Prepositions after "bequeath"

bequeath to, by, for, as or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 64% of cases bequeath to is used
    His children won't pay income taxes on any assets that are bequeathed to them, so an income tax hike doesn't affect him.
    The first and most basic point is that earlier proto-industrialization had bequeathed to Lancashire a very special social structure.
    In this interview in Umuahia he speaks of his aspirations, the challenges he has been faced with and the legacies he is expecting to bequeath to the state.
    However, courtesy of the geography bequeathed to South Africa by apartheid, most employers live in areas far removed from the township and squatter camp reality of their workers.

    In 15% of cases bequeath by is used
    Full-text of Harvard University copy bequeathed by Francis Parkman can be found in Google Books.
    Wasiyah, or property bequeathed by its owner through a will for the benefit of the general public, can also be divided in the same way as endowments (awqaf) with only minor differences.

    In 9% of cases bequeath for is used
    Some examples of Wasiyah are property bequeathed for the benefit of religious students, providing housing for the needy, providing subsistence for the poor, etc.

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