Prepositions after "brief"

"brief for" or "brief of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases brief for is used

Brief for the United States, p.

See Brief for Respondents in No.

That was the brief for the film.

I hold absolutely no brief for these personages you have named (L K Advani, Gadkari etc).

Four years earlier, I had helped one of our partners write a brief for an inmate in Texas.

Prepare a detailed, written brief for your project based on your present and future needs.

I hold no brief for Otedola, but how can a committee who at best some of the members are complicit be investigating.

Justice Hobon ruled that the defence's counsel objection lacked merit and that Adeniyi could hold brief for the EFCC.

It is also a passionate brief for the need for change, transparency and democracy in American labor's foreign policy.

S/he has a brief for a project and the project has to be developed for a flyer, a poster and a catalogue, for example.

In 17% of cases brief of is used

Here comes a brief of each model.

Ponting's stay was briefest of all.

Brash for the Respondent holding brief of Mr.

He smiled vaguely back, catching her eyes for the briefest of moments, and moved on.

There was the briefest of pauses, no more than five seconds, then the line came back.

From this process you will be contacted if we wish to move forward with an audition time and given a brief of what to.

A defeat is always that much more gutting when you get to taste victory for but the briefest of moments! Dave Lewy.

You can read your statement or brief of evidence, or watch your video interview, before you go to court if you want to.

The surge of technologies more than the last 29 a very long time has become practically nothing brief of mind dazzling.

In 11% of cases brief in is used

I'll try to be brief in my recap.

Perhaps i was a bit brief in my earlier post.

Introduction and very brief in another part e.

She entreated Peter to be brief in explaining the danger with which she was threatened.

The Wall Street Journal published a wire story in 2004 and a one-sentence brief in 2005.

A more traditional example would be suxamethonium, which is also brief in action due to metabolism by cholinesterase.

The primary care area was Shortall's brief in the department and she duly began to draw up plans to make it a reality.

It is a brilliant brief in defense of interest in any economic system, and a thorough rebuttal of the Marxian structure.

I have learned over the 27 years I've been a Believer that God is always speaking and He is usually brief in His answer.

In 11% of cases brief on is used

After the symposium, a brief on the.

I will keep a watching brief on this.

The basic idea I will be very brief on this.

Participants got a brief on findings of studies conducted on each of the areas of focus.

First, a brief on the various types of veils worn by Muslim women for the uninitiated: 1.

I'd get a brief on a Monday morning saying that Olly Murs and JLS are looking for tracks.

Client demands are often high, which means that the only way to deliver a brief on time is to put in the extra hours.

Of course, I'll always keep a watching brief on them, and you never know, the Coalition Leopard may change it's spots.

A brief on Sangare Ranch: Sangare is a 6500 acre private wildlife conservancy sandwiched between the Aberdares and Mt.

A brief on 2010 Re-Union On March, 10, 2010, OLSA successfully arranged a Re-Union for all ex-students of this school.

In 7% of cases brief to is used

Submission of the technical brief to IC.

A client was presenting a brief to an agency.

While making a brief to the visiting team, Mr.

Hodgson is likely to leave the attacking brief to the other winger and his two forwards.

We submitted a detailed brief to the Charles Beer Independent Review on December 11, 2009.

The appellee then will have 21 days from the service of the brief to file and serve a brief.

They were joined briefly by others such as Mondo and Gaia, but those two students ' stays were brief to non-existent.

Thus, in his brief to this Court, he states: The reference to respondent as police commissioner is clear from the ad.

Prepare your brief thoroughly at the very start of a design project Prepare the brief to your designer very carefully.

They were all advisors of the Bank to give advice to the project Manager who could in turn give a brief to the governor.

In 6% of cases brief from is used

Of course, with a brief from the presidency.

Always, they are thus brief from each valid.

Step 1: The problem So you get a brief from the client.

It was a D &AD; brief from my 3rd year of uni and was completed just over a year ago.

After that, I get a brief from the hotel attendants and colleagues from my department.

The report is an update of its brief from late 2010 on potential coal-plant retirements.

This, after many hours in conversation, was apparently the brief from the core customer base for the new Range Rover.

Basically, you get a brief from an artist or a label -- I prefer an artist -- and you just get the song, more or less.

However, I have read the brief from Berkman (Brief of Amici Curiae Internet Law Faculty in Support of Respondents PDF).

However, the thought of a blank bit of paper and a brief from a client to ' sell their product ' sounds rather difficult.

In 4% of cases brief about is used

I will be brief about the other.

Before that, here is a brief about the event.

To be brief about it it became rather extensive.

They have the whole list of psychics available for chat along with a brief about them.

A Small brief about David Urmann After finishing his PhD, he shifted course and moved.

At the conference room the BCMCL officials gave a brief about the mine to the ambassador.

KE: Can you tell us something brief about yourself? SI: I come from Burkina Faso and a former player of Asfa Yenega.

If I can have a brief about the person that would be nice - but if it is policy not to reveal anything, I understand.

Great information! I've had my photo, a brief about me section, and a link to a getting started page for a long time.

Yet there is nothing brief about the complex threads of suggestion that have been woven through every facet of this piece.

In 4% of cases brief with is used

Short and brief with a twist of mystery.

Her speech was brief with the intention to inspire.

The Herald filed a brief with the AG's office on Sept.

Building dirt cars in only his brief with his friends is one of his fondest memories.

So brief her presence-, match-flare in wind's breath- so brief with mirrors around me.

In 2008, I joined other members of Congress in filing a friend-of-the-court brief with the U.

So they conclude their brief with an invitation to overturn the Michigan case and end affirmative action altogether.

It is quite surprising that you will meet some sales individuals who are just plain rude and brief with you the consumer.

It's like more or less a given, and the brief with only a pure creative/PR component is the exception rather than the rule.

Thanks Hugh Yeah good point Hugh, perhaps I was a little brief with that answer! Cycling, swimming, elliptical machines, skipping.

In 3% of cases brief by is used

It must be part of your brief by your political masters.

But the film-makers exceeded their brief by several degrees.

Judge Meredith Jury said in court that city needed to file a brief by Nov.

Myriad and the plaintiffs did not comment on the government's brief by deadline for this article.

In 2008 I was brought in with a single brief by the family: to take the business to the next level.

I listened to a brief by northern businessmen in Yellowknife who favour a pipeline through the North.

The family then attends a brief evening service (45 minutes - that's brief by Jewish standards - see Jewish Liturgy).

Apparently the prosecution did file their brief by the cut off date but failed to include the declarations as attachments.

But the most energetic use of the Congressional Record material comes in a friend-of-court brief by Senators Graham and Kyl.

Derek Wanless was given a brief by the Treasury to determine the long term resource requirements of the National Health Service.

In 2% of cases brief as is used

Fortunately our descent proved mercifully brief as the path widened into a ledge.

Our trip to Lagos was brief as the weather was fair and the airplane moved swiftly.

Write brief as well as crisp phrases: Long phrases are difficult to read and realize.

Sightings are usually brief as the fish disappears quickly into some crevice or hiding place.

Sparks will talk about the importance of a clear brief as part of the agency management process.

About the authors Authors, each of whom is responsible for this brief as a whole, are listed alphabetically.

Part of their brief as well as publications will be to look at some IPR to generate some commercial income in the future.

I referred to it in my closed brief as hastily conducted and I have said that I -- there was no trace of criticism in that.

From our coverage, a short take on this situation: Verizon filed a brief as part of its lawsuit to overturn the FCC's rules that pertain to ' net neutrality.

Dec 10th 2010 Okay let me just say this much and be brief as a lot of the other things are obvious, but this in my opinion being very important the specify that it was real.

In 2% of cases brief at is used

So keep it brief at an event geared for just meeting.

Simmons ' brief at some length could have been applied.

Their brief at the Gusii Stadium is straightforward, to collect points.

I always have a copy close by so I can respond to a client's brief at a moments notice.

Kohn then tries to compose his brief at home, sitting in bed wearing a robe and working on his laptop.

These instances and adapted models are described in more detail within this technical brief at Gates 3, 6, and 7.

Read the brief at the Dark Horizons web site, they're indicating the full interview will be posted in more detail shortly.

That person or team could be you! Mitch will be setting the brief at Modern Jago on Thursday 8th November and welcomes all kinds of creative response.

Part of Chery's brief at Crolles, as Chief Manufacturing Officer, is to keep the fab there running wafers as cost effectively as anywhere elese in the world.

In 1% of cases brief against is used

They will no longer plot or brief against him.

Jeremy Bentham filed a cogent brief against the impolicy of usury laws.

Yet when he details his brief against the Dems, one is left in complete bafflement.

Silva exceeded his brief against the Chinese, was ' betrayed ' by M to them and tortured.

Fox's brief against the Secretary, it soon comes out that he has made a mistake in the crucial dates on.

For example, it was once the view that Big Oil funded scientists to lobby and brief against the environmental movement.

Also, the Skidelskys ' questionable brief against greed, a prescription for affordable health care, and a warning of the real crash to come.

Employing Damian McBride, Charlie Whelan et al, to smear and brief against Blair and just about anyone who dared to stand up to Bully Brown.

Now Plutarch does not seem to carry a brief against Caesar, although he is happy to criticise him, so we should take this reference seriously.

At that time, there was a flurry of activity on DOMA because the Obama administration for the first time filed a legal brief against the law in the case of Golinksi v.

In 1% of cases brief before is used

Students defend the brief before the end of the fourth year of graduate studies.

Whilst getting a quick brief before entering the water I caught something about ' equalising '.

The pause is brief before the rib-tickling, back-slapping, caviar-spilling, slightly horsey laughter begins.

This is usually brief before VOD plunge back into the ground and pound attack, fists flying and necks snapping.

The government's last brief before its appeal makes us out to be radicals, delusional, and soft enemies of the United States.

He used to make all the crewmembers assemble every single morning for a short brief before getting started with the day's shooting.

The candidate then defends this brief before a committee consisting of the adviser and two other faculty members whose expertise is relevant to the dissertation topic.

Surely the time to have reshuffled would have been before the summer break so new ministers could have got used to their brief before having to deal with Parliament straight away.

In 1% of cases brief over is used

It is just a brief over view to see if there is anything urgent I need to attend to.

Now let me give you a brief over view of how you make money using this currency exchange system.

These were put in people's mailboxes in an attempt to give them a brief over view of what is going on.

Pailetti gives a brief over view of the history of fashion as we know it, with its roots in 14 th- century western Europe.

Although I encourage brevity, I don't want you to be brief over making the most of the moment -- so weigh each side of the recommendation appropriately.

The following is intended as a brief over view of what happens if you commit offences or are disqualified on your learner's permit or provisional licence.

In 1% of cases brief within is used

I got all the brief within Black.

On failure to file the brief within the time allowed, the appeal shall stand dismissed.

The appellee shall serve and file a brief within 49 days after service of the brief by the appellant.

The appellant may serve and file a reply brief within 21 days after service of the brief by the appellee.

The Court of Appeals dismissed the appeal of Sesinando Polintan (Polintan) for failure to file appellant's brief within the time prescribed.

The InterTradeIreland communications team will respond to this brief within 10 working days with either a decision to proceed/not proceed or request for more information.

On February 15, 1966, defendant-appellant filed her brief, whereas plaintiff-appellee failed to file its brief within the reglementary period which expired on April 10, 1966.

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