Prepositions after "beneficial"

"beneficial to" or "beneficial for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases beneficial to is used

But that pest is BENEFICIAL to CORN.

It would be beneficial to the country.

Beneficial to whom? Not for the people.

Still, it sounds as if this work is beneficial to the workers and Canadian industry.

Much depends on the type of product and what pack size is beneficial to the customer.

For example the process indicated by Bertrand could be more beneficial to the children.

It is true that if government departments set timelines and adhere to them, it will be beneficial to the public.

Nurtering the Brazilian startup ecosystem Of course, such a trend is very beneficial to the Brazilian ecosystem.

V There is a spiritual interpretation of the story of Rama which would be found beneficial to the entire mankind.

I hate to say it, but a closed division, if handled correctly, could be beneficial to the English game all round.

In 34% of cases beneficial for is used

QE2 was far more beneficial for the U.

Is it beneficial for the country? I doubt it.

This is highly beneficial for the departed soul.

Passive hydrotherapy is beneficial for the joints while minimizing painful impact.

Pick the program or program that is definitely most beneficial for the predicament.

Again, providing an individualized frequency may be more beneficial for the client.

Instant Cash Plugin is beneficial for my online business, and I've no doubt that it will be beneficial for yours.

But that's not the end of the story because some research suggests a drink a day may be beneficial for the heart.

There should be a situation where compliance with international humanitarian law is beneficial for the combatant.

Overall, British influence was beneficial for the whole world, just as God anciently prophesied that it would be.

In 11% of cases beneficial in is used

Hope this is beneficial in some way.

But that is beneficial in the long term.

Beneficial in hair and scalp conditions.

It should be used, but only for what is beneficial in this life and the Hereafter.

I would say a better, more accurate update would be beneficial in about six weeks.

This can be beneficial in terms of morale and motivation, provided they're precise.

What does not seem to get discussed is whether these hormonal products are actually beneficial in the long term.

It is an open question whether Tipaimukh dam will be beneficial in the long run and in net terms even for India.

This is also where the other drugs mentioned come into play, really most beneficial in the heavy training phases.

In 1% of cases beneficial as is used

It is entirely beneficial as an alternative.

These experiences will be beneficial as the U.

It has to be at least as beneficial as not having it.

However, priming is beneficial as an initial start and to verify battery performance.

They are also beneficial as a supervisory tool for designing macro-prudential policies.

When eaten or vaporized, cannabis has proven entirely beneficial as a natural alternative.

Certainly, there are several things that are usually beneficial as well as convenient in your quest to lose fat.

Unfortunately, we are not all perfect and so things like this can really be beneficial as a way to motivate people.

In addition to being effective for pain relief, massage is also beneficial as a stress-reducing and wellness measure.

It's been proven to be beneficial as a health improver for centuries and for many different cultures from East to West.

In 1% of cases beneficial at is used

The trade is therefore mutally beneficial AT THAT PRICE.

It is generally very beneficial at the international level.

But teamwork is even beneficial at the organizational level.

It is a good mixture of a **29;7269;TOOLONG that surely will be beneficial at some point in time.

Corrections to parent's misguided parenting behavior are beneficial at any time improvement happens.

America no longer have anything good to offer except free green cards that are not beneficial at all.

You want to just how the way in which beneficial at their industry would definitely getting that obligation get.

I would like to understand how they can be so harmful and beneficial at the same time, and why does this happen.

They may be beneficial at moments, but they usually mess up things re: the handling of the economy in the long run.

A low fat diet with lots of vegetables has been scientifically proven to be beneficial at reducing the risk of cancer.

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