Prepositions after "bright"

bright for, in, with, of or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases bright for is used

Things are still bright for Kos.

The future is very bright for me.

It was too bright for me to sleep.

But to me the wedding feast was all the brighter for the thought that in a distant.

The future looks bright for the same Maori activism which brought about these changes.

We have a great chance like always and I feel the future is bright for the black stars.

The solar powered house numbers are also incredible because they can stay bright for hours after the sun goes down.

He has helped the team develop into a strong position and things are looking brighter for Mercedes in the future.

And although chances are bright for some of the Indians this time, one can never predict until the results are out.

The white test car ’ s tan-and-brown intimate is attractive, but a tad bright for an entry-level luxury car.

In 19% of cases bright in is used

It's real bright in that doorway.

Their eyes bright in their skulls.

It was still bright in the evening.

The gas giant Jupiter is just above Venus and although bright in its own right at mag.

Portuguese architecture is detailed and often elaborate in design and bright in color.

Window draperies for the living-room should always be bright in color and serviceable.

Paper quality also improved over time, particularly use of photos were more clearer and brighter in later annuals.

What it does: Contrast is usually set extremely high by default because it makes images look brighter in the store.

I hadn't seen them this bright in some time, the celestial vanilla swirls were washed out by the lights of the Strip.

Had a Tudor Red one which looked brighter in sunlight but definitely was more of an ' oxblood ' color in the shade.

In 14% of cases bright with is used

His face is bright with respect.

The future is bright with that one.

Light, bright with dashes of colour.

It was bright with creepers, and the landlady was a clean old woman and took my eye.

Lively, focused, citrussy and bright with some richness of texture and nice acidity.

Shining bright with the three stripes, the gold SprintFrame is the pillar of support.

Thus, planets like 47 Ursae Majoris b or upsilon Andromedae d would be bright with bands of white and muted blues.

Sarah1s face was flushed with pleasure, her eyes bright with excitement, and she appeared altogether effervescent.

It is said that education opens many windows into our heart and mind which tend to get brighter with time passing.

Large ball very bright with bright orange tail which appeared to have smaller balls falling back from the main mass.

In 10% of cases bright of is used

The brightest of these is Procyon.

Not the brightest of sparks this fella.

Jupiter is the brighter of the two planets.

One night, Ibrahim also selected the brightest of all the stars for his observation.

However, if that is the case then the Presiding officer is the brightest of them all.

Shaula is the brighter of the two stars forming the sting in the tail of the Scorpion.

Mathare started the brighter of the two sides and curved out the first real chance of the game after eight minutes.

The two brightest stars in the sky are also visible this time of year- Sirius the brightest of them all and Canopus.

This is a Book that has been read in solitude, in gatherings, in the darkest of nights, and in the brightest of days.

Brightest of them all is the International Space Station, a colossal orbiting outpost the size of a dozen tennis courts.

In 5% of cases bright as is used

It was as bright as a firework.

It appeared to be as bright as a star.

It was as bright as a full moon if not brighter.

With magnitudes -4 and +1 respectively, Venus will be 100 times as bright as the star.

In fact all of us wish many of our components to become bright as well as long lasting.

Bright as a button: A person who is as bright as a button is very intelligent or smart.

It was very bright, about as bright as the moon and appeared round, it was white with an orange, red and white tail.

The surface brightness of the Moon is not uniform and hence a quarter phase Moon is not half as bright as a Full Moon.

And it was the English who started the brighter as an early try left both the Irish team and my q ueasy self reeling.

And overhead, growing larger and brighter as the earth rolled on its way and the night passed, rose the dazzling star.

In 5% of cases bright at is used

You are not bright at all to know it.

Some faces will be bright at that day.

It's not looking too bright at the minute.

Mercury is brightest at the start of the period of evening appearances of the planet.

I was never that bright at School, yet had friends who messed about yet passed the exams.

Read more This week will be mild with rain at times but turning brighter at the weekend.

One must be clever, clear, bright at any price: any concession to the instincts, to the unconscious, leads downward.

It showed me my future was bright at that time, not just in track but school, football, whatever it is I wanted to do.

Two first half own goals, cheap fouls and sloppy defending continue to punish a squad that has looked bright at times.

It'll be very bright at many (all?) wavelengths, shooting beams of ejected matter / energy at extremely high velocities and more.

In 5% of cases bright on is used

O the moon shone bright on Mrs.

It was warm and bright on the roof.

It seems too bright on my pale skin.

A good pair of sunglasses is always needed as the Sun is really bright on a clear sky.

Immediately before that I released the cassette tape Sun's Too Bright on Burger Records.

The rose mountain is really pink in color at a distance when the sun shines bright on it.

A tough cookie, is our Cutler, with an entrance to Honolulu Heights that will burn bright on memories of this series.

The future of Dancehall is bright on the continent of Africa because Silver Star will continue to push the great music.

Although it was definitely brightest on her cheek, it wasn't HUGELY bright, just brighter than the rest of the scene.

Partly because we like her dresses - not for J-Lo a boring black dress, she favours a bright on her recent trip to Brazil.

In 3% of cases bright like is used


And his eyes were bright like flames of fire.

This way your heart can be clear and bright like a jewel.

Yeah, our eyes shine bright like a sky full of comets That shoot like silver trains.

All but one of Chaucer's portraits are clear and bright like profiles on a sunny day.

When choosing an eyeshadow color should avoid anything too bright like white or silver.

Shine bright like a diamond Maribel &; Saharah - I salute you guys for being so determined in joining us again this FA.

Him I call indeed a Brahmana who is bright like the moon, pure, serene, undisturbed, and in whom all gaiety is extinct.

I should now make an offering to the Buddha Virtue Pure and Bright Like the Sun and Moon, and to the Dharma Flower Sutra.

When you're comfortable in your own skin, that shines bright like a beacon to those around you, even in the online spheres.

In 2% of cases bright to is used

The future looks pretty bright to me.

Blow the egg bright to a lighting foam.

Mostly bright to middling, overcast brightness.

Lee dated February 8, 1978 and a letter from Bright to John Backus dated February 2, 1978.

WASP 12b is as hot as the filament in a light bulb, and would be blazing bright to our eyes.

The colours yellow, green and black, used in the three dominant images range from bright to dark.

Tiny Venus covers a small fraction of the solar disk, so the sun is still painfully bright to the human eye even at mid-transit.

The opposite is true of a sunset; the sky gradually dims from bright to dark with the horizon turning red and orange as the sun sets.

Anyway on the way to the office I had a bright idea (well, it seemed bright to me) re meeting up with someone I've known for 39 years.

We could actually observe the camera changing the scene mode from Backlight to Twilight as you move it from a bright to a dark subject.

In 2% of cases bright from is used

And the Shine So Bright from Lush.

They weren't super bright from where I was.

Their faces were animated and bright from the fruitful conversation.

And the future's bright from a group that group bring back the running game and invest there.

What about the future of Argentina basketball? Is it bright from what you know? Marcelo Nicola: Yes.

Sacks ' general humanity in general and particularly for his patients glimmered bright from every page.

These will be best seen before the sky gets too bright from the rising sun, say 40 minutes or more before the sun rises.

We need to close that gap with Australia if we are going to keep our best and our brightest from fleeing this nation.

It means it's bright from the past 110 years or so and completed millions of hours giving light without being turned off except a couple of times.

It used to be optional and only for the purpose of selecting the bright from underprivileged areas for better educational facilities in the cities.

In 1% of cases bright without is used

Should be nice and bright without any discharges - Nose.

The clock display is easily read and bright without being blindingly so.

Because the stars at night just aren't as big and bright without it, obviously.

Turn away and face the light your life is brighter without him to cloud your days.

Will generally squeeze up to F+ F#? favoured by soloists, bright without being shrill.

But not much of a critical thinker, frankly not terribly bright without an instruction manual.

So far, in this book, the girl is sweet, a bit timid, bright without being annoying, and has a good reason for wishing to be left alone.

The new lighting used in the research supposedly is bright without overpowering individuals with brightness, according to the researchers.

The model shown here, the Porta iPhone case by Calvin Klein, available at Avenue 32, is sleek, elegant, and bright without being too flashy.

Can someone with a television record it? I threw my television out of the window about 6-7 years ago - life is so much brighter without one.

In 1% of cases bright after is used

Maybe he isn't very bright after all.

Basically, the future looks bright after all.

The garden was fresh and bright after the rain.

The time of this wuqoof is from the break of the morning till is bright after the sun-rise.

Kirlian photographs show the aura to be significantly brighter after a 15 minute exposure period.

Her own future looks brighter after getting a sought after government job working in agriculture.

At least Apple's economy is looking brighter after this massive purchase which was done through dealer insight UK.

Saw about 2 head to near earth over Eastbourne town and 3 more head straight across sky, 2 still bright after passing.

These images are nice because they illustrate the lovely creamy white colour of the paper, still bright after 145 years.

Atletico were brighter after the interval with Falcao going near with a header and then narrowly failing to meet a cross at close range.

In 1% of cases bright under is used

Now today, it looks bright under the blue sky.

The future seemed bright under Scolari and the team were top of the league and playing well.

Perhaps that's why it seemed so endlessly bright under the empty blue skies of North Africa.

His foot snags on a root and he is caught, trembling, in the stream, his eyes wide and bright under the water.

What you don't do is bother discussing whether the future for Libya and its people will be brighter under a democracy, if they create make a working one.

It was so bright under the casino canopies on Fremont Street that his father remarked this was the only place in the world where you could read a newspaper at midnight without flipping a switch.

In 1% of cases bright through is used

The sun was bright through her apartment windows.

Now the stars were very bright through the glass.

It was morning and the sun was shining bright through her window.

The truth of the word of God shines so much brighter through the refinery of affliction.

But this relinquishing of hope was made bright through the Christian teachings on charity.

The ocean gleams bright through the large open windows that stretch the length of the restaurant.

The school homework Fortunately, the most difficult for small bright through the national English exam, the only way to get a degree.

Soon the peasantry managed to get one or two of their brightest through the academic system, joined the professions, and in time, began organising.

The sun was bright through the window and I noticed that it was reflecting off the sequins and making sparkly patterns all over the wall, like a disco ball.

The schoolboy, rising early for his examination work, puzzled it out for himself -- with the great white star shining broad and bright through the frost-flowers of his window.

In 1% of cases bright during is used

It's a great way to get to know the community while keeping sprits bright during the season.

A live picture that changes depending on the time of day, dark at night and bright during the day.

They said talks were going on with some importers and hopes of some deals were bright during the next couple of days.

I imagine it would be bright during the day from the big windows, but it had a cozy and quiet atmosphere in the evening.

Lots of natural light and ventilation everywhere make Dave's perfectly cool and bright during the skin crisping hours of midday.

The generosity of the Vietnamese shines even brighter during the Christmas season with abundant gift-giving, a tradition that the children look forward to every year with much eagerness.

While this might seem like a little detail, a lower light for the first dance is always preferable, while you will want things a little brighter during the speeches part of the ceremony.

In the autumn of 1923, Hubble began systematic observations of the Andromeda nebula looking for novae - stars that grew dramatically brighter during outbursts - which had already been spotted there.

In 1% of cases bright by is used

So in the summer it would be bright by about 3am.

What can you say the idiot's are not all that bright by wasteing there time.

In contrast, prospects for the Philippine economy are getting brighter by the quarter.

You can make it bright by treating plastic polish and uniformly spreading it with a soft brush.

It likes low light, though still pretty bright by indoor standards -- an East-facing window is ideal.

Every sorrow or care in the dear days gone by, Was made bright by the light of the smile in your eye.

Apparently, it's possible to make your apartment bigger and brighter by just dragging stuff around.

It can be kept bright by the reflection of the illumination space, unique glass with reflection effect.

It was a pretty afternoon on top of the bar, made bright by Haiti's flag on the left and Cuba's on the right.

The stars were bright by the time he fetched a small flask of oil from the barrel in the larder and poured it slowly over her grave.

In 1% of cases bright because is used

The world is brighter because of this project.

They're moons, bright because of his reflected light.

I had little doubt he was bright because of one thing.

And Venus isn't bright because of a single giant cloud either.

My future is brighter because of the treatment available to me.

I made the colors pastel instead of bright because of the holiday.

Now that said, Pandoras box has been opened, and the future could be brighter because of it.

Venus is brighter because of its relative closeness to Earth and because it gets more intense sunlight than Jupiter.

And it should not also be surprising if during old age also his path became clear and bright because of the radiation of truth.

Both have had the short straw in life in a number of ways - but hopefully their futures are brighter because of Forever Angels ' help.

In 1% of cases bright against is used

It looked a LOT brighter against the dark background of the feeder (vs.

A shiver dances down the hairy neck, bringing a smile, bright against the dark face.

The fabric spilling forth from Mena? s sewing machine stands out bright against the darkness.

It was still daylight and the sky was clear with some clouds, the object was very bright against the daytime sky.

It seems funny that in the real Universe the galaxy clusters are bright against a black background while in this model they are dark against a bright background.

Around the next bend in the road, a faint glimmer shone along the shoreline, the light from a small fire that grew ever brighter against the dark waters of the lake.

As the satellite ended the transit I was able to make out the solar panels off the edge of the Sun for a brief second (they were now bright against a dark background, through the solar filter of.

Her parents are delighted too, to have their child so easily entertained, her pink fleece and flying blonde hair bright against the backdrop of wintered vines and iconic dusky blue Richmond Ranges.

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