Prepositions after "blend"

"blend with" or "blend into"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 42% of cases blend with is used
    Others have colours and patterns that blend with the background.
    At Limkokwing we provide the opportunity to blend with animation.
    Wool-Ease is a classic worsted weight wool blended with acrylic.
    This is used for those sections, which can not be blended with the rest of the picture.
    From a distance it loks like a quarry, and fails in any way to blend with the landscape as promised.
    In the region are also cultivated many international grapes, mainly used for blending with local grapes.
    The decorations of the table blended with the gold draperies and the green-painted paneling of that historic room.
    I do nt agree that by turning our backs we create a barrier, its us blending with the musicians we are playing with.
    Crimble's corn cakes spread with Extra light cream cheese blended with smoked salmon and a cup of decaf coffee with Stevia Extra.
    The essential oil distilled from the leaves is used to scent soap and is blended with other materials in making inexpensive perfume.

    In 29% of cases blend into is used
    The dwellings will blend into the landscape.
    You do not want to blend into the background.
    They really do blend into each other sometimes.
    Naturally lit and differentially focused, the grass blends into the background beautifully.
    Your keywords must blend into the content and should not appear to be stuffed unnecessarily.
    You will need to work hard on your studies and on your efforts to blend into your new situation.
    Seven secluded beaches border 170 lush Caribbean acres where rooms have been artfully built to blend into the landscape.
    It's a tricky place to photograph -- it blends into its surroundings so well I had a hard time coming up with a shot I liked.
    The tea bushes are everywhere and the buildings are all done tastefully, seamlessly blending into it's natural surroundings.
    Lifting my boobs higher keeps them from blending into my waist! I was inspired by K-Line (and Steph) to do a bit of online shopping.

    In 12% of cases blend in is used
    It seamlessly blends in the world of Watchmen.
    blend in the water, vanilla and almond extracts.
    blend in the coffee, buttermilk and vanilla just until smooth.
    We couldn't believe how these guys blended in so brilliantly.
    With the mixer on low speed, blend in half of the dry ingredients, beating just until incorporated.
    And with the time and the ages as they have come and gone and everything has blended in just perfectly right.
    Fraternities and freshmen with high aspirations blend in a culture that puts a premium on success -- at whatever cost.
    Greens Spinach, Swiss chard, kale and green peppers blended in a smoothie are an appetizing way to add greens to your diet.
    Now they will be hard to spot in the first couple years, as they will blend in their surroundings, but for us experienced bikewatchers, its of course no problem.

    In 3% of cases blend for is used
    blend for 1-2 minutes, strain and press through the cheesecloth into the bowl.
    blend for massage -- Use 50mls of your chosen carrier oil and add 25 drops of your favourite essential oils.

    In 2% of cases blend at is used
    You can learn about our spice blends at http: //www.
    blend at low speed until moistened; beat 3 minutes at medium speed.

    In 2% of cases blend over is used
    It is allowed to decompose and blend over time until it becomes a uniform material.

    In 2% of cases blend from is used
    Songs blend from one to the other without much variety despite the musicianship on display.
    Bottoms in knit with dropped crotches, little collars with skinny ties, overalls in canvas and denim fits stand for the brand new silhouettes which easily blend from structured to rest.

    In 2% of cases blend of is used
    If you need a herbal blend of this nature made for you,.

    In 1% of cases blend onto is used
    blend onto cheeks and into lips.

    In 1% of cases blend except is used
    I would like all the veggies blended except for the tomatoes.

    In 1% of cases blend between is used
    Canada Canada holidays are great fun and the country has a unique culture blended between French and Canadian traditions.

    In 1% of cases blend amid is used
    There he sat on Tuesday afternoon, his lurid orange shirt blending amid the blue rinses, as girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki laboured to a three-set defeat in the first round of the Aegon International.

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