Prepositions after "big"

big in, of, for, on or up?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases big in is used

That was big in the blow-up inning.

All diamonds look big in the rough.

It is the biggest in the world.

But even for the biggest in the business, it takes a little time for it to get going.

This preschool is one of the biggest in the area, and yet still has no running water.

You? ve got a better chance of winning big in the lottery than finding a lunar meteorite.

If you trying to choose between two or more potential properties, it's good to think bigger in terms of perspective.

It was a mammoth undertaking for a band about to become one of the biggest in the world -- and these are the facts.

The permanent lava lake of the Nyiragongo is the biggest in the world, an estimated 282 million cubic feet of lava.

The money was big in the gambling house game and Rothstein, always on the forefront of a business opportunity, expanded.

In 17% of cases big for is used

Think Big for a modern generation.

The stage is too big for the drama.

That's really big for the PC space.

He was a below average prime minister, an office that was too big for a person like him.

Another player who will be big for the Steeldogs in all situations is captain Greg Wood.

Hope they do not renew his contract this autumn as his ego is far to big for a team game.

Quite honestly if England is too big for the UK then England should declare independence and leave the UK! I disagree.

Theatre Mode is designed for those acts who are too big for the medium-sized venues, but too small for the full arena.

First the crowd was too big for the Nyayo Gym allowing people to sit right next to the playing court a few inches off.

Seemed like he might be too big for the glue tray, so the sales person at the hardware store recommended the fly paper.

In 17% of cases big of is used

They aren't that big of a deal.

It's really not that big of a deal.

It's not that big of a deal, really.

UCLA's up and down versus Stanford's letdown after one of the biggest of the seasons.

It's not the small businessman but the biggest of the big transnational corporations.

If your late its not that big of a deal but its going to add some unneccasary extra time.

The only problem I had was that they were pretty fragile to transfer to the wire rack, but it wasn't too big of a deal.

People's paid utilities - electricity, gas, and water - are metered, so metering bandwidth isn't that big of a stretch.

The biggest of all snails is an Australian sea snail that can grow to a length of over 77 cm and a weight of 18 kg.

The SIM card slot, that is the biggest of the 2 memory card slots available, is additionally put under the battery.

In 15% of cases big on is used

Thats the one thing i'd big on.

They're not big on extra fluff.

Cowards talk big on a computer.

I was really expecting to go bigger on run #2 but ended up with almost the same score.

Why are you dressed as the TARDIS? T: Because my pockets are not bigger on the inside.

Here's the post: I have never made a pair of pants as I was always too big on the bottom.

I'd not big on new year's resolutions as I'd an habitual goal-setter anyway, so I tend to have ongoing ' resolutions '.

And you know what the best part is? He's likely going to be here for a while because the NBA isn't big on 6 ' 1 guards.

Of course the big one was Meredith dealing with the fact that her father showed more love to his new family than to her.

Conoil, a Nigerian independent operator, is betting big on this new play to open up a whole new development opportunity.

In 5% of cases big up is used

Ni hayo tu Big up to you Joyce.

Big up Shaggy, Jay Will, et al.

I also want to big up GT Taylor.

P Big up Daddy White Squall every single time you are extremely LARGE my dear old friend.

Thats why you have to big up Panther, the man just hold firm all these years on Black Kat.

I may have to sleep with rats, but I may also get the chance to big up Boris Johnson, mayor of London whilst I am at it.

Big up big brother for the marvelous work, for the entertaining reality show ever, for uniting africa and making us one.

Big up Mr Vegas, causeyuh could a use other mediums but yuh decide fi bring it to the public and then sing bout it after.

Big Up JC from an englishman who is proud to say its a gritty welshman that tops the lot for Britain!!! Comment number 21.

In 5% of cases big with is used

Scored big with the wantan mee.

Evidently, he's big with teens.

Room 6 is big with a double bed.

The actress is confident about her films and believes to make it big with these movies.

Healthcare Healthcare in India is theme that will get bigger with each passing year.

It is just that the numbers are too big (they were nowhere as big with S Korea, Taiwan,.

In contrast, Yang Hao (Gold) and Tai Xiaohu (Silver) completed easier dives but scored big with technical perfection.

My wife loved the whitebait and my steak was great, cooked spot on and big with generous portions of veges and spuds.

A few months later, we went BIG with a platinum-colored pixie cut which I kept doing different versions of for a year.

The share of tablet owners is lower, but here as well the group of young agrarian entrepreneurs is biggest with 5.

In 2% of cases big as is used

He can become as big as he likes.

They get big as a horse, and quite happy.

Be warned that they as big as a rubbish bin.

Each their own balanced individual, capable of belonging to something bigger as a herd.

Nicolas Nikon and Canon raw files are getting bigger and bigger as the ISO is increased.

Lussier began making plans for another ball device twice as big as the rubber one he had used over the Horseshoe Falls.

But what really baffles me is that he seems to be getting progressivley bigger as the songs get progressively worse.

Despite being an octopus living in such deep water, they are not as big as how we might have imagine or assume it to be.

However, the potential market that could be tapped is much bigger as the total number of people with ' cardability '.

In 2% of cases big at is used

Not sure how big at that point.

They were big at 460 feet long.

Biography is big at Picasso shows.

What is your idea of an ideal salary? Be reasonable here, but think big at the same time.

Obviously Gspurning came up big at the end of the game when they had corner after corner.

He then takes out a copy of the Hill Valley Telegraph,? Hill Valley Man Wins Big At Races?

It's still possible to score big at a yard sale or flea market, and lost works do occasionally emerge from the shadows.

The problem grew bigger at the time of making boundaries and formalization of village land in the Loliondo Division.

The show has a strong blend of dialogue and action, action that goes pretty big at times, and it handles it quite well.

China's drive to win big at Beijing 2008 has been discussed in almost purely pejorative terms in Western media coverage.

In 2% of cases big by is used

It is too big by well over 400.

Pretty big by anyone's standards.

But the lender wins big by charging more.

The IPO could be the biggest by a Russian company since internet search group Yandex.

The brightly-coloured one is by Miro, the biggest by Calder, who invented the Mobile.

Nevertheless, it is still obtainable to make it bigger by the utilization of exercises.

We're making North Korea worse Small politicians try to look big by exaggerating the size and the danger of their foes.

The school is comprised of a Cadet corps, only bigger by half than our own wing, as well as a civilian student body.

In the beginning the owl made himself really big by putting up all his feathers, but then he realized that it was okay.

My school years were an absolute nightmare, I was always the biggest by a landslide, I was short, but just as wide.

In 2% of cases big to is used

It did not look that big to me.

But big sky is too big to sympa.

But Big Sky is too big to sympa.

It could cover anything from big to modest, expensive or inexpensive, official or casual.

There's a lot of issues needs to tackle to get there, here's the two biggest to me: 1.

Big Sky ' s too big to cry Big sky looked down on, all the people looking up at the big sky.

A big to Serena for taking over and doing a great job with the poozles! 16/Nov/12 6:11 AM I'd always logged in as well.

My friend and I spent a good chunk of the day here, but it's not too big to the point where it takes up your entire day.

If still too big to fell, some young guy who needed badly to impress a girl would be sent to climb it and cut the top off.

C since the early 90? s while also sculpting a successful career producing for some of the biggest to of rocked a mic.

In 1% of cases big about is used

What's big about it Its impact.

There is something big about it.

They too think big about foreign nations.

You all talk so big about nukes, but seriously Dice Clay said it and it was funny once.

Otherwise, you talking big about asking others to join forces needs to be addressed promptly.

SP: I feel big about that, for real! It's just a good feeling from a lot of people right now.

It took me until April to see that what I had was Aspartame poisoning (I went back on Aspartame big about November).

This is a serious extra income because they will pay quite big about this matter but again it depends upon your traffic.

Best odds of 11/4 are short enough, but they are still too big about her in my book, and it is worth having her on side.

You must dream big about the coming year! Get out your pen and paper and write down all the things you want to accomplish.

In 1% of cases big from is used

It turns so big from middle to off.

A big from Your biggest fan Will oh.

Expect something big from me very soon.

If I went back in time I wouldn't stop anything that was considered big from happening.

As soon as that happens, you can upgrade to BIG from your account's Upgrade &; Extend page.

Imagine Pronger trying to move someone his own size or bigger from the front of the net.

The Sphinx looks very big from the media like TV and postcard, but in real live, it's actually around 5 stories tall.

Think big from the outset plan to be big think about large markets where you address pain points with differentiation.

It was difficult to tell just how big from the sonar but it wasn't a cluster of old lobster pots, I'd telling you that.

They mean how to curb the big monopolies that are now getting bigger from taking over the local markets of the world.

In 1% of cases big into is used

Boxing is also not big into drugs.

Orridge was big into ketamine, too.

Others are big into their birthdays.

Evangelical Protestants (like the Nicholsons) were big into promoting woman's suffrage.

When I was in high school, I was really big into the history of Christianity and Satanism.

If they travel and are big into sports they again can just make school fit into that schedule.

I'd not that big into photography but I can see myself enjoying it in the future:) This was beautiful and useful post.

When I was in Hawaii several year ago I was big into rum and the best rum I could find were the two Bacardi rums mentioned.

We're both big into surfing and other outdoor activities but since its dark so early these sort of activities are out obviously.

I've seen Queens live at a little club and my friends were big into the whole stoner/dessert rock scene, but I was not impressed.

In 1% of cases big like is used

You don't want to be big like her.

Anything big like this should have a plan.

They're big like the seas on Mars are big.

I'd also a huge fan of making something big like lasagna and then freezing half for later.

I think the Bulls would be better off going after Bosh if they want to spend big like that.

What if this was not an unrest, instead it was something bigger like a riot or a revolution?

Does it have to be something big like signing up for a marathon in the spring or hiring a Trainer for 6 months? Maybe.

It's a big like playing zone defence instead of man-to-man defence -- it can feel a bit looser for Brand Leaders to manage.

You can also get an installment loan for a more general purpose, rather than for buying something big like a house or a car.

A personal name is harder to brand unless your name becomes something bigger like being a celebrity, business person etc.

In 1% of cases big over is used

The Big Over Easy: A Nursery Crime.

It's going very big over there, is it?

You talk big over the radio, don't you.

Lodging prior to the pack is important to enable it big over the net promoting industry.

Preparations for a big overseas expedition from Kiriwina to the Marshall Bennett Islands.

Obstetrics is not big over there, midwives are the main care providers, even in the hospitals.

Almost all its products are getting a big over haul (I will discuss them in future posts) and Hotmail is one of them.

Talk is great and allows a fanbase to dream big over the winter and sometimes forget how bad the previous summer was.

In other words, the knowledge gap between this group of agents and the rest of the population grows bigger over time.

The only thing I would add, is don't get disappointed if you do all these things and your blog doesn't get big over night.

In 1% of cases big plus is used

More battery life is a big plus too.

It was a big plus point to have him.

This is a big plus point of being well-dressed.

But we managed to lay some solid foundations after a slow start and that was a big plus for sure.

The very big plus side was that all three of the boys who missed against Kitchee scored this time.

If the task you're buying the tablet for has an app that supports it, that's a big plus point too.

More often than not parents need as many hands free as possible, so a safety gate which opens easily is a big plus point.

The integrated antivirus is a big plus point and so is the tamed app ecosystem that allows only limited access to any app.

Though she recognises she is still transitioning, she is vehement the biggest plus so far is the abandonment of compromise.

The interiors feel so much more upmarket than the old Alto and are definitely one of the biggest plus points of the Alto 800.

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