Prepositions after "besiege"

besiege by, on, with, for or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 76% of cases besiege by is used
    My view of that is that they will be besieged by those wanting it for nothing and they will capitulate in their wish to see it re-jigged as a ' public amenity '.
    The play manages to capture the isolating experience of an unwilling migrant, who goes to London to escape the violence in northern Mexico which has been besieged by the brutal drug cartels.
    Known as Pura Tanah Lot, the temple is besieged by tourists in the late afternoon who come by bus loads to view it at sunset to capture the famous silhouette photo of this mesmerizing structure.

    In 7% of cases besiege on is used
    The legation area was besieged on the 20th.
    besieged on every side, corroding from within, frightened and in despair, we as a nation are being torn asunder.

    In 7% of cases besiege with is used
    His Ridge bungalow was besieged with men who on the instructions of national security were there to install security gadgets and fittings.
    Landing in Thailand to lend his presence to the so-called Asian Pivot we're supposed to be witnessing, the President found himself yanked Eastward as he was besieged with questions about Gaza.

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