Prepositions after "bottom"

bottom of, up, with, after or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 81% of cases bottom of is used

Black women are bottom of the Pile.

Reading is the bottom of the table.

I expect UJ were bottom of the vote.

Montpellier are the French champions but they are also bottom of Group B for a reason.

Twice Kitty and three times Misha should have gone by being BOTTOM of the public votes.

Their only win came against Haughton Darlington, who are currently bottom of the table.

It's amazing what you can do on planes these days, like reading about Bristol City being bottom of The Championship.

We know he is bottom of Louis ' and Gary's list if it comes to it (whereas Chris is bottom of Nicole's and Tulisa 's).

Sacked Craig Levein leaves the job with Scotland bottom of World Cup qualifying Group A and 56th in the Fifa rankings.

In 4% of cases bottom up is used

This is sustainable -- we are bottom up growth model.

The man reached it and immediately turned it bottom up on the table.

It's bottom up manipulation as opposed to the usual top down appraoch.

However teachers have a tendency to get stuck in bottom up reactions rather than pro-actively looking for top-down preventions.

Top down and bottom up aren't quite right, but I suppose it's such a common metaphor that I'd finding it difficult to break free of it.

His conceptualisation of justice is more bottom up than top down and is more akin to linear programming by outcome comparisons than to top down differential calculus.

I watched him and saw him turn it bottom up -- a very curious thing to do; he immediately became less uneasy -- the turning over of the loaf seemed to have set his mind at, rest in some way.

In 4% of cases bottom with is used

Spartak Moscow are bottom with three.

Wales remains bottom with a fall from 6.

Benfica are in third place on four points while Spartak Moscow are bottom with three.

Bolton are 18th with 20 points, Blackburn are 19th with 18 and Wigan are bottom with 16.

It is no surprise that Bangladesh finishes bottom with only its electricity consumption in its favour.

Turkish side Fenerbahce lead the group on seven points, while Cypriot club AEL Limassol are bottom with a solitary draw to their credit.

Bayern, BATE Borisov of Belarus and Valencia are all locked on six points at the top of the group while Lille are bottom with three defeats.

They have drawn their two home matches against Borussia Dortmund and Ajax Amsterdam, and lost their away games at Real Madrid and Ajax and are bottom with two points.

Blackburn, who had Gael Givet sent off for a foul on Van Persie just before halftime, sunk to 19th place, one off the bottom with the pressure increasing on manager Steve Kean.

In 2% of cases bottom after is used

They are bottom after 2 games! Every once in a while, I get tired of my Ajax game and restart.

However, the good news for Peterborough is that none of the teams that were bottom after 10 games were relegated.

At the wrong end of the table, Siena are bottom after a dismal opening to the campaign has seen them take just seven points from their first twelve games.

Queens Park Rangers are bottom after losing 1-0 at Stoke, but Southampton moved a point further up after drawing 1-1 with Swansea, while Reading drew 0-0 with Norwich.

In 2% of cases bottom for is used

The June 2010 bottom for the Airtel share was Rs 255, has held firm so far till August 2012.

British Airways ' sister airline Iberia finished bottom for legroom with a minimum of just 28 inches on its Airbus A319s and A320s.

When one Chiong corpse surfaces, life immediately hits bottom for Paco Larraaga, a Cebuano bad boy who at the time had been studying in Manila to be a chef.

Clean-shaven men finished bottom for masculinity, dominance, aggression, and social maturity, and they were the least favoured choice as a long-term partner.

In 2% of cases bottom in is used

European teams were bottom in 3 groups, as were African teams.

Myanmar is bottom in Asia at 143rd (yes I know another would be worse).

The series is bottom in all available toys in little products in japan.

In 2% of cases bottom on is used

Scroll to very bottom on this piece for screen grab of that.

Arsenals are bottom on the table with just 3 points whiles Ashantigold is fourth with 12 points.

Bilbao are bottom on four points but have two games in hand over their opponents while Arsenal are third on five points.

Benfica have four points and Spartak Moscow are bottom on three after the Portuguese side won 2-0 at home to the Russians on Wednesday.

In 1% of cases bottom at is used

The 1st club to be bottom at Christmas and survive.


It's a simple 2% overshoot of the 100% run from the S &P; bottom at 666.

In the end, the team who stayed up were West Brom, who had been bottom of the table that morning, and even bottom at Christmas (which was considered an unlucky omen).

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