Prepositions after "brave"

"brave of" or "brave in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases brave of is used

I thought it was brave of them.

This was very brave of you, yes.

Congratulations, how brave of you.

Now I think that Fi, who is routinely terrified, may well be the bravest of them all.

He grew rapidly, becoming a strong lad, and he was the bravest of all his companions.

The least brave of us ran for hellfire but some of us tried to investigate the problem.

It is a prudence worthy the imitation of the bravest of men, not to throw themselves into unnecessary difficulties.

His name immediately became a byword for courage: the Indian troops called him Bahadur -- ' bravest of the brave '.

It was brave of you to leave what some might label a successful life to figure out what success and happy mean to you.

It is brave of him to ultimately blow the whistle on this, but he knew that his F1 career was effectively over anyway.

In 22% of cases brave in is used

Be bold and brave in your love.

They are brave in so many ways.

All are brave in their own cocoons.

He was so brave in the way he dealt with his terrible illness - such an amazing person.

I respect you for your excellent expression and for you being so brave in sharing this.

But, as military pilots continue to demonstrate, sometimes you have to be brave in life.

Another reader said that the supervisor at Cambridge was extremely manipulative, and the book was brave in many ways.

Hex was sassy, sexy, hilarious at times, somewhat violent and brave in its depiction of teen drinking, sex and drugs.

December 20, 2006 at 7:10 pm (90) Persephone says: My son is so brave in defending himself and others against bullies.

But before I could get any words out, having been strong and brave in the face of this catastrophe, I burst into tears.

In 14% of cases brave for is used

Please be brave for your child.

I wanted to be brave for my son.

And if not, be brave for yourself.

It is brave for anyone to stand up and question the way African football is being run.

That's why, imo, it was very brave for Hugo Weaving to never unmask in V for Vendetta.

I think you're really brave for talking about your problems and smart for getting help.

MYTH: Persons with disabilities are inspirational, courageous, and brave for being able to overcome their disability.

You are very brave for speaking out what you think and it can not be easy to be the target of so such hateful energy.

What do you care how she deals with her LOSS??? I for one think she is brave for sticking up for what she believes in.

How about we stand up with them and say that they are brave for being willing to stand up for something they believe in.

In 5% of cases brave about is used

There's nothing brave about necessity.

You were so brave about people, George.

There's nothing brave about wanting attention.

As far as layout is concerned, I sort of wished I'd been braver about forward planning.

Being a bit braver about how we feel might do us some good? Andrew: I am rooting for you.

On the other hand, I don't see what is so brave about glorifying the role of a deadbeat parent.

Our politicians may be braver about making these arguments if there were others in civil society showing support.

What is brave about this? Because otherwise they would have to sign on and then be fully subsidised by the tax payer.

Pam, it sounds like your fianc is definitely trying to tell you something, and not being brave about it at all, either.

Like they say, fortune favours the brave and I have been brave about it, and I think fortune is beginning to smile on me.

In 5% of cases brave with is used

Sher Singh has become braver with time.

She was incredibly brave with all she faced.

I wish restaurants here would get braver with it.

So in that sense, if I knew, then I'd be a bit braver with things--bolder if you will.

Maybe you could be braver with reverb and delays generally - make them bigger and bolder.

And if you are brave with your life it could inspire other people to be brave with theirs.

Bet there wouldn't be such a ' quickness to war ', then People are always brave with someone else's blood- not teir own.

The bottom line is 9 needs to be a bit braver with their programming and to stop treating us the viewers with contempt.

He has been extremely brave with all this, not telling anyone (except me of course) and really, just getting on with his life.

To die in the right way we must be brave with Dhamma, and die having victory over death, die realizing emptiness in the last second of life.

In 3% of cases brave at is used

It won't feel brave at the time.

Like Gilmoure, I put Brave at #1.

It's at 26/10, for the brave at heart.

Most people tend to be brave at the outset but back down when they're met with resistance.

He thinks he is brave at the beginning of the war, but when he gets injured, he is terrified of death.

In the Palestinian camp we meet a group of young boys, full of life, funny and stupidly brave at times.

COURAGE: 9/10: The heart of a lion, but again, was too brave at times, putting his feet places they shouldn't have been.

I guarantee you -- you will scream! For the young and brave at heart! Cool Blue is a relaxing Jamaica tour off the beaten path.

That's very smart and efficient structural solution on that age, and quite brave at same time in terms of the structural experiences.

It wont be easy for the new president as well, and he too might have to be brave at times fighting corruption and bureaucratic hurdles.

In 3% of cases brave by is used

They are innately brave by design.

You're getting braver by the day.

Those women were pretty brave by my accounts.

On the radio Not being brave by temperament or by strength of character, I was frightened.

We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts, brave by doing brave acts.

We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate ones, brave by doing brave ones.

Half of the females commenting here deeply in their hearts yearn for men and are just being brave by saying they don't.

The Romans taught their soldiers to be brave by accustoming them to the sense of danger and teaching them how to respond to it.

Drill, pollute, GMO the place until autism explodes, bomb Iraq, bomb Iran, you are not men, you are impotent robots made brave by the automobile.

Jamaican gay rights activist Maurice Tomlinson has been extremely brave by standing up for the treatment of gays in Jamaica as has the group J-FLAG.

In 2% of cases brave like is used

But bless the brave like Bill Cosby.

I hope that I am brave like you someday.

However I wish I had been brave like her.

Why can't we be brave like them and, get rid of our banking-sponsored government and default? Problem solved.

I wish I had been brave like you and I want to thank you for sharing your story and allowing me to share mine.

Ama uk 22 Jul 2011 01:05 PM Most of the people wish they were half as brave like u to discontinue their marriages.

I'd brave like that and I ALMOST went up there but decided at the last minute that I hadn't drank enough so I opted out.

So stop and listen for a little moment, if you are being bullied, stand up for what you feel is right, and be brave like Rosa Parks.

If one of the brothers were in Gryffindor, all must have stayed in the same house and all were very, very brave like Godric Griyffindor.

If you are brave like Celtic, resist the temptation to get stretched and keep the middle crowded you can take advanatge of that weakness.

In 2% of cases brave on is used

I'd say one of the bravest on the grid.

That Qin is brave on listenning to, double eye a bright.

Congratulations for being so brave on doing it so openly.

It is probably because he is much braver on the ball, more willing to take risks to beat a man.

If you ask me, I think you're brave on two counts -- brave to try it and brave to reveal it now.

Playing Scotland the Brave on the bagpipes through the speaker produces remarkable dancing flames.

They might be brave on the battlefield but it's cowardly to hide behind a confidentiality clause or an official secrets act.

The lads will continue to go out and be as confident and as brave on the ball as they were against Port Vale, before the result.

He was brave on a few at the outset, but punched away one ball that I suspected he could have claimed, and was late on the one I referenced.

The girls were very brave on the loop the loops and the big wheel, which I thought was a bit high! It was a hot sunny day, but luckily not too many queues.

In 2% of cases brave to is used

It is brave to the quality of your life.

I believe that everyone is brave to an extent.

You are very brave to share this with the world.

What do you think you will be like in a week, a year or two? A fighter, brave to the last.

You are so brave to show the world these photos when really this is your business and yours alone.

You would have to be brave to back the Blues at 5/6 to win this against a fired up Queens Park Rangers.

My grade-school indoctrination was so effective I still want to believe it all, from the home of the brave to the purple mountains majesty.

It won many awards, so perhaps it didn't rate well, but it was certainly a quality, cutting edge production that I think they were brave to back.

Coach Goran Stevaovic -- 6: May have had to be brave to sub Opare after obvious repeated warnings, but it was baffling to see Boateng changed when he was having a good game.

In 1% of cases brave after is used

Sorry - not so brave after all am I.

It would be like being brave after the battle.

He was so brave after waking up with a bandage on his head.

So maybe mocking Christianity does mean you are brave after all.

Obviously I didn't die, because I'd here now, but I really became brave after that.

If the kitten is feeling brave after the first day or so then gradually let the kitten explore their new home.

If America has Scooby-Doo, in Singapore we have Super4orce less the dog that only gets brave after that cookie.

To choose Ducati was a brave joice unfortunatelly a failed one and there's nothing brave after that getting M1 again.

I'd not sure I'll get braver after reading this, but it sure makes me feel better knowing that other people might clear up their misconceptions thanks to you.

So Prezzo got a bit brave after a few sips of alcohol and decided to remind Barz, a South African model that she can't be married at 30 (Even with her stunner looks) since he's a MAN.

In 1% of cases brave against is used

Islam asks us to stand brave against our enemies.

That was before I started watching the cams and was sure interesting to see the hyenas being so brave against the lioness like that.

In 1% of cases brave among is used

The bravest among us crawled to S.

With hindsight, it seems he was the bravest among all of us.

The brave among them had started getting themselves enrolled as Guru's soldiers.

Others, perhaps the bravest among them, are leaving stripped bare of convictions.

Bike: The bravest among Saudi Arabian visitors might consider bringing along a bicycle.

Valmiki's Ram was the bravest among the brave, the noblest among the noble, but not God.

For the brave among you, here is a related article that might bring some insight to the topic.

Only the very bravest among the ' Chillie Heads ' and lover boys will dare trifle with the zany, zesty, pint sized fiery pods or the tiny fearless women who have earned the moniker.

The silk, which is suspended from the ceiling, aids in the performance of traditional yoga postures on the ground or allows the more brave among us to get off the floor and even inverted.

In 1% of cases brave as is used

They are brave as an extended family.

I tried to be brave as the plane landed.

She was gentle as a dove and brave as a lioness.

They are as strong and brave as the most powerful.

But let's anchor, and be brave as the authors are bold.

America is the place for strong people with brave as well as free mentality.

I don't think the Romans were half as brave as the Carthaginians; do you, Mr.

Note that these students are particularly brave as the weather was most unfriendly today.

He was a pushing, bustling man in the Hudson's Bay Company's service, and brave as a lion.

Few spammers are sufficiently brave as to use a genuine return address and read their mail.

In 1% of cases brave beyond is used

Washington is brave beyond belief, but so are many other Americans.

Journalists like Mr Kalamov and Ms Politkovskaya are brave beyond belief.

Those volunteering to go in are brave beyond measure but those who make this.

You are unselfish, and brave beyond words; and have endeared yourself to many.

Colleen Durdin, Shianne's mum, said that her little girl was brave beyond her years.

Malala Yousufzai is decidedly an exceptional person and brave beyond her tender years.

Gerhardt had been like Henry, brave beyond himself and too compassionate for his own good.

You have brave beyond measure, articulate with cosmic intelligence and I really appreciate the gifts you constantly give to all of us.

She's not an action hero -- and yet she is brave beyond words, in spite of her fear and loathing in the situation she's been force into.

In 1% of cases brave from is used

This indicates that he was strong and brave from childhood.

If you are building a personal site, then there's nothing to stop the brave from having a go.

It is really brave from you to talk about it in the public, but also, that you want to go back and go on.

If a brave from the Cheyenne tribe of Native Americans engages in a spot of ' vovohetahtsenaotse ', is he.

The redesign is especially brave from a traditional news outlet business perspective as it emphasizes readability and enjoyment over page views.

I found him on Twitter, describing himself as a ' dissident writer living in Azerbaijan ' -- rather brave from what I've heard about the strictness of the regime.

On the one side is was time to have some numbers on real world traffic but on the other side it is very brave from Check Point to make this tool available to the customers.

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