Prepositions after "boring"

"boring for", "boring in" or "boring to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases boring for is used

Boring for a reason, of course.

It's simply too boring for him.

I guess Tai ji is boring for kids.

I suspect this is becoming boring for others, so perhaps we should agree to disagree.

As you can imagine all inclusive resorts can also get a bit boring for the adventurer.

I rarely talk about my back to friends or anyone as I feel it must be boring for them.

The domination of Spanish riders in every class of the World Championship may be boring for some fans outside Spain.

Wow, saying that human suffering got boring for you is a lot more ignorant than just saying you don't care about it.

Chris's VT took us back to Paris, which might -- not coincidentally -- have been getting boring for viewers by then.

Stephen even tried converting Leonardo Di Caprio, but Di Caprio had found football to be a bit boring for his taste.

In 16% of cases boring to is used

They are ugly and boring to me.

So, it is very boring to me now.

Exceedingly boring to the extreme.

This will help you improve your tweets or what ever it is that is boring to your fans.

Forex is a boring work? If i spend continuously a week on Forex it seems boring to me.

Book clubs sound boring to me, but a photography meet up or group would be really fun.

Boring to women are topics that men like such as spo Things to talk about: celebrity gossip and relationship issues.

What is extremely boring to one individual is often engaging to another re-visiting the material in decades to come.

It'utes almost become boring to you; your ease and comfort zone is really that you simply can do it with your sleep.

It's almost grow to be boring to you; your ease and comfort zone is becoming that you simply can do it in the sleep.

In 14% of cases boring in is used

It would be boring in the extreme.

We never fell boring in his class.

It's so lonely and boring in there.

Are you white, suburban, and maybe a little boring in real life? THIS SHOW IS FOR YOU.

Podd sounds amazingly boring in retrospect, but I know I really enjoyed it at the time.

I am house-proud and 42yrs old so reliable - if a little boring in my lifestyle habits.

It is so boring in the Irish pubs at present Report abuse LinLinisme Mar 11, 2011, 09:37 AM EST The same in America.

It would have taken nearly 5 months for this set up to get boring in 1986 Kevin Kelly getting rad on the launch ramp.

I just think So Yi Hyun is quite soulless and boring in her role, and so she's as uninspiring as Hee-joo the Character.

Star Wars The Old Republic has given a brand new turn to crafting and gathering, aspect this is a bit boring in any MMO.

In 9% of cases boring after is used

Even that is boring after a time.

And would get boring after 2 days.

It gets a bit boring after a while.

Talking to yourself gets pretty boring after a while, so do some research first! 2.

But I think that it becomes a bit boring after a few days, bst done in small doses.

The pool bar food is a bit boring after the first week if you have lunch in the hotel.

It sucks, huh? Well, that's the only way out and your social life on facebook may become so boring after doing this.

Its is Life, a little boring after a brilliant start but Sheldon always knew how to give an awesome end to his books.

I still do like fifa just because of the actual graphics and licensing of teams but find it gets very boring after a.

Vettel had the race so completely under his control from turn one lap one that he made it boring after that first lap.

In 7% of cases boring at is used

I found it a bit boring at times.

Movies tend to be boring at times.

It was a long post, not boring at all.

He needs to be happy to be boring at times and be more professional about his job imo.

Research, even if it is boring at times, is one of the corner stones of good marketing.

Life is never boring at my house! I have been married over 13 years to a wonderful man.

This responsibility brings joy and excitement, but it can also be overwhelming, frustrating or even boring at times.

Here's the problem with me, and if you recognize this symptom in yourself, raise your hand: I'd incredibly boring at home.

Really, though, it does get a bit boring at times -- and this is what pretty much got me hankering for something different.

Test Cricket can be boring at times but i think everyone, the cricketers to the fans, need a balanced diet of every format.

In 5% of cases boring with is used

It was rather boring with no plot line at all.

J You are all so boring with your racial jokes.

Being vague and boring with something that sits right at the top of your resume is criminal.

My girls always complimented me for and now it's really boring with me because of my situation.

The roads up there were all pretty flat and boring with not too much to see apart from farmland.

So are cutting rooms and the bulk of cutting engineers are boring with opinions totally irrelevant to what's going down.

I think the DX7 started the era of digital synthesizer which peaked being really boring with the Roland and Korg products.

Having different interests with your partner is also accepted as opposed to having same likes which can get boring with time.

In 3% of cases boring by is used

Golden syrup is quite boring by comparison.

Reasoned discussion is boring by comparison.

I was finding chat a little boring by may of 2000.

Show some personality: Don't come across all stiff and boring by being too ' corporate '.

I don't think this one has that zing, although is saved from being too boring by the back.

If she also always looked down and acted uninterested, she was indeed perceived as very plain and boring by everybody.

To me, it is fascinating to watch, made boring by the commentary in England, and the suicidal pitch of the Arsenal fans.

In Monaghan's view, the subject of data security tends to be perceived as boring by medical students and junior doctors.

They're a charismatic bunch and will quickly grow on you, although their German enemies look rather boring by comparison.

In 3% of cases boring as is used

It's not boring as what other people says.

However, that's probably boring as a story.

It's kind of boring as a single-player experience.

I would think that has to boring as an actor to keep watching the same thing over and over.

Eva Green is sadly boring as the baddie of the piece, although this might not be her fault.

Here is a long reply -- someone will find it boring as well as entertaining at the same time.

MENU Bar are quite boring as the offering of beer is either from Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB) or Carlsberg Malaysia.

I've recently been thinking of what to do with my hair -- it's been looking more and more boring as the weeks go by.

In 3% of cases boring like is used

Its rather boring like bankers hours.

It becomes a boring like an office job.

We could also be boring like the germans.

They are necessary ' cause without props, it would be even more boring like the ' 10 contest.

Ads were also way too lengthy and boring like one for a cooking oil and one for washing powder.

It was boring, is maybe a better way to put it, but not boring like anything I'd been bored by before.

I hope it isn't boring like the time I went to outer space when really I went to the most boring space museum ever.

So some islands are quite boring like when I went to Tioman during the rainy season there was nothing much we could do.

We don't have to be squeaky clean and boring like esports, we just need to keep being ourselves, minus the sexism thing.

Our machine had a mouse, but the only program that could make use of it was something boring like a spreadsheet or database application.

In 3% of cases boring of is used

Boring of me, I know -- but still.

Don't take his precious time intertwined in some boring of trifles.

The bad news is: He no longer appears to be the most boring of posters.

And we also agree that a word artist can make even the most boring of subjects appear magical.

Who's got rhythm? Oddly enough it's the most boring of them all, the Right Honourable Stephen Joseph Harper.

But truthfully, my brain could be sopping in Ritalin and I still wouldn't be able to focus on this boring of a topic.

In 1919 Weber wrote as essay on Politics as a Vocation where he said that politics is ' the slow boring of hard boards.

One thing that doesn't help is that, from what I have seen, most venues seem to have the plainest, most boring of chairs.

They are treated as an afterthought and, in philosophy after Descartes, one of the most boring of philosophical problems.

In 3% of cases boring on is used

Want in? Don't be boring on cam.

It was really boring on the bus.

Don't do something boring on computers.

Boring on the other hand involves the enlarging of the hole after it has been created.

A good agent looks boring on the outside, such as Gary Oldman in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

In contrast, glory-hogging Obama appears exotic on the outside but is boring on the inside.

The fact that it was simply a breaded and deep-fried anything (traditionally pork cutlet ), it's just too boring on the plate.

You call them boring, I do not disagree that their games came be boring on occasion, but you place the blame on the wrong team.

Don't sound boring: Sounding boring on your blog posts won't just turn off your visitors but will ensure they won't return again.

While the pancake was plain and boring on its own, it provided the perfect home for a variety of both sweet and savoury fillings.

In 3% of cases boring without is used

Life would be boring without them.

Life will be boring without phones.

Our life are boring without the risk.

I just don't see that as an essential thing that the world will be boring without.

Life could become boring without such ongoing minor challenges and dragons to slay.

Smell, feel and taste aren't very important, but life would be boring without them.

However, I changed my mind at the end because I realized that the movie will be altogether boring without the fighting scenes.

The Widnows 8 is just boring without a proper plan of having your machine connected to the internet -- tell us what you think.

In 1% of cases boring because is used

I fear this blog has become boring because of it.

We are hollering boring because the show is boring.

A person is not boring because of the way they talk, but what they talk about.

In short, you don't think they are boring because they are talented and effective.

The whole sport became boring because there was a distinct lack of unpredictability.

Spain are often boring because they go such long periods without accelerating the game.

Boring because of no long shots, no crosses, no headers and because of excessive diving.

In terms of ' bores ' - the 100 most popular names lists are often the most BORING because of the sameness of them.

Many days at the pool are just boring because of the old people taking up all the space and toys not being allowed.

In 1% of cases boring from is used

It probably looks boring from the outside.

I also banned anybody remotely boring from visiting me!

Full of action scenes, it was never boring from start to finish.

Joshua Bowman Boring from a color perspective, but nicely tailored.

We miscalculated the new tactics of hostile forces of boring from within, instead of engaging in open warfare.

This is what they are going after now, going after the 1st amendment, doing what Bill Ayers so euphemistically referred to as boring from within.

Yup it got boring from episode 4, but I continued watching till the end because I didn't like ditching dramas (I even finished Lie to Me, that shows a lot).

SPRING is here! (very boring from the canine perspective -- not many sticks to catch as the mulcher has been through) but exciting for everyone else as it marks the beginning of another season.

The workers are not class conscious and that has a lot to do with a left which has been co-opted into ' boring from within ' the system as opposed to calling for the abolition of the wage system.

In 1% of cases boring into is used

But then, yet again he saw her boring into the line.

But I couldn't help but feel a boring into me.

He could feel it boring into him with it's glare, waiting to pounce once it knew he was awake.

She learned how to be aware of the outside while constantly boring into the core of her being.

They didn't blink, they did not move at all and yet they seemed to be boring into his very soul.

I shall stop boring into myself to discover what psychological or social categories I might belong to.

His dark intense eyes were still boring into blue ones, as if fighting some hidden battle that no one knew about.

When they reached him they began boring into him and went inside his body and brain and were coming out of his eyes.

The above species is a Boring Giant Clam (Tridacna crocea ), which can be found boring into rocks and corals, growing to about 15cm.

I look up from my scribbling on the page and meet the eyes of her husband, staring, his gaze almost boring into my face, his countenance steady, earnest and hopeful.

In 1% of cases boring over is used

Can become boring over long periods.

Things tend to get boring over time.

Partying and hanging out at home are all good and well, but can get boring over time.

COM go look for yr own site or better still create one, I bet its boring over there that why u cant live 9ja gist alone.

Depending on how much of a social circle you have formed already you might find HK a bit boring over Xmas as a lot of people leave.

A number of the government jobs tend to get uninteresting and boring over time, as a result of there's a actually small degree of freedom in which you'll specific your creativity.

In 1% of cases boring about is used

Oh Maria, there was nothing boring about that pitch.

I agree with Kazbah, there is nothing boring about famers, miners, etc.

What did you find boring about the advertising industry? Nothing was boring.

Being so close to an election year, there is nothing boring about Migunas message that Raila is bad.

Hadn't I said last week that TDH was boring? There was nothing boring about the stunning model beside me.

As for writing about this, there's so much going on in my head at the moment, but I don't want to get boring about it.

However, I don't wan na get boring about this with a sort of anthropological review of migration during an economy world crisis.

At the very least, I finally got around to writing my story about online trading, which is better than being boring about Steve Jobs.

And what's boring about spag bol et al anyway? Boring was when I grew up and we could tell the day of the week by what we had to eat.

I don't know what is boring about watching a full live DVD; I have seen GT and Marie live stuff many times, and the bootlegs that are available online too.

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