Prepositions after "bet"

bet on, against, with, at or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 71% of cases bet on is used
    Investors bet on us going this.
    You got your own consciousness, bet on that.
    I wouldn't bet on them getting 7 points from.
    We'll each pick the same games, but the amount we can bet on each game will be wide open.
    Here are 4 of my best roulette systems to cover different types of betting on Roulette.
    Aidan O'Brien's Excelebration could therefore be the way to bet on the 2012 Lockinge Stakes.
    So what she is saying is that people just carry around over 200 pounds everywhere they go? LOL, and I bet on a bicycle too.
    They're betting on making the money back through Kindle book purchases, Amazon Prime subscriptions, and Lovefilm streaming.
    It was a critical decision - do we want to bet on LucasArts? And we chose to because things were going as well as they ever had.
    Overall, with all the above ground electrical wires that still exist in many spots, I am betting on a protracted power outage.

    In 15% of cases bet against is used
    But then again, I wouldn't bet against it.
    It's looking more and more foolish to bet against the Fed lately.
    They erred when they bet against George Soros and for the British pound.
    It surprised him that Deutsche Bank didn't seem to care which bonds he picked to bet against.
    Today he is betting against the yuan and losing hundreds of millions of dollars in the process.
    He was looking not for the best loans to make but the worst loans -- so that he could bet against them.
    Muddy Waters, which makes money by betting against companies, has issued devastating reports in the last few years, mainly aimed at China-based companies.
    This is the sort of thing that many were advising Japan from overseas in the mid to late 90's when so many people mistakenly lost of lot of money betting against the Yen.
    You didn't buy insurance on the entire subprime-mortgage-bond market but on a particular bond, and Burry had devoted himself to finding exactly the right ones to bet against.

    In 3% of cases bet with is used
    If you keep betting with the right ideas, eventually you come out a winner.
    The key to getting an account closed/limited is to bet with a company when they are ' top price ' on something.

    In 2% of cases bet at is used
    For example, the coach of a football team might ostentatiously bet at an inordinately high price on his team winning, in a public display of support that reveals nothing about his honest opinion.

    In 2% of cases bet for is used
    This is the surest and best bet for keeping the flag of DEMOCRACY high.
    Small bets for me tomorrow after today's large bet on Van den Broek which thankfully was returned with betFRED although many other firms did not have a Top 4 market.

    In 1% of cases bet after is used
    You will also receive! All of these roulette systems come with a betting strategy and money management to show how much to bet after each result.

    In 1% of cases bet in is used
    These are betting industry problems because the managers don't care about sports.
    He also banned the sale and consumption of liquor, though production of liquor continued, and betting in horse-race.
    So far, racing has accepted the betting industry's claims that casino games are keeping shops open, and therefore maintain the flow of Levy money from racing punters too.
    Its a real scandal that very few in the betting industry have deemed this topic worthy of discussion for fear of rocking the boat and losing the bookmaker advertising revenue that keeps them afloat.

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