Prepositions after "bang"

"bang on" or "bang for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 48% of cases bang on is used
    He started banging on his dancer.
    Then you're left to singing and banging on cans.
    Emerging market opportunity bang on the UK's doorstep.
    Nothing like a hour or so of banging on some power chords to work out the emotional kinks.
    Nessie bang on sod all there I have had a look too, but I must admit I didn't peek under all the stones 4.
    Russell drove back to Mandy's house but left after banging on the door and ringing the bell several times.
    I signed it in pen and then in blood, just to be sure, I'd just posted it when someone started banging on the window.
    Thankfully, as yet the thought police are not banging on the door! Adam Nixon An interesting and eminently logical reply.
    I must stress that I really did feel bang on it and can not wait til next years event again where I hope I can put time into my time.
    Some students also took it upon themselves to bang on classroom doors to tell students the walk out was happening during first period.

    In 20% of cases bang for is used
    They would allow us to get the most bang for our effort's buck.
    He banged for help, but nobody came, and the boy died in front of him.
    You get way more bang for your buck! --Follow your home inspector around when he does his thang.
    Obviously, the best move right now is to wait, and sign the guy who provides the most bang for the buck.
    What it actually means is that they have decided they can get better bang for the taxpayer's dollar elsewhere.
    One of the stories that gets the most bang for it's length and is very enjoyable and relatively fitting for the universe.
    I figured, since I was already going to be wasting the gas money, I might as well get some bang for my buck and go on a date too.
    Everybody likes to get the most bang for their buck, and it's important that you can assess the value of a program before you buy it.
    The increased risks lead drugs to become more and more potent over time, as this allows for fewer transactions to be made and ' more bang for your buck '.

    In 17% of cases bang in is used
    Your heart will probably be banging in your chest.
    But as long as we bang in goals and play extravagant football and win.
    He went to the goal, banged in a rebound while fighting off a check.
    Let's get the defending sorted and start banging in the goals again.
    My Dad gave me a hammer and some wood and showed me how to bang in a nail.
    The Sydney Aquarium is a large building, bang in the middle of Darling Harbour, on a quay right on the water.
    Till they banged the drum in Greenland and they banged in Ispahan, And they banged it round to India and China and Japan.
    His turn came and in a friendly match; he banged in three goals and since then Mourinho is beginning to have faith in him.
    Underwent a trial at Liverpool in 2007 and has been banging in goals consistently for Sparta Prague throughout his career.
    Throughout his career Castaignos has banged in the goals and should continue to notch in the Eredivisie under Steve McClaren.

    In 4% of cases bang to is used
    They clattered to a halt and banged to attention.
    Even if you had him bang to rights on something, he would swear on his kids ' eyesight that it wasn't down to him.
    Welcome to another edition of Fornicating Favourites, the column that keeps you in the loop on all the albums you'd ever want to bang to.
    Firstly, the ball and hence the action can transition very quickly back right smack bang to where the injured player and trainer which could get ugly.

    In 3% of cases bang at is used
    Meanwhile, Pakistan's vast jihadi landscape further conjures the image of Islamist barbarians banging at the nuclear gate.
    Those who would destroy his kingdom were already banging at the door, because he had gone down on the scale of the Almighty.

    In 2% of cases bang against is used
    To make them woody, I need to increase the deposition of cell wall material in those new branches and around the base to make them thicker, so when they bang against one another they'll make a sound.

    In 2% of cases bang into is used
    Let's face it, we all know a three-hour training ride can turn into a bit of a slog and banging into a headwind is no fun.

    In 1% of cases bang around is used
    Lots of banging around the rear of the car on the slightest of bumps in the road.

    In 1% of cases bang upon is used
    And that was how Matthew Harrison, tea shop owner and part-time servant to the Queen, found himself with gun in gloved hand, banging upon the door of some low-life Spade.

    In 1% of cases bang with is used
    Courtesy Bleacher Report Kawamura has proved he can bang with the best, but beyond that he's an incredibly intelligent fighter in the ring, able to adapt and respond to the conditions of the fight.

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