Prepositions after "bleak"

"bleak for" or "bleak in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases bleak for is used

These are bleak for Mr Cameron.

Things looked bleak for Forster.

Things were looking bleak for us.

The rain continues to pour, and things look pretty bleak for Nottingham all of a sudden.

If we look at a sitcom like The Big Bang Theory the picture is even bleaker for Netflix.

At the moment the future looks bleak for teaching as a career?? that is, if you haven?? t??

Until the power of the Metropolitan elites and their feminised culture is broken, the future could be bleak for men.

At that point the picture might have looked bleak for a Lazio team whose recent domestic form had been far from ideal.

As the NZIER was suggesting earlier today, things are looking bleak for our economy until the next election (at least).

Edge stepped into the role at the beginning of last season when, as usual, things were looking bleak for the franchise.

In 16% of cases bleak in is used

The show is kind of bleak in this sense.

Yes, it's bleak in parts, but as Ra'Nell finds.

I expect next year will be a bit bleak in that respect.

Charlotte is no less bleak in her own spirits as she is wrapped up in griefs of her own.

The winter season is quite bleak in most places, and the desert regions can get bitterly cold.

The picture is particularly bleak in Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Chhattisgarh and Orissa.

I suspect that life is going to get bleaker in Miami, but we have to remember it is always darkest before its dawn.

I don't think things are uniformly bleak in public education (although I think there are pockets of extreme bleakness).

The outlook for the agriculture and aquaculture sector in the Philippines is bleak in terms of investment opportunities.

It looks bleak in June 2012, but the hope is that Ireland can recover as it progresses through NAMA's one decade life-span.

In 7% of cases bleak of is used

You brighten my bleakest of days.

Though here he is, going it alone and hunting as one amidst the bleakest of midwinters.

It's a snapshot of a single day January 30 in a Europe sinking into the bleakest of times.

Christmas was invented to get us northern Europeans through the bleakest of times- winter.

By the standards of modern malls, Clarks Village is lovely, even on the bleakest of March days.

The family optimist, she provides a consistent rallying cry even in the face of the bleakest of situations.

It is amazing to think of the determination of those seeking Irish Independence in these bleakest of surroundings.

One of the subtler risks in Changeling The Lost, for many reasons considered the bleakest of the New World of Darkness games.

Most headlines of the day described Democrats in the bleakest of terms, not much different from today?? s headlines about Republicans.

In 6% of cases bleak at is used

It really is rather bleak at the moment, as far as I see it.

For newspaper journalism, the future looks bleak at the moment.

I'd afraid the future for all species looks very bleak at the moment.

If something can be impressive and bleak at the same time, this was it.

In theatre he found comfort and reassurance when things looked bleak at work.

Comments (51 Comments) As an NQT, everything is extremely bleak at the moment.

I never had to go on medication for it, but the world looked very bleak at times.

That final paragraph really hit me - the measured pace of ' It is always bleak at the beginning '.

I need you to understand that though things look bleak at this moment, it won't be like this forever.

When your favourite team hasn't played in the postseason for 18 years, thinks can look pretty bleak at times.

In 6% of cases bleak with is used

Things got bleak with this one.

Well, wasn't today bleak with that heavy rain.

The future looks bleak with the allegiance to the Western hegemony.

The general outlook for cotton supply and use in 2012-13 is bleak with cotton production of 25.

Life seems bleak with inflation, rising costs of basic amenities and dwindling value of the dollar.

Troy Kennedy Martin came up with a complex, magnificent script, that balanced the bleak with the entertaining.

When illiterate drill operators are paid more than teachers, you know that the future is bleak with barbarians running the show.

Yet if one was to look on the downside, the scenario that looms large gets bleaker with each passing year -- and economic crisis.

Failing to succeed This philosophy kept me going when things looked bleak with my 81-year-old father who is suffering from dementia.

Look just a wee bit north to Ontario and the situation is no where near as bleak with Canadian champion Magna attempting to buy bits of GM.

In 2% of cases bleak after is used

I can only say that the future for them looks bleak after the court ruling.

Carolina's receiving weapons look bleak after Steve Smith, who is 33, but Brandon LaFell has been praised this offseason, and TE Greg Olsen has talent.

But if you cupcakes want to stop and think of the losses planet side, the losses sustained by the defence garrison and civilian population, maybe your day won't seem so bleak after all.

Pietersen's England future looks bleak after his relationship with Flower and English captain Andrew Strauss was shattered by the flamboyant batsman's controversial actions over the last few months.

In 2% of cases bleak as is used

North East Island floats in the distance, as flat and bleak as the deck of an aircraft carrier.

For Kuehn neither Kant nor his frontier town are half as bleak as the conventional picture portrays them.

The feasibility of a 24-hour cycle remains very bleak as of the moment, but can be thought about for a long-term plan.

Whilst having started so promisingly, things have started to look bleak as the batting averages continue at a steady decline.

Coetzee - Disgrace Now a major motion picture! This story is as soul crushing and bleak as a Cormac McCarthy novel, but Coetzee uses much more economy of language.

In 2% of cases bleak because is used

There are so many children whose future is bleak because of the loss of their parents or father.

In Mogadishu, the situation often seems bleak because of the city's shattered infrastructure, lack of resources and uncertain security situation.

In 2% of cases bleak about is used

I am unmistakably bleak about our politics and governance, but don't take that as a signal to sell.

The wind was in the East and all the mists had rolled away; wide lands lay bleak about them in the bitter light.

The Human Development Report book that we brought out this year is very bleak about the prospects of achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

Can one argue that higher order skills are ' easier ' if the material is easier and that this produces grade inflation? I'd quite bleak about the debate.

In 2% of cases bleak by is used

The numbers presented in this article are bleak by design.

For others, like Zachary, the second mate, the truth is bleaker by far.

And worst still, their life had turned bleaker by the lack of drinking water.

Their situation is made especially bleak by an unemployment rate higher than 50%.

Our sole income is very low at present and the situation is looking bleaker by the day.

Their hunt for this lost soul takes them to a bleak seaside town, made all the bleaker by its resident spirits.

In 2% of cases bleak to is used

The future seemed so bleak to me.

There future seems rather bleak to them.

His work does seem joyless, dour, and bleak to me with little sense of fun.

The world looks bleak to many and the hold of faith on many hearts has weakened.

As Mr Younge apparently lives in Chicago, I'd not surprised things look bleak to him.

Such a world would be something new in human experience, and sounds very bleak to me.

When the children realize this, they become morose and the world looks cold, dry and bleak to them.

The picture may not look as bleak to the outside world especially when PP continues trying to pull the wool over our eyes but we are literally hanging on by our fingertips here.

In 2% of cases bleak on is used

Matters indeed do look very bleak on paper for the North Londoners.

Their situation looked bleak on Wednesday as they crossed the border.

All is not bleak on the Israeli solar front, however - on 24 October SolarEdge Technologies Inc.

Outside of urban centres things are still a little bleak on the social front, though intolerance is rare.

Like most Hebridean homes that I saw, it seemed bleak on the outside but was bright and cheerful on the inside.

Things are looking very bleak on the news, there is little reassurance that the problem will soon be under control.

Perhaps most feel that they will be the lucky one and don't want to jinx a good thing? I think I'd bleaker on this issue than you are.

With one of those Tottenham Court Road shops due to close within weeks, things are looking bleak on the High Street, which also saw Comet enter administration earlier this month.

In 2% of cases bleak from is used

However, it is not all bleak from the above figure.

The chances of finding an unrelated donor match were pretty bleak from the start.

Bleak from the outside, Hotel Budir has no carefully manicured lawns, no ornamental trees.

Things looked awfully bleak from my perspective in section 14 of the south end zone of Faurot Field.

If the ball does not bleak from 1 ' 30 cm high drop, then hold the ball above the head and drop it again.

In 1% of cases bleak without is used

Obviously America and the world would not have been bleaker without him and his words.

They have adequately fit into a middle order that was looking bleak without Inzamam Ul Haq and Mohammad Yousuf.

In 1% of cases bleak over is used

Anne Tyler has got bleaker and bleaker over the years.

One would assume that based on current growth forecasts deposit raising prospects would be somewhat bleak over the next few years.

Wrexham council chiefs revealed the shocking figure after talks with local government chiefs showed the outlook for funding is bleak over the coming years.

In 1% of cases bleak following is used

The team's hopes of progressing beyond the semi-final round had looked bleak following a loss to Guatemala last Friday, which had put the Boyz three points behind both Group A leaders.

In 1% of cases bleak during is used

Although his vision seemed bleak during his school years, he was still at home.

In 1% of cases bleak due is used

But I agree that our long term future looks bleak due to Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dumb.

The future of medicine in this country is very bleak due to poor planning by our government.

Sarawak has about 3,000 orangutans left and their prospects for survival look bleak due to rampant logging.

Either way the future NT gaffer arranges and plans his team, Theo's prospect at CF is bleak due to his skill set and the kind of ability required.

Mr Rahman said the project had remained idle for the last four years adding that the possibility of receiving Korean soft loan for it had been bleak due to the long delay.

In 1% of cases bleak despite is used

Featuring the equally loved and loathed Bub, a zombie with growing mental faculties, the film doesn't seem as bleak despite the most depressing plotline of the series.

In 1% of cases bleak but is used

THings may be bleak but for a little while some sun shone in my arsenal world.

The company's fortunes might have remained bleak but for two unexpected incidences.

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