Prepositions after "bereft"

bereft of, at, by, in or without?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 96% of cases bereft of is used

Bereft of life, it rests in peace.

But these are utterly bereft of merit.

We have been bereft of them far too long.

Because science is bereft of the complete picture, it symbolizes a disjointed outlook.

Being bereft of his life's reserved wealth, the conditioned soul loses all enthusiasm.

Bereft of politics, they do not have the skills to deal with politics and politicians.

Bereft of life they rested in peace, if we hadn't been attempting to walk they would've been pushing up the daisies.

Bereft of comforts of old certainties, we found ourselves standing on the threshold of modernity like a clean slate.

And they delivered, writing books that even when bereft of any message or ideology, simply delighted and entertained.

Bereft of their God-given fundamental rights they may get them only at the pleasure of host or occupying governments.

In 1% of cases bereft at is used

I understand that the Palestinians are bereft at his loss - although I despised him.

Mahu had not seen his niece since she was a baby and he was bereft at what he had done.

We should feel blessed though to have experienced her amazing talents and be bereft at her exit.

How can he be your anchor when he himself is bereft at sea? He can not give what he does not have.

But sadly the same sensible approach was bereft at the discussion table when it came to the Willis nose.

You can get an SMS online easily and if you're bereft at the thought of leaving the breast behind it's worth a go.

David Nicholls has managed to conjure characters so full of depth that in finishing the book I felt almost bereft at their parting.

In recent times Uncle Kitty virtually lived by himself and used to sometimes feel lonely and bereft at the loss of many of his old friends.

Dempsey and Sigurdsson both looked uncomfortable covering for Bale on the left, and Tom Huddlestone looked bereft at times as Mata, Hazard and Oscar ran riot.

Heartbreakingly, the girls, in their award show finery, sing sadly about the deportation of a mother and her young child who left the community bereft at losing one of their adopted own.

In 1% of cases bereft by is used

Best Australian story Bereft by Chris Womersley $24.

I do feel a bit sorry for poor old Hans, who must be feeling a bit bereft by this point.

I was bereft by this loss, but also glad that before losing their lives they had killed 10, 12 enemy soldiers.

Bereft by Chris Womersley A tale of a man returned from the First World War to the town of his childhood, where the inhabitants want to hang him for murder.

In 1% of cases bereft in is used

The Jewish people are bereft in a way few faiths have ever been in history.

Traders who incur loss in the games of shares are like gamblers who become bereft in the games of roulettes.

It really spoke to me about the deep hunger for God that is felt most acutely when we are lost and bereft in our lives.

Revered for their smudge pots and convertible colours among many other products, Stila left Irish shores over 10 years ago, leaving many bereft in their wake.

Our collective failure to do so has left Sri Lanka bereft in what should have been our greatest moment of triumph when a three decade old conflict ended in 2009.

Last game against Fulham (partially bc of Coquelin) we were a bit bereft in the middle and unable to play through instead opting for long punts from the keeper to little effect.

Where are they? Are they to be lost forever, without even a name (a Christian or first name to save detection of those with unusual surnames )? Bereft in life, they were treated similarly in death.

In 1% of cases bereft without is used

I would be bereft without them really, that and the ability to download audio books.

Scott dear, - so you're moving to a place where we can't follow? We'll be bereft without you.

Our nickname for Timea is Nemzeti Kincs which is National Treasure, we should be absolutely bereft without her.

Until this book was published English has been bereft without his metaphors and similes: trainers tumbling in a dryer; a snowflakes falling as if a snowman had stepped on a landmine.

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