ' is far too broad to be very useful.

Linus seems to be thinking broader to their product offering.

Slow cooker, operation and kraken group were broad to the record of transacting the health.

The rule is called ' leathan le leathan, caol le caol ' (broad to broad, slender to slender).

Another one is inheritance that propagates characteristics from broader to narrower concepts.

In any case, Article 21 (a) (ii) seems pretty broad to me so I would not be surprised if the governments used it as an excuse.

Even more, a successful change campaign includes effective new training programs, typically staged from the broad to the specific.

The topoi are especially helpful when you are asked to explore a topic that seems very broad to you - for example, the topic of alcoholism.

In 5% of cases broad with is used

He's big and broad with a mega-watt smile.

The leaves are broad with pale silvery undersides.

Reactive and narrow rather than broad with perspective.

Instead of going deep with more charts and tables about sales, try going broad with context.

Usher Usher Usher For you to be hanging with this broad with 3 kids, the coochie must still be tight.

Hands The shape of the hands is very noticeable in ML II; the hands are short and broad with stubby fingers.

The highways that radiate from Tottenville are much like those of today, except that they are broader with hardly any curves.

I generally feel we ought to be as generous and broad with our recognition of our fellow humans ' rights as possible, that's all.

While the divide is seldom etched in black and white, the social costs of the conflict mean that the grey areas grow broader and broader with time.

Naturally the sonic palette is a lot broader with electronics, but if you want to make music that's approachable you don't want to get too experimental.

In 3% of cases broad as is used

The reasons are very broad as to why.

If you? re serious, the education is broad as the universe.

His personality and his legacy is as tall and broad as the Himalayas 6.

Deep as the ocean, broad as the infinite skies, that is the sort of heart we want.

The base of the rear rims is going to be much broader as the front rims will guide the vehicle.

The long and pointed beak has the lower mandible flattened and broad as a tray to keep prey securely.

The long and pointed beak has a lower mandible that is flat and broad as a tray to keep prey securely.

Construct the research process broader as well as gather all of the obtainable info connecting for your MBA dissertation subject.

Strength in the dollar indicates trouble for equity markets while at the same time, most benchmark, broader as well as sectoral indices have not violated their short-term trend deciders.

In 2% of cases broad across is used

Maybe a bit broader across the cheekbone area.

It is a pleasure to survey, extensive and broad across the Cotes d'Or.

Taller, broader across the shoulders with an air of danger that simmered around him.

It was a slightly strangely built fish -- very long, not very deep but extremely broad across the shoulders.

Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana -- One Leg Dog While in downward dog feel the hips broad across the sacrum and even as you exhale lift one leg up off the ground extending it straight out behind you.

In 2% of cases broad like is used

I just wish the limits were a little broader like Shenmue.

Her pain is deep and broad like an ocean, and that's not remotely a joke.

No man would touch an old broad like blacktigershark and her type in Canada.

In that sense, I don't feel how big and broad like the rest of the cast is like I did in the other two shows.

Could be something very specific like people who list Labor under political choice, or something really broad like everyone in Canberra.

Purpose If your group? s common purpose is something broad like? affordable housing,? you need specific, realistic goals that lead in that direction.

You may have noticed that in the three other pairs one con-cept is abstract and broad like knowl-edge while the other is more spe-cific like inter-dis-ci-pli-nar-ity.

We all know how this setup works, don't we? In Lego-kit Hollywood, a merrily cynical, sexually available broad like Farmiga's Alex is doomed to end up revealing herself as a bitch or a head case.

In 2% of cases broad on is used

Submitted by can be a pushy broad on Fri, 11/16/2012 - 4:25pm.

Submitted by can be a pushy broad on Tue, 09/04/2012 - 7:44pm.

Acton's political conscience was also very broad on the side technically called moral.

He went on and on, as smiles grew broader on all sides of the house and Gerry attempted to keep up.

The spot consists of a narrow field perhaps 400 yards long, and, though very irregular, fifty broad on an average.

This time Mujib became well known as his coverage in Radio, TV as well as newspapers became broad on a daily basis.

Both wings have a whitish submarginal fascia consisting of double internervular white spots which are broader on the hindwing.

Do you really want to see LeBron or Wade take down some broad on a hard foul? And it comes down to this: boys &; girls are different.

If the sign of the gradient is flipped, the sign of the skewness is reversed (the tail would be broader on the left side rather than the right side of Fig.

In 1% of cases broad about is used

And they wear all broad about it and I respected them so much for that.

She doesn't have to be a broad about it, but at least she can make her amorous intention clear and save face.

In 1% of cases broad by is used

The term is fairly broad by the way.

Meanwhile, the definition of what is offensive on these subjects gets broader by the news cycle.

The instrument rises from an oblong pediment serving as a base, and which measures 11 inches broad by rather more than 6 inches wide.

In 1% of cases broad from is used

I used to put it to a broad from Wawa-strawberry blonde and Yes she was friendly.

Our knowledge grows broader and broader from the first impulse born in ignorance.

New South Wales climate is broad from the mild Sydney weather to the dry heat of the bush in the north western corner of the state.

Thus, my exposure to different theology was surprisingly broad from an early age, fostering a great appreciation for the differences.

It versions inches broad from your tummy, higher leg and butt which are tricky locations to cut down undesirable human body bodyweight.

And my forehead appears broad from the front but I don't lnow why but i keep lifting my head but when i do, my forehead looks so tiny like i do nt have a forehead.

In 1% of cases broad rather is used

Per my new post, I like to make the solution broader rather than deeper.

Therefore it is useful to have a broad rather than narrow definition of mental health problems.

The rustics seem rather more boorish than one might like, and in general the playing was broad rather than subtle.

These guidelines have been written with these great diversities in mind and, as a consequence, are broad rather than specific.

The NLSCY captures the experience of growing up in Canada in a holistic way, with the content of the survey being broad rather than concentrating on any one area.

Wouldn't the seed of Israeli nationalism be Herzl's vision of Zion? (I have a broad rather than detailed understanding of nationalism and of Herzl's concept of Zion.

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