Prepositions after "bitter"

bitter about, at, in, for or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases bitter about is used

Johnny was not bitter about it.

Lacks-Pullum is bitter about this.

He was pretty bitter about it all.

Rumor has it that Tesla remained very bitter about Edison for the rest of his days.

You had your chance 12 years ago and I can't believe you are still bitter about it.

Nigerians are individually bitter about this latest mass killing of the southerners.

If you're bitter about the way the world works, then you need to stop your crying and get the patent laws changed.

LMFAO! What is bitter about telling people they should be covering their hair?!! Seriously dude, you need prayers.

I was bitter about him playing for the Mickey's but i learned to respect the fact, that he spent his best years at.

In 8% of cases bitter at is used

It can be bitter at the moment.

He was very bitter at that time.

I'd not bitter at all sweetheart.

He certainly felt bitter at his own treatment but equally so about that of his family.

I'd be bitter at my mom and dad over this, but I've already told my kid the same thing.

I just don't understand what makes some people so hateful and bitter at times like that.

Her personality is taking its toll on her children as well and they are shown to be equally bitter at very tender ages.

However, I was never bitter at the way things shook out, and viewed it as a motivating factor for making myself smarter.

I stand on a fine thread where I might get tired of toasting with no clear sign from her and eventully get bitter at her.

In 7% of cases bitter in is used

Ditto the blonde best bitter in the U.

The word becomes bitter in his stomach.

Profound and bitter in its truthfulness.

A bitter cup of coffee or tea is still bitter in nature even after adding a lot of sugar.

The fighting was among the most fierce and bitter in the history of the Muslim conquests.

These two gentlemen had never seen each other, but they had been extremely bitter in print.

Nude, served the least satisfying shot of the day, coming across as slightly bitter in comparison to some of the others.

In those olden times, when controversy was bitter in the Church, an old Arminian hero got happy one day and began to sing.

Shamsu-'d-Din was extremely bitter in his preachings and lectures to the learned auditory who used to gather around him in Qonya.

Instead, it was back to the Oden Aiwo for satay beef, minus the satay sauce, and a can of Victoria Bitter in an empty dining room.

In 7% of cases bitter with is used

Ekere's aides, is bitter with Mr.

I was aggrieved and bitter with them.

My tongue found his, bitter with death.

Of course tribal chauvinists are very bitter with the way you candidly put this piece.

If the tea is of poor quality, the taste is astringent and bitter with greenish grassy taste.

When Miguna Miguna called Raila a COnman, people thought that he was a only bitter with Riala.

We LIVE in the better part of Botany (east Auckland ), so am certainly not bitter with my choice of where to live.

Awlaki had just been released after spending 16 months in jail and had emerged even more bitter with the Americans.

It has a subtle mixture of yeast, cream and vanilla in the mouth and finishes very bitter with hop and wood aromas.

His father had become more and more bitter with him as he learned that his son would in no respect be guided by him.

In 7% of cases bitter for is used

The end could be bitter for both.

He sounds so bitter for no reason.

Bitter for a rousse, but delicious.

Do take note to add with moderation as the soup may become too bitter for your liking.

Some don't know how to love and leave you bitter for the next person who you try to love.

Was the TRUTH, too bitter for your ego to handle? History that contradicts you is twisted.

The Van Persie signing, bitter for Arsenal, swipes that away; he is 29, and is being bought for what he can do now.

The criticism by the OSCE is all the more bitter for Ukraine as it is due to take the chairmanship of the body in 2013.

That the loss was to Qatar made the disappointment more bitter for our sports lovers and foul play was widely suspected.

I've been trying to find a good bitter for a while and then I saw this post! I eat as little processed food as possible.

In 5% of cases bitter to is used

JK comes across as very bitter to me.

Good medicine tastes bitter to the mouth.

I was devasted and still feel bitter to this day.

The criticism seems wrongheaded and bitter to me, but as long as it keeps the dialogue going.

Instead of being bitter to them, take it as a sign that you need to look more valuable as well.

He has admitted to becoming bitter to the point of nihilism during those years without a publisher.

Up above, the black formations are attached to the starting-point of the teeth, and they are bitter to the taste, and unfit for food.

I think Biology is not bitter to you, but you can not say any other thing is bitter on the basis of the taste you experienced in Biology.

These are why judicial redress sounds so bitter to him and his cohorts in election rigging and contempt of the dignity of the common man.

No fish can live in it, neither shells nor coral exist; but on its borders grow the Sodom apples -- fair to the sight, but bitter to the taste.

In 5% of cases bitter towards is used

He is really bitter towards Barca.

Try not to feel bitter towards anybody.

He feels bitter towards and alienated by Mr.

While the AHL was in Saint John for ten years, people always seemed bitter towards it.

I feel guilty because I feel bitter towards her and I simply can not accept her personality.

Over the past few months I have grown slightly bitter towards how my life was shaping itself.

I feel exceptionally bitter towards my sister, and have told her and my family I wont be attending her wedding.

In fact it was such a turn off that I became spiteful and my girlfriend at the time became really bitter towards me.

Instead of becoming bitter towards life because not everything grants me happiness, I've embraced all of life's mishaps.

If not, as too often happens, children are left feeling bitter towards, and cut-off from, the adult who's left (normally dad).

In 4% of cases bitter of is used

We have been in the most bitter of fights.

They stigmatize us, the bitterest of poisons.

You are highly bitter of this, and have no idea what happened.

I knew that he had parted from the defense committee after the bitterest of quarrels.

Everyone knows that life is not sugar; loneliness is perhaps the most bitter of its burdens.

Of all the high profile players to have left us since 2005, he is the most bitter of them all.

Sadly, all those bitter of GAA-heads with tall-poppy syndrome (Micky Harte for example) bemoan any success they do come across.

Of old I was once the most bitter of tortures, hated by people, until I showed him life's path properly opened, before mortal man.

Self-serving propaganda? Perhaps, but in this most bitter of conflicts, tales of atrocities have often been exaggerated and exploited.

Through this he took into himself the corruptive venom of the most bitter of wild beasts, and did not benefit from his senses apart from God.

In 3% of cases bitter against is used

He had every right to be bitter against people like me.

The Tibetan people have reasons to be bitter against Mr.

Husbands, love your wives and be not bitter against them.

He was just as bitter against anyone accepting Islam as others among the Quraysh.

Scripture admonishes husbands to love their wives and do not be bitter against them.

Lovelessness Husbands are commanded by God to love their wives and not be bitter against them.

Pubic opinion is so very bitter against celibacy that the Ashanti's next pressing concern is to get married and have children.

Thanks so much for clearing stuff up, unlije on Twitter where I was accused of being bitter against doctors and their Mercedes.

However he did become bitter against Fremont and the Bear Flag zealots as he was held in privation for two months at Sacramento.

In 3% of cases bitter over is used

I see happy giddy couples and get actually bitter over it.

The important thing is not to be bitter over life's disappointments.

He went from a teenage bully to a wimp, probably getting bitter over the years.

The name to me suggested either; bitter over the top, or perhaps an English ' bitter ' style.

Senegal are being bitter over Cisse not playing for them and now don't want him playing for us.

B Feeling slightly bitter over my last relationship, so do please allow a high level of male bashing.

So our advice to those who are bitter over this financial recession is to make the best of what God has given you.

They were bitter over government policies that always seemed to help bankers, big landowners, and wealthy businessmen.

In reference to Sparkle, lawyer Ed Genson insinuated during cross-examination that she was still bitter over being dropped from Kelly's record label.

I am not at all bitter over my exit and continue to feel grateful that I had the support of the department to pursue the diet work for as long as I did.

In 3% of cases bitter after is used

Still bitter after all of these years.

It's easy to be angry and bitter after a break up.

He is still bitter after the Walker recall failure.

But I became bitter after a series of unfortunate events in my life and broken relationships.

He felt that bitter after taste in his mouth and his throat was dead dry, he couldn't even speak.

Iwalewa who is bitter after discovering that his beloved woman was actually a wife to another man.

Having said this I? m not at all adverse to a bitter after taste? I? m thinking along the lines of Annie Proulx or Alice Munro here.

The cabbages were bitter after a long winter, so I let them go to seed and the smallest cabbage turned out to not be a cabbage after all.

Hemmingway left New Zealand very bitter after going head to head with the Government over the proposed Transpower 440KV line in the Waikato.

The Azzurri will feel bitter after the loss, especially with the biggest deficit in Euro history, but they shouldn't feel overawed or thwarted.

In 2% of cases bitter by is used

I'd not bitter by any means, I appreciate the opportunity.

You may say,? she was the cause of my anger? or? he made me bitter by doing that?

But he was offered a cheese and ham toastie and a pint of bitter by opposite number Greg Abbott.

The people of the Middle East have been made bitter by their treatment at the hands of Western powers.

There are many, whose life has been made bitter by sobs and sighs and who have lost interest in everything under the sun.

This was made all the more bitter by the fact that, while he struggled for money, his critical praise continued unabated.

Many's the disillusioned man or woman, of many ages, haunted and bitter by the realisation of the hand life has dealt them.

Most are referred to as bitter by drinkers and brewers alike although some still bear IPA on the pump clip or bottle label.

I used to think that they might but I'd afraid I think the games a bogey -- they seem to be getting more bitter by the day.

Then a Christian relief organisation in Germany asked her to help run a camp for refugees and people who had been made bitter by their experiences of life under Hitler.

In 2% of cases bitter from is used

Too many are bitter from the sacrifice.

Let others grow bitter from party or petty rivalries.

His mother was bitter from her childhood days in the war.

Hard to undrestand people like Towser -- either a bitter from 2004 or an agent for another code.

The Innocent Man Bitter from being played out by his unfaithful wife, a man uses his new lover to hurt.

Bitter from being replaced, he wanted to create a band to not only rival Orochi, but to completely outdo Orochi.

Full of bitter from the betrayal of her once best friend Lily, Gemma creates a comedy of errors through emails to a girlfriend.

Perhaps most militant were the soldiers who were bitter from seeing many comrades die as a result of their generals incompetence.

One thing is for certain: Munster will be bitter from last season and hungrier than ever for success; a combination which they thrive on.

A year later, I was pleased to see a vast improvement in Pam's wellbeing, but I sensed she was also angry and bitter from the experience.

In 2% of cases bitter toward is used

It makes you bitter toward men.

Try not to feel bitter towards anybody.

I am no longer angry or bitter toward her.

She is bitter toward men, who she believes get all the breaks, but do little of the real work.

He was already bitter toward his creator, blaming God for the death of his beloved wife and unborn child.

I feel exceptionally bitter towards my sister, and have told her and my family I wont be attending her wedding.

I told him that if I was his wife and I thought God was destroying the person I loved, I would be bitter toward God too.

I don't mean to be evil or bitter toward women, but I do believe they have been seduced by the claim they are the superior sex.

I am one to put things off for so long, it causes me to become the stress, and that stress causes me to be bitter toward others.

Or I feel bitter toward my job and co-workers because it seems everyone is moving forward and I'd stuck and feeling marginalized.

In 1% of cases bitter because is used

I am not bitter because of what has happened.

I am so angry, hurt and bitter because of this.

Some people are very bitter because of what happened to them as children.

Just because you're bitter because of your lot in life, doesn't mean you need to put others down.

Just two years later he is extremely bitter because of rampant corruption and loot from the grassroots level to the top.

He is bitter because of the way in which the laws governing relationships and parenting seem to put the men at a disadvantage.

To those who have sat in country churches this circular read as a piece of most refined sarcasm, so bitter because of its truth.

In 1% of cases bitter as is used

The name comes out flat, bitter as a bad pecan.

Maybe there just not as pretencious and bitter as the UK lot are.

However, the traditional Jordanian coffee is bitter as no sugar is used.

It turned out it's not as smokey and bitter as the one I attempt to make.

Is this sour grapes? Yes! But the taste gets more bitter as the years go on.

But of all their controversies, none was so bitter as the one that took place over the windmill.

As the British medals piled up, even some in the SNP seemed to realise that their party was in danger of sounding bitter as well as twisted.

Baldwin loved flowers and was bitter as a boy, knowing rich homeowners were keeping their beautiful flowers out of view from the general public.

Unforgiveness will cause you to definitely turn out to be bitter as well as anger takes aside the building blocks of one's romantic relationship.

Hilbery was perturbed by the very look of the light, gold-wreathed volumes, and would make little faces as if she tasted something bitter as the reading went on; while Mr.

In 1% of cases bitter like is used

Truth is bitter like the old saying.

I don't want him to be old and bitter like Gibbs.

The tea is not bitter like other tonics, but quite aromatic.

Kings fans weren't tortured like Canucks fans or insanely bitter like Leafs fans.

He downed his shot-glass of tea (traditionally ' bitter like death ') and turned to Idi.

The best thing about it is that it is not pungent or bitter like other alcoholic drinks.

The Green tea tastes a bit bitter like usual and the chocolate just tastes like chocolate.

Comments The ceracee or Bitter melon tea is bitter like gall, even when sugar is added to it.

The whole plant is edible, the leaves are used for salads early in the spring and they're quite bitter like chicory.

Kargill says: 08:05pm 12/06/12 Steve King Sensible? No, he's just a right wing fringe muffin growing old and bitter like the rest of the fringe.

In 1% of cases bitter on is used

Why is Zayn Knorr so bitter on twitter? Pardon the pun.

Spotlessly clean and tidy, Black Sheep Bitter on draught and impeccably kept.

Normally he is always very bitter on almost every guest, but on Riaz Tehkedar he was so polite and soft.

Dexter, his form-master, never a jolly sort of man to have dealings with, was rather bitter on the subject.

The leaves are a bit bitter on their own but they are delicious in a salad mixed with sweet tomatoes and slices of orange.

I think Biology is not bitter to you, but you can not say any other thing is bitter on the basis of the taste you experienced in Biology.

These black kids are used to death and terror and they're bitter on the world for what's been dished out to them, and why wouldn't they be.

The only problem with these options when dealing with hurt is that one gets bitter on the inside, rather than getting better, &; getting healed.

It's often stuff that seemed to make sense before you sat down and tried to write it, but now you're trying, it's turned all leafy and bitter on you.

I used to have a fav, but the company has sadly stopped producing the 85% cocoa drak chocolate, which is very smooth and not at bitter on the tongue.

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