Prepositions after "boil"

"boil with", "boil in" or "boil for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 22% of cases boil with is used
    APPENDICITIS: Grind barley and boil with milk.
    Crush black seeds (Nigella sativa) and boil with water.
    Drink milk boiled with 5 cloves (ground) and mixed with honey, while still hot.
    They may be part of a casserole, boiled with meat or served with a tomato sauce.
    First, the rice is boiled with water in such a way that rice is soaked through with water.
    TIP! A home hair loss remedy that may work for you is water boiled with potatoes and rosemary.
    ASTHMA: Take a handful of linseeds, ground them and boil with a Turkish tea glass filled with milk.
    You know, the cow's foot, cut off, put in a pot and boiled with some spices and veggies and other sh*t.
    Trimble has shown exceptional courage too in handling a divided party, boiling with would-be replacements.

    In 21% of cases boil for is used
    Bring the syrup to a boil and boil for about 3 minutes.
    You can let it boil for a moment, but do not wait too long since.
    Usually, milk is boiled for drinking in the morning and everything is.
    Bring to a rolling boil and leave it boiling for a couple of minutes.
    Let the water boil for a while and then consume a teaspoon of this mixture twice daily.
    Once it been boiling for 10 minutes, lower the heat to a simmer and let it cook for 1.
    Threads about taxing internet purchases would send blood boiling for these die-hard anti-tax crusaders.
    We leave the paella now boiling for 3 - 5 minutes and then we lower the intensity of the fire to medium.
    Usually, milk is boiled for drinking in the morning and everything is reheated in the microwaves before they are served as breakfast.
    Another thing worth mentioning is that leaves, no matter it's Lotus leaves, banana leaves or maybe some other types, are used to wrap things in and steam or boiled for a very special flavour.

    In 15% of cases boil in is used
    But he's one of the good guys, so he won't be boiled in oil.
    The usual cathartic is the bark of a tree called kal? kal?, which is boiled in porridge.
    Rehydrating To rehydrate vegetables and use for cooking or baking, boil in water for hour -- 1 hour.
    Rate of boiling of refrigerant Ammonia liquid is boiling in an evaporator under an absolute pressure of 120 kPa.
    Hutu resentment began to boil in the 1950s as they issued a manifesto calling for a change in the power structure and formed political parties.
    WEIGHT LOSS: Daily in the morning one half hour before breakfast and on an empty stomach, and at night before sleeping, drink honey and cinnamon powder boiled in one cup of water.

    In 9% of cases boil to is used
    It was boiled to death and tasted (and looked) a bit like animal feed corn.
    I just want them to keep talking so the REAL feelings inevitably boil to the surface.
    His rage boils to the surface as emotional scars are ripped open in fits of catharsis.
    This might have been occasioned by explosions under the water, and I remembered fearful stories of people being boiled to death.

    In 6% of cases boil on is used
    For drinks, it is best to serve cold beer or white wine at your lobster boil on a hot summer day.

    In 5% of cases boil at is used
    My blood was boiling at that comment but it is what it is and I just walked away.
    Electricity can also be generated from geothermal waters that are not boiling at the surface.

    In 5% of cases boil off is used
    Yes, you should reduce the overall volume by boiling off the excess solvent.
    In the figure, we are heating up the left hand plate so thermionic electrons will be boiled off the surface.
    If you think you might have used too much solvent, you can concentrate your solution by boiling off some of your solvent.
    If you have a large amount of excess solvent, you can speed up the process of boiling off the solvent by holding a side arm test tube over your Erlenmeyer flask.
    If no crystals form, try: 1) scratching the inside of the flask with a glass rod at the interface of the solution or 2) concentrating your solution by boiling off some solvent.

    In 3% of cases boil before is used
    The council said water from tanker should be boiled before use.
    Drinking water -- Both at the campsite and at Maliau, water must be boiled before drinking.
    For some compounds, you might need to wait until the solution boils before your compound completely dissolves.

    In 2% of cases boil into is used
    Our community's stability lies within the realization that man is fallen and it is this nature that boils into criminal behavior.

    In 1% of cases boil without is used
    Allow to boil without stirring for about 3 minutes.

    In 1% of cases boil up is used
    Then at Lunch time they are usually given Ujali (maze flower mixed with water &; boiled up until becomes stiff) with some sort of vegetables.

    In 1% of cases boil since is used
    Water was boiling since one or two year.

    In 1% of cases boil inside is used
    They were boiling inside the jar for four minutes after removal.

    In 1% of cases boil as is used
    The young leaves may also be boiled as a vegetable, spinach fashion, thoroughly drained, sprinkled with pepper and salt, moistened with soup or butter and served very hot.

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