Prepositions after "brag"

brag about, to, in, by or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 80% of cases brag about is used
    Hotel employees brag about generous guests.
    Don't brag about what a love muffin you are.
    They just want to brag about having seen a tiger.
    Kirk St Moritz from Dear John was always bragging about his non-existent conquests.
    And when after X number of tries you finally find one that works, you can brag about it.
    SteveB wouldn't be bragging about going over 70K employees if a RIF were in the works.
    They once bragged about their 20 straight wins on their demo accounts, only to lose money on their live accounts.
    India always bragged about the 13th amendment, the instrument that will devolve more power to the Tamils in Sri Lanka.
    Though there are many people who brag about knowing the ' best secrets ' for MLM system success, it is not so in real life.
    And the best part of all this? Jed is such a humble and quiet person, never bragging about his amazing accomplishments.

    In 10% of cases brag to is used
    I highly doubt she bragged to her friends.
    It's why guys lie and brag to their buddies about how many women they've slept with.
    Felix: 21 May 2009 9:11:31am That was a GANG-RAPE where people were charged by the police and there was no question of consent - or bragging to friends afterwards.
    Speedometer A speedometer is handy to have in the buggy both to monitor your performance on various points of sail as well as to brag to your friends about how fast you were going.

    In 3% of cases brag in is used
    I can't prove this scientifically; the evidence is anecdotal (lib guys bragging in bars) but it is convincing.
    The Prime Minister of a small country can not brag in the media about the mission of an elite fighting force without jeopardizing that mission.

    In 2% of cases brag of is used
    Ms Anne Mateyo is pleased that the local market can now brag of new permanent structures, even if the volume of trade has deteriorated with the low inflows of visitors.

    In 1% of cases brag among is used
    As much as it's inspiring and some of us might even use it to brag among our friends, the point of OYW is not only about meeting Bill Clinton, Muhammad Yunus, or other high profile leaders.

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